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The First Day



The day was about to turn dark and yet bright.

Maketh Tua was making pleasantries with other dignitaries as she helped host a diplomatic cruise on a large Mon Calamari pleasure cruise ship.  Lothal was making waves with Imperial representatives, and Maketh was helping to push Lothal as an ideal bread basket planet of opportunities.  She also touted its endless industrial potential.  She was taking a sip of some wine with a spokesman for Kuat, a handsome lad named Botticelli  working up the ladder just like she was.

"So, you are vying for Imperial influence?" he asked.

She smiled pleasantly "I think the new regime sees a lot of potential!  We are very excited to have troops stationed here in the outer rim.  It is such a dull place compared to Coruscant, but we have room to become quite cosmopolitan!" she beamed.  The future was wide open, and she wanted to be on the cutting edge of galactic significance.

Baron Rudor walked up with his drink and enthusiastic smile.  "Honorable Representative Tua is being modest.  Lothal is not a dull location at all.  It is, in fact, quite a gorgeous world, almost as gorgeous as Tua herself.  Our industrial presence will hardly be a presence there, but what we plan to do will be fantastic!" he sipped his drink.  "Plus, I don't think there is a need to 'vy' for anything.  The Empire hopes to capitalize on as many of these worlds as possible.  ALL of them have potential and are therefore important."

"Baron, you flatter me.  I am just a plain, humble pencil pusher." she blushed.  She was not vain, but had enjoyed the attention of several men at the meeting.  And many of them were very healthy indeed, especially Baron Rudor and Representative Botticelli.

But the day would not continue pleasantly.  An explosion rocked the ship and everyone felt the ship tipping and shaking.  The lights blinked, power fluctuated throughout the cruise ship.  Maketh was surprised but did not panic.  There were many safety features on board, and despite the sudden shocks, she felt the safety nets would kick in for whatever crisis was happening.

She did not anticipate an attack, however.  A group of old Separatist era droids burst into the dining lounge and pushed everyone to the center of the room.  Everyone was stunned at the surpise.  Where did they come from?  What would old, worn out battledroids want on a luxury cruise ship?

"Battledroids?" Maketh almost didn't know whether to be scared or indignant.  The notion of being killed or captured by antiques did not sit well with a forward thinking progressive such as herself.  For a second, she contemplated the irony of being killed by relics of the past as she helps Lothal into a brighter future.

"I demand to know what is the meaning of this!" She almost demanded with a naive sense of control.  She had none, but did not fully realize it until an old Nemoidian naval officer entered the room.

"You will all be silent!  You are now hostages of the Star Devils!  If you cooperate while we negotiate your ransom, you will not be harmed.  Oppose us, and you will be terminated!"

Maketh Tua started to realize, along with Baron Rudor and the other guests that they were to be ransomed.  Baron Valen Rudor had a bad feeling in his expression, as if he knew something not many others knew.  The Empire does not negotiate with antagonists and scum like the Star Devils, and he personally wondered if to expect the Imperial fleet to just casually blow them all out of the orbit to teach the pirates a hard lesson.  The Baron looked over at Maketh Tua, and saw her starting to become worried as the tension mounted.  He could accept being collateral damage in the conflict, but these were innocent people.  They, at least, deserved a chance.  He wondered if the Empire would give them one.

Maketh Tua, slightly shaking, walked towards the Pirate Officer.  "I am representative Tua of Planet Lothal.  I....implore you to consider what you are doing.  You are instigating hostilities with THE EMPIRE and its subjects.  This will only end badly for you!"

The Nemoidian curled his lip and grabbed her by the wrist.

"Let her go!"  Baron Rudor stomped forward, only to be stunned by the butt of a droid rifle.

"Let that be your only warning, Imperial scum!" The pirate Officer laughed as he dragged Maketh to another room.

Maketh witnessed as other guests and staff were rounded up to be bartered.  "We will have reparations made!" The Nemidian seemed to become more frenzied with each passing moment "My world, Cato Nemoidia has suffered greatly because of your vicious Emperor Palpatine!  We have built an army from an old Separatist droid factory, and I have joined the Star Devils to punish the Empire, one world at a time!"

"This is madness!" Maketh struggled, but he threw her down.  They were in an observation deck, overlooking Lothal.

"You think you can gain favor with Palpatine, but your world will burn just as mine did if our demands are not met!  Palpatine will pay greatly, or else Lothal will become a husk!  Useless to the Empire!"  Maketh tried to struggle against him, but the Nemoidian grinned as it made him feel powerful to hold her back, hold back her human dreams and ambitions.

A noise caught his attention.  A laser blade hum, then several combat noises from the droids defending themselves.  A light saber hummed closer and closer.  The Nemoidian shook a little.  He expected some Imperial troops to be neutralized, but little to no resistance for his old droid soldiers.  He held Makeh close with a clenched hand and waited as ominous footsteps approached.

