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Trick by Crimsonight

I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

Always by Crimsonight

Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

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I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


Barriss And Conradin by lordhadrian
Barriss And Conradin
A nice piece showing Barriss Offee and my OC, Conradin Hadranus, touching noses with affection.

I just melt when I see this!  :)

A big thank you to :iconvokulkrah: for the artwork
Barrissoka: Tomb of the Brain Worms

Kommissar Fin grimaced as he saw the Jedi's shuttle land.

"What does that meddling girl want now!?" he grumbled.  He was never fond of the Jedi's interference.  The plan had to move forward, and such scrutiny of the operations around the mines jeopardized his ability to please his bosses.

Profit was progress, after all.

Ahsoka Tano stormed off the ship almost faster than the dock could lower.  A few low level administraters were there to greet her.

"My Lady, what an unexpected pleasure-"

She was not in the mood for small talk but remained polite.

"-I'm afraid it's not entirely pleasant for me to be here.  A surprise for all of us, but I need to speak to your superiors."

They followed Ahsoka meekly towards an industrial building of monstrous size near the dig sites.

The Kommissar scoffed and turned to his cohorts, Separatist renegade Dr. Nuvo Vindi and an older gentleman who calmly smiled as the Kommissar  panicked.

"What do we do?  We can't tell the Jedi about the experiments!  We'll be ruined!  How can we stop her, De Nomolos!?"

The older man just popped a cracker treat in his mouth as he sat at his opulent desk.

"Let her come.  This investigation will be fruitless anyway."

Dr Vindi giggled I think we should let her investigate!  Let this Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, find out.....for herself!"

Vindi and De Nomolos chuckled, and soon, even the Kommissar was enjoying the idea.

"Dr Vindi, given your past transgressions on Naboo, I think you should leave for the operations center to monitor progress of our waste deposits.  Make sure the dumpings are going as scheduled." De Nomolos waved him away.

Dr Vindi bowed and exited.

Ahsoka entered the corporate offices of Nomolos De Nomolos, and was not intimidated by their large gruff security guards as she walked past them to get on the elevator.

She leaned to her com link.

"Barriss, I'm in.  I'll keep you posted.  Star phase II of the plan.  Come in to check their records while I distract them away from the offices."

"Understood." Barriss replied.  Using her Jedi stealth, Barriss exited the shuttle as guards were distracted by popping noises she created with the Force.  Barriss reached the building wall and cut a square into it as discreetly as possible.

She walked calmly into the main office

"Jedi Commander Tano!  We are honored.  What do we owe this surprise visit?"

"I'll get right down to business." Ahsoka stood before the two men "I've been getting reports of unsafe practices and deaths of miners at this installation.  I need to confirm right now that you are doing everything necessary to keep the safety standards up!"

"Of course, we are!" De Nomolos smiled "I think some of those reports are mere exaggerations by a bunch of trumped up enviromentalists.  The danger of these mines is minimal.  And the deaths....well, they are very few."

"I contacted several Jedi and Senators to help with the investigation in the offices of Coruscant."

Ahsoka looked at De Nomolos with overconfidence.

The old man kept smiling while the Kommissar frowned, curling his mouth in polite disgust.

"Now, now.....there's no need to bring the Jedi into this.  Nor the Senate" De Nomolos said in a deadly quiet tone.

"I think it is necessary, to find out if there are any injuries the company has been hiding or casualties off the record.  If there are health violations going on, I intend to put a stop to it!"

"Would you like a tour of the mine, perhaps?" The Kommissar smiled with malice "You can see for yourself there are no tricks, no misleading agendas."

She thought for a moment "Show me."

The Kommissar took her to the mine with two other miners and let her board the lift going down.

"Show the good Jedi how the mine really works." He ordered the miners.

They went down hundreds of feet.

"Just stay close to us, M'am.  It will be quick and easy."

Ahsoka looked at her companions.  they were gruff, dirty men who finished a long shift and they looked exhausted.

"Have you experienced anytrhing strange or extra ordinary at the mines?" She asked them.

"Well, a couple of the guys were found dead, with a sickly green color on their bodies.  The medics tell us it's just rare gases, but it is a bit off.  And no one reports it to the home office, not with that big shot De Nomolos in charge.  Still, we can't just leave for a new job.  We have families to support."

They reached the bottom and started out into well lit tunnels.

"These are the main tunnels" One of the miners led the way "There