Both went wide eyed to see a tall Utapauan with blazing yellow eyes enter the room.

With confidence, the man took several strides before the frightened officer raised his gun to Maketh's head.

"You will stop there!" the pirate pleaded, but the tall warrior with the blazing stare kept moving forward.  With a flick of his wrist, the warrior caused the pirate to fall backwards and release Maketh.  Without saying a word, he impaled the Nemoidian and activated a signal from a device on the pirate's wrist, deactivating the droids all over the ship.

The warrior with painful yellow eyes looked down at Maketh Tua and held out his hand.  "Your security measures are lacking." he said with a hint of chastisement.

Maketh didn't care.  She was overwhelmed by his power, but felt a gentleness in his hand as he helped her up.  "Thank you, sir.  Yes, security measures.  I will look into them as soon as possible."

"See that you do.  You may call me....the Inquisitor.  Come, let us see to the others." they walked together, and though he was quite menacing with that stare, she felt safe with him.  She almost smiled as she watched him organize Stormtroopers to help vacuate the guests from the cruiser.

Not the best impression given for Maketh, but she knew that the presence of the Inquisitor guaranteed the importance of Lothal in Imperial business.  That's what truly mattered.  She smiled a little more and stayed by the Inquisitor's side.

"Shouldn't you be evacuated with the others, Miss Tua?"

"They are my responsibility.  I will not leave until all the guests are safe." She replied.

Now it was the Inquisitor's turn to smile "Well said."
The First Day
Someone had suggested a Maketh Tua/Inquisitor pairing story, so here is a one shot of them meeting for the first time.  Just giving this a try while I finish my other projects.  Read and enjoy.  :):)
Obi-wan and the Gift



Qui-gon led his student, Obi-wan, along the fields of Planet Rhoona.  Obi-wan carried a medium sized containment case with refreshments.  Though it seemed they were out on a pleasant field trip with a picnic in the plans, the day was spent more on training and being tuned to the living Force.  Qui-gon observed while Obi-wan meditated, levitating rocks and finding his balance through exercise as the breeze past them.

As serious as Qui-gon treated the training sessions, he was very casual today.

Obi-wan was wise, studious, and completely devoted.  He trained and exercised for almost an hour without complaint, and even when Qui-gon could hear his stomach growl, Obi-wan did not stop or ask to eat.

Finally, Qui-gon motioned for his student to sit.  "It is mid-day, Padawan.  Let us eat."

They settled into the grass, sitting on to small fold out chairs, and ate simple fruits and nuts from wooden bowls while drinking tea.  Qui-gon looked at him and contemplated Obi-wan's life.  Sitting deep in thought while Obi-wan carefully ate and drank his meal.

"Obi-wan, let me ask you a question." He put on his Master expression as he addressed his student.  "What do you think you would be doing had you not become a Jedi Padawan?  Suppose I had not taken you as a padawan learner?  Would you have stayed to join the farming corp?"

Obi-wan was startled by the sudden thought from his Master.  "I don't know what I would have done.  I probably would have quit and gone back home.  To not become a Jedi....I would have no purpose here.  It's the only thing I can think of that I would want to be, Master."

"Would you seek out your family?  Your parents, perhaps?" Qui-gon inquired.

"I don't know" The young padawan answered "I don't think they would even recognize me.  My Father....he's probably forgotten me."  Obi-wan went silet and had a deep thought, maybe a hint of regret.

Qui-gon sensed that he suddenly felt alone in the galaxy.  Being a Jedi wasn't always all it was cracked up to be.  The Master could see that his student missed that family element.  He pulled out a small datapad.  He pulled up a projection of a happy looking couple.

"I wanted to show you this, Obi-wan.  It's from your parents.  After all these years since you were taken to the Temple, they have never forgotten you.  Your father hope that we would pass this on to you."

Qui-gon handed it to him.  Obi-wan was in shock at the gift.  "Master!  The Council forbids us to ever connect with our old life!  You could be punished if they found out."

Obi-wan admired his Master very much, and marveled as the elder shrugged at the notion of the Council and its rules.  Qui-gon was always thinking outside the box, and broke more than his fair share of the rules.  But he broke them for all the right reasons.  Today, he broke yet another rule, but it became worth it when he saw Obi-wan's face light up at the photos of the family he could never know nor love.

"I know that the wisdom of the Council is there for our benefit, and for the protection of the Republic.  The Jedi must always be vigilant, and must make sacrifices for the greater good.  However, Today is a special day, and I know how much it is to be alone, away from people who might have pulled us in a different path.  This gift was about to be returned when I intercepted it.  I wanted to make sure you knew of it, even though the rules forbid it.  Your father wanted you to know that he will never get to meet you, but that he is very proud of all your accomplishments.  And so am I."

Obi-wan was looking at photos of other children in the family.  He had two brothers and a sister.  Siblings he could never meet.  He also observed that his Father was an ore minor, not an easy life.  His Mother took care of the children, and several animals.  The photos showed the family being happy, and wanting to share that happiness with him.  Obi-wan was, oddly, not emotional about the gift.  He looked at the photos with deep contemplation and stoic resolve, but Qui-gon sensed in him a deep gratitude.

"Thank you, Master" He whispered "I will cherish this gift.  And I will keep improving.  I won't let them down."

Nothing more needed to be said.  They continued eating.  Qui-gon was satisfied with the moment.  He looked to Obi-wan as much as a son as the Father did.  Though he never had a family, he certainly could empathize with parents.  Being in charge of a padawan learner was as much a parenting role as anything.
Obi-wan and the Gift
I did this one shot as a sort of Father's Day idea for Qui-gon and Obi-wan while doing my other projects.  Obi-wan is given a gift not all Jedi receive.  Thanks to :iconkiarafan2: for planting the idea in my head
Mink/Rex: Rift Kings

"Captain Rex!  Let the first wave commence!" Mink ordered.  General Mink began a coordinated assault on Planet Rhoona, particularly the mountainous Capital city.

Pirates had been harassing the Mel Donte sector during the chaos of war.  Hired by the scheming Hutt Gustarian, the army of rogues and cutthroats tried to take over the planet, to make it a profitable pirate world.  There had been looting in and around Planet Rhoona, but Mink had her troops cut them off while trying to secure Rhoona city.

Captain Rex of the 501st helped to reinforce the first wave's advance as the pirates were pushed back and forced to retreat.  But it was a huge city, and the fighting was fierce.  Rex slowly worked his way from street to street, building to building until they reached a large defense wall of vehicles and debris, a trench that protected the front line.

"Keep up the pressure, boys!  They might be many, but they're clumsy and stupid!"  He fired his pistols at a sniper tower in one of the tall, ancient stone buildings, scaring off the would be gunner that feebly tried to scare the hardened troops.

A few explosions erupted near is troops.  Clone trooper Tup hit hard on the ground behind cover as the battle intensified.

"Nice place to bring your kids up!" he quipped.

Next to Tup, Fives was blasting his gun at the enemy.  "Cheap housing, too!  I wonder what the rent is on that burned out hole over there!?" He fired again, taking out a couple of goons.

Tup smiled as he got on his knees and returned fire "I don't know.  Let's ask air support.  Hey SPINNER!!" He called out to one of the troops keeping a channel open to communicate with the air units.

"What!?" Spinner called back.

"See if you can clear out a spot!  I'm interested in some real estate!" Tup laughed.

"You got it, wiseguy!  Gonna raise a family here are ya?" Spinner punched in his com link and called for a strafing run by several LAAT gunships.

Several gunships made a strafe through the enemy lines as more explosions blasted the "no man's land" between the Clones and the pirates.  Several buildings were obliterated by the deafening assault.

"Get ready to move forward!" Rex called out to his entrenched men.

"I got dibs on the two story crater over there!" Fives readied himself to advance.

"Excellent!" Tup fired some parting shots at the retreating pirates "We'll be neighbors!  Oh, I hope they have a good school here for the kids!"

"LET'S GO!!" Rex shouted.  The line swiftly advanced to a new defense position.

Mink was on board her cruiser, prepping the 307th battalion, the next wave of soldiers and LAAT ships to continue the assault.

Commander Lee walked next to her in a fast stride as she took the lead airship.

"Rex has gained some ground, but they are putting up resistance!"

"We'll give as good as we can get!" Mink smiled as they launched the assault wave down to the planet.  Deep down, Mink was worried about Rex.  It was not unusual.  Rex had been thinking about Mink in the back of his mind as well.  War was Hell for those who had a lot to lose.  Rex and Mink risked everything when they went into combat, but it was about duty to the Republic.

The 307th launched, dozens of shuttles bursting from the cruiser.  Mink held onto a support as she and her platoon rode down to the surface.

"We got missiles!" The pilot warned as the pirates tried to shoot the gunships down.  One or two gunships took direct hits, and Mink felt the pain of it.  Her pilots were good, but in war you can do everything right and still get killed.  She held her light saber hilt and tensed up.  For the lost ones who never make it to the ground....she would win for them.  Victory was no longer just a goal as she heard the explosions around her.  It was a demand she put on herself.

Rex charged into a building with his men, and started guns blazing.  He sent most of the intruders running.  "Sargent Hoskins, take your squad around and envelop the raiders while we distract them here!"  Rex held himself for a moment as he sent orders through his communicator to another group of soldiers.

"Yes sir!" A trooper replied from a distance.  Sargent Hoskins led his men through a rubble strewn alley, positioning themselves to make a surprise assault.  Hoskins observed the enemy pirates as they put up a defense against Rex.  He counted silently to three, then signaled his men to unleash their firepower!

The pirates were in a crossfire, and fell back in a panic.  Hoskins, full of renewed energy, ran foward with his men and chased the whole pirate defense line back to another point.

"That's the style, Hoskins!" Rex shouted, amazed while firing both barrels in a blaze of glory "THAT'S THE STYLE!!".  Rex moved his men forward to link up with the Sargent.  Other platoons were seeing the break in the enemy line at that point and doubled there efforts.  The improvised offensive took the pirates by surprise and nearly collapse the whole front to the GAR.

The defense line settled down behind another barricade, but the momentum started falling to Rex and his boys.

At the Separatist command base in the city's capital building, the leader of the pirate invasion was contemplating his next move.  Gustarian the Hutt was not the usual slobby slug from Nal Hutta.  He was rather aristocratic and calculating.  And sophisticated.  He wore a monocle, and tailored his large outfits to mimic high fashion.  Refined though he was, he was ruthless.  His goals were like any other Hutt goals.  Money and power.  He used the chaos of the Clone war to line his coffers with great wealth.  Taking Rhoona would put him in the good graces of Count Dooku.

Dooku's image barged into Gustarian's strategic command room.

"How does the battle progress, Gustarian?" Dooku was courteous but ominous "I hope, for your sake, the battle is well"

Gustarian was equally polite, but did not sugar coat any details "It is a battle like any other.  It ebbs and flows, and we are mired in a stalemate.  The Republic is powerful, but we are holding them.  I need droid troops if we are to match them inch for inch.  My pirates are good shock troops, but a long term campaign will soon dampen their spirits if we do not get reinforcements!"

Dooku made a small sigh as he kept his poker face.  Nothing less than total victory would satisfy him, but war was never a precise thing.  Nothing was ever certain.

"You shall have your reinforcements!  I am sending Gunray's fleet to bring support.  I expect results, my dear Gustarian!"  Dooku left.

But Gustarian was not one to be held in fear or worry of Dooku.  Victory would put him in good standing, but losing Rhoona was only a  minor setback to the Hutt.  He had other cookie jars in which to stick his hands.

"Major Domo, kindly call my Witch Rama Dunk.  I require her expertise." Gustarian took a sip of wine as the battle raged on his tactical map.

Rama Dunk was summoned.  A witch of Dathomir, she fled her home world and adventured out into the galaxy.  She tangled in the Clone War, fighting for the Separatists at every opportunity, though she avoided other witches like Asajj Ventress.  She intended to make a name for herself on her own despicable merits.

"What does Lord Gustarian wish of me?" Rama smiled as she looked down at the tactical map.

The Hutt smoked a stylish cigar as he observed the battle "The Clones are breaking the line at this sector.  A platoon led by an overzealous Captain is making my men look bad.  See if you can put a stop to the nuisance!"

Rama Dunk observed the field and the Clone Captain.  "Magnify scaners on the Captain!" She ordered.  The tactical focused on the Captain and she bristled as she recognized him.  She also smiled a little "How quaint!  It's Captain Rex of the 501st!  I know those blue markings anywhere."

"Familiar with him, are you?" Gustarian raised an eyebrow.

"He is a pest, persistant and brave, one of the great warriors of the Republic.  But...."

"There's always a but..." Gustarian chuckled, anticipating her plan.

"He has some weaknesses.  I will lure him into a trap and the offensive will break down.  We will stop his advance, and the whole line of the GAR will falter and collapse!"

"A deception!  Superb, my tricky Dunk!" Gustarian took another puff of his cigar "Let the death of this Captain Rex be the fall of Rhoona into MY hands!"

Rama Dunk concentrated her magic and recited the words of power.  Mother Talzin was the only one the Witches allowed to use such powers, but Rama was a rogue witch and her ambition grew beyond just being a servant on Dathomir.  Rama wanted power and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.  Gustarian was the gateway to making her ambitions reality.

Rama spoke the words and transformed herself into the likeness of the one person who had been in Rex's heart: Mink Nightstorm.

"Captain Rex!  I am in need of your assistance!  Please help, my love!!" Rama mimicked Mink.  Having tangled with Rex in previous battles, she knew the message would move Rex to action.  The trap was set.

"What the-?" Rex was startled by the sudden message on his com link "General?  What's your status?"

"Our gunship took a hit!  We had to make a rough landing in Sector 7MT!  We are surrounded by the Hutt's pirates!  Hurry, my love!"  The message ended.

Rama Dunk smiled, feeling good about the performance.  "He will come to the coordinates, where I will have a mob waiting to massacre him and his men!" She had a vicious glint in her eye.  Gustarian felt a brief chill.  Though he never questioned Rama's loyalty and knew of her dislike for the Republic, he noted her particular hatred for this Captain.

"I take it you will relish this victory?" He asked as he poured abnother glass of wine for her.  They toasted and drank to their triumph.

Rama didn't hesitate "The demise of Captain Rex will be worth more than a 100 years of my fee, My Lord!  My victory will be yours, and Rhoona will fall, leaving this sector as another jewel in Dooku's crown!"

Rex made a hasty decision, though he still had a look of doubt.  "Joxxer, Boomer, Tup, Fives!  Nightstorm needs us!" he hastened as he looked over a map to the coordinates.

"The General?  She's in trouble?" Fives asked.  Tup and the others looked at each other.

"I didn't think the 307th made it down here yet!" Tup looked up in the sky.  There was no sign of reinforcements.

"She must have gone ahead of the others" Rex concluded "We have to find the gunship and make our way back to our lines."

"Roger on that, sir!" Fives patted the others on the shoulder "You heard the sir!  Time to earn our pudding!"

"Gotta have the meat before we can have our pudding!" Joxxer smiled as he grabbed his heavy blaster with both hands, ready to jump into thicker combat.

Rex moved the group away from the trenches of the 501st, leaving some officers in charge.  Rex waved on the squad through a wrecked three story bakery.  Fives made a point to glance for any leftover pastries.  He and Tup found a couple of soft cookies, undisturbed by war, and appropriately looted the place of said cookies while Rex led them forward.

"The crash site is not too far, but it will feel like a hundred miles through all this rubble." Rex assessed the terrain.

"Should be easy, right?" Boomer scanned the open space "After all, they're just pirates.  I mean, yeah there's a lot of them, but we've been pushing them back these past two days."

Rex was not so sure "Well, they aren't just pirates.  They're known as the Rift Kings.  Hutt mercenaries, and pretty ruthless.  And the Hutts are brutal leaders, so we have to watch out.  They're full of tricks."

Rex led them behind a wall of rubble, out of sight.  A couple of explosions ruptured the street near them.

"Sir" Fives looked around at how quiet the scenery looked "I have a bad feeling about this!  Where are the pirates?  I thought we were getting deeper into their territory."

"Yeah..." Rex contemplated "I expected a heavier presence."

"Let's just count our blessings and get the General!" Fives urged them forward.

They moved fast to the location, which was an old burned out field of craters.

Rama Dunk was waiting for them, and sensed the approach of Rex and his troop.  "Anael nathrakh, urth vas bethud, dokhjel djenve!!" she uttered the words of power, her blasphemy against the coven of Dathomir.  The words helped shape reality for witches who could control the power.  ForRama Dunk, she created traps for her opponents, illusions to draw them in.  Rex would be another one.  Her words were quiet but intense, and with the words she created an illusion, a gunship wreckage, and a female waving at Rex.

Rex, his heart excited to rescue General NightStorm, saw what he needed to see.  Silently, he signaled the others to advance.  Joxxer took a high defensive position overlooking the field, covered by Boomer.  Rex, Fives and Tup advanced towards the wreckage.

As they reached it, crawling past debris and hearing bombs explode in the distance, he got closer and felt something was off.....

The image of Mink was still waving, even though he whispered out her name.  Confused, Tup threw a stone at the image of Mink.  It passed through, disrupting the image.

"Frak!" Fives almost swallows his tongue is shock, realizing they had been set up.

Joxxer had spotted movement all around them, and also realized the heat was about to go down.  "TANGOS!!!" He ripped his heavy gun into action as Boomer fired grenades at the perimeter of the field.

Rama Dunk dispelled the illusion and gave a war cry out to her minions.

"TRAP!" Rex yelled out to Joxxer and Boomer "TAKE COVER!!!"  Guns started blazing.  The pirates open fired with a storm of blaster bolts.  Rex and his cohorts jumped into the crater where the illusion had been held.  Fives gave cover fire as the heavy support team ran towards them.

Rama Dunk and her pirates, the Rift Kings, had the small troop surrounded.  But being outnumbered and outgunned did not hamper Rex's style.  He and his men gave as good as they got.

Fives peered over the crater edge and fired his blaster and ducked down again.  He looked over at Tup.  "It's not a fight, it's a massacre!  Those poor dumb rubes need at least a hundred more men if they're going to take THIS crater!"

Tup jumped up and fired and ducked down.  He grinned back at Fives "That's what I love about you!  You're optimism!  Those dumb jerks need two hundred!"  An explosion nearby interrupted their vibe.

Boomer fell down next to Joxxer, shot in the shoulder.  "Hang on, buddy!  I got you covered!" Joxxer strafed a dozen pirates with his heavy gun, causing some mayhem for the enemy.  Boomer lay close to the ground as Rex hovered above him, providing cover fire while he patched himself with some medical equipment.

Gustarian the Hutt watched, slightly bored, as Rama Dunk let the trap spring upon Rex and his band of men.  The Hutt chuckled as he took another drag of his expensive cigar.  "Time to push the Clones back!" he pushed a button on his tactical table, contacting his officers.

"Have the droid reinforcements arrived?" he inquired, poetry in his voice.

"Yes, Lord Gustarian!" a voice replied with urgency.

"Good.  Give the command for the advance.  By tomorrow, the GAR will be licking wounds all the way back to Kamino!" he smiled "Prepare my personal barge.  We sail to the front lines....and there, we shall steal victory from these arrogant clones!"

Rex held off individual pirates that ran towards the crater.  They might have been ruthless pirates, but they were quite stupid with their attacks.  Rex cooly put down almost a baker's dozen.  But as the pirates around them hesitated, Rex looked up with despair to see the pirates gunships moving forward towards his defense line.  It looked a good chance the pirates might push them back.  The Republic could very well lose all the ground they had gained if reinforcements were not ready.

Mink landed her gunships at a rendez-vous point near where she was to meet Captain Rex.  She was surprised as much as the boys of the 501st when they saw her.

"We thought you had been shot down!  You were behind enemy lines!"

"That's impossible!  We only just landed!" Mink looked around, a gut feeling that filled her with worry "Where's Captain Rex!?"

The troopers, Ursus and Verger, looked at each other awkwardly.  Ursus tried to explain.  "General....he went to rescue you.  He and a few others went to sector 7MT."

Another trooper, Sargent Hatch, ran up to the General urgently "Captain Rex is pinned down!  He's been caught in an ambush!" Hatch showed his com link.  Minks saw Rex looking back at her as he held a defensive stance and blasted away at the pirates.

"MINK!" he blurted out "I mean....General!  It's good to see you were safe all along."

An explosion ripped near Rex, and Mink could sense the danger around him.  Her senses became so alert she could almost sense his heartbeat as the excitement heated up around him, Fives and the others.  Her crystal heart nearly burst from the aching fear for Rex that she could not express in front of the troops.

"I'm coming for you, Captain!"

"Mink!  It's too late for me!  They are advancing more troops.  There are gunships approaching your position!  Get ready to hold off the assault!  I made an error, and....We're cut off.  It was my own stupid mistake!"

"Don't say that!" Mink held back the tears fighting to burs from her eyes as she handed the link back to Hatch.  Rex took cover as more blaster fire erupted around him.  He was no Jedi, but he knew what Mink was thinking when she had that look on her face.

Before he could say anything, Mink got close to the com link device "STAY ALIVE!  I WILL FIND YOU!!"

Mink watched in horror as another explosion blasted behind Rex.  She saw the witch, Rama Dunk, appear next to Rex and engage in melee combat.  She was wielding a large Jade Club.  Most of the weapon looked to be made of ivory, but the sharp blades decorating it were a deadly green.  Though the witch had magic, she shrieked like a Banshee, determined to take Rex in personal combat.  The signal had been lost, destroyed as Rex deflected her blows with the club.  Mink's heart stopped.  She wanted to scream, but she maintained a control that was every bit as deadly as Rama Dunk's.

"Commander Lee, prep the boys for assault!  We are taking sector 7MT!"

A Shuttle came into view and landed fast.  It was a diplomat from the court of the Duke of Rhoona.

"Oh great!" Lee sighed "A Beaurocrat.  When they show up on a battlefield....everything becomes red tape!"

Mink put a hand on his shoulder "It will be okay.  No doubt the Duke is checking on our progress.  Her hopes fell a little as a sniveling little man flanked by interns and lackeys walked out of the shuttle with a smug grin.

"I am the Duke's minister, overseer for planet Rhoona, and I bring good news!"

Mink smiled a little "You're just in time for the kick off!  We are about to launch the final assault!"

"Oh, but I'm afraid not, General Nightstorm!  We are ending the war on Rhoona.  You see, WE feel we can negotiate with the pirates!"

Mink's jaw dropped.  Every second delaying her rescue was agonizing.

"You're going to negotiate with a Hutt gangster working for the Separatists!??"

"We think we can meet the demands of Gustarian and stop the fighting on Rhoona.  You and your....clones will no longer be needed!" He had that same sniveling smug grin.

Mink looked at him with contempt "Gustarian is enslaving hundreds of people!  We need to attack NOW!!  They're about to assault our defense line!!  What's to stop him from coming back and taking more slaves?  THOUSANDS of slaves!?  TENS of thousands!?"

Mink was now very irritable at the delay.  All the troopers around her froze with uncertainty.  Lee saw that look on her face and knew things were about to go really sour.

The Minister sneered at her lack of enthusiasm "General Nightstorm, have you lost your mind?" he was quite indignant.  All she could think of was Rex, and could hear Gustarian laughing at her and the boys.

She pushed him back "No sir, you've lost your balls!"

The Minister waved a large data pad in her face "General Nightstorm, deliver these instructions to your troops....then consider yourself relieved of command!"

A silence fell all across the defense line as all the boys of the 307th and 501st withing the area stared at the two.  Mink's stare burned into the small man, but he just stood there with more smugness.  She grabbed the data pad and marched up to her command tent and opened the comlink to the front line.

"Troopers!  I've just received new orders!  It seems....the war has been canceled!  We can all go home.  Gustarian the Hutt is going to get away with his crimes, and our friends will have died here...."  Mink scrunches her face to hold back her anger and tears "....they will have died here for nothing!  But we can all go home.  Meanwhile, ideals like Peace, Freedom and Justice....they get packed up.  But, we can all go home."

By now all the troops are watching, some in despair, some waiting to see how she ends.  She has that hungry, angry look.  The look of a woman scorned and there would be a reckoning!

"Well, I am NOT going home!" she looks out at her boys with a wicked determination "I'm getting in my gunship, I am going up to sector 7MT, and I am going to kick that SUN OF A BITCH GUSTARIAN'S ASS SO HARD.....that the next Hutt gangster wannabe is going to feel it!"

The fire burned bright in her eyes "Now who wants to go home.....AND WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME!!!???"

All the troops up and down the line gave a shout and a cheer.  They would not slink away and hand Rhoona to the gangsters.  Win or lose, they would follow Mink to the gates of Hell.

Lee ran up to Mink "Your gunship is waiting!"  she marched fast as Lee opened a channel across the front.  "All units of the 501st and 307th!  We're going to make the push!" he called out.

"Stop this!  Stop at once!" The minister demanded, but his orders were all but ignored, and he was left standing alone as the army mobilized to attack.  "You will be expelled from our world, General Nightstorm!!  You will have your commission in the GAR ended!  I will take this all the way to Chancellor Palpatine himself!!" He yelled with no one to hear.... 

"Take your gunships and give air cover!  Hatch, coordinate with the artillery!  The Rift Kings are going home in butt cans today!!" Mink almost howled as the troops mobilized with lightning speed.  Lee saw it, the transformation in Mink.  She was slowly transforming, becoming a wolf.

The front line mobilized and began their charge.  Mink and Lee took to the sky in their LAATs.  For a moment, there was nothing but the hum of the gunship engines and the wind racing with the GAR as they were about to settle the battle for Rhoona once and for all.  The pirate assault that was to overwhelm them met with a fierce steel wall of the GAR.  The fighting burst from up and down the streets of the capital city, and Mink's gunboat led the charge through clouds of flak and laser blasts.

"We are detecting the bogies ahead.  A massive frontal assault and air units." Hatch reported.

"Steady as she goes." She opened the door of her gunship and looked out into the sky ahead.  They had been spotted, that was certain, but she would time the strike against the advancing enemy just right.  The air around them was a chaos of smoke and missiles, laser blasts from below trying to hit them.  Mink's fleet of boats passed the front lines of the enemy advance and saw the pirate gunships headed for them.

"LIGHT THEM UP AND TAKE THEM TO CHURCH!!" She shouted.  The gunships, with greater range and firepower, launched a swarm of missiles, patiently having waited for the best target time.  The pirates, scrambling and taking evasive moves, were blown to smithereens or crashed into each other.  The iron wall of the GAR passed through the smoke and debris of the failed assault.  Some of the gunships were scorched and smoking, their humming engines coughing.  One or two fell below in flames.  But the tide had turned, and Mink turned the storm on Gustarian.

But it was not a victory yet.  Mink used the powers of her Kavedo wolf heritage to scan the ground below, her good eyes focused on everything that moved.  Past the smoke and enemy fire, the oranges and reds of flames and the browns and grays of slabbing terrain and scorched buildings, she spotted the last best color of hope.  The white of his armor.

"Take us down, pilot!" Mink almost begged.  The hunger of the wolf was coming out in her voice, and as the gunship lowered to the ground her transformation was complete!  As the Jedi Wolf, she now led the ground troops in a massive charge.  The wall of pirates was smashed by the wave of the Clones, with Mink tearing into any who got in her way as she ran to Rex.

Rex was dueling with Rama Dunk, holding his own, but she toyed with him and wanted his despair to be complete.  But despair would be for him today.  He and his men heard the cry of the Kavedo, and he smiled, knowing that Mink would make these barbarians pay.

Mink threw herself at the witch.  Two impossible being that clashed like Titans.  Rama used her Jade club to fend off the powerful bites and claws of the Jedi beast, but Mink pushed and pushed.  Rex regrouped the others who had been helpless and he rallied the charge of the GAR to him as Mink wriggled Dunk like a ragdoll her her steely jaws.

The momentum of the Clones now overwhelmed the pirates.  Gustarian watched from his barge with disappointed calm "Well, Dooku's not going to like this.  Even those useless droids will not be able to push back."

A tactical droid approached the Hutt and inquired.  "What are your orders?"

"Sound the retreat, and try to recover my witch.  She is out of her league here.  Rhoona is a lost cause and I shall not invest any more effort.  But there will be other worlds and other opportunities."

"Sir" The droid reported with bad tidings "I regret to inform you that we will have to abandon all our slaves.  There will be no time to take them with us.  The Clones will be freeing all of them soon!"

Gustarian's monocle flopped off his eye in shock.  The loss of Rhoona suddenly took a turn he did not anticipate, and he could only watch helplessly as the Kavedo Wolf that ruptured his army now held the field, battering Rama Dunk.  Gustarian screamed in rage at the loss.  He would find out who this wolf Jedi was, and he vowed that there would be a reckoning!

Rama Dunk and Mink Nightstorm fought furiously as the armies clashed around them.  Cannon fire and explosions burst along the battlefield as Mink changed back to a Jedi and clashed her sabers to Rama's Jade Club.  Both roared and charged each other.  Mink left some scorch burns, but Rama left some jade cuts.  The fury of two women at each other's throats was a fight eternal.  Neither would give ground.  But Mink had the edge.  Rama Dunk had words of power and could shape reality with them, but Mink had love in her heart.  A fierce love.  The thought of losing Rex was so abhorrent Mink would have torn reality to shreds to protect him.  Rama's hate could not stop the animal that Mink became.

With a final attack, Mink smashed through the dreaded jade club, breaking it in two with her sabers!  Rama collapsed from the sheer force of the attack and looked up at Mink with contempt.

"There will be another day!" Rama Invoked the power of the words and vanished.  No doubt, she returned to face Gustarian's rage.  Mink stood there as a pillar against the pirates fleeing from the lost battle.  Fives and Tup ran past her, caught up in the chase and victory.

Letting her adrenalin run out, Mink wavered a little and felt the tears flooding her eyes.  Losing her balance, she fell backwards.  Her wounds had started to ache and standing was painful.  She fell back, but her fall was softened as Rex caught her in his arms.  He knelt down and caressed her bruised face.  At first, it was soldier to soldier, making sure she was fit for duty.  But their eyes met.  And Mink scrunched her face a little as she could see he was safe.  And he was relieved to know that she was safe.  He wiped away her tears.

"Oh General, My General!" Rex proclaimed as he carried her "Why would you waste your efforts on a stupid man like me?" he asked "I can't even tell when I'm being tricked by Dathomirian magic!"

She smiled at his humility and self punishment. "How about falling for a different kind of magic?" she asked in a whisper as the army ran past them.  Tanks and soldiers all around them, moving to take back Rhoona, but they were alone in each others eyes.  The Separatists fled, and the people of Rhoona were free.  Mink cast a spell on Rex with a kiss, and her magic had become a welcome trap.

Rift Kings
An adventure involving Rex and Mink Nightstorm, OC of :iconechoarcher:

Pirates known as the Rift Kings are trying to take Planet Rhoona.  Their leader, Gustarian the Hutt, lets his witch Rama Dunk snare some clones into a trap led by Captain Rex.  General Mink Nightstorm must race against time to save the man she loves in this Valentines story  :):)

Music from the Movie "Gettysburg" included for intensity and I also was inspired by the movie "Streetfighter" to have Mink give a dramatic speech when she must decide what is more important: Love and Victory or obedience!…

Read and enjoy :):)

Mink Nightstorm belongs to :iconechoarcher:
Supreme Court opens marriage for gays in all 50 states.  I personally did not think it would happen for many years.  I know there are those here who do not approve, and I respect your feelings.  I would rather like to state that this is something wonderful, and not to be dreaded or feared.  I'm heterosexual bachelor, and I know in my heart it will never happen for me, but it's nice to see others can enjoy the happiness of Marriage with the one they love.
Very exciting, good combat scenes and some tense chases.  Some sadness for Tua, it would have been cool to see more of her.  Intense saber fighter with Vader/Ezra/Kanan, and I thought the scene where Ezra finds Tarkintown in flames reminded me of Luke finding his home destroyed in Episode IV.  Time to wait for the rest of Season 2 and see where everything fits and see more of the characters.
Supreme Court opens marriage for gays in all 50 states.  I personally did not think it would happen for many years.  I know there are those here who do not approve, and I respect your feelings.  I would rather like to state that this is something wonderful, and not to be dreaded or feared.  I'm heterosexual bachelor, and I know in my heart it will never happen for me, but it's nice to see others can enjoy the happiness of Marriage with the one they love.


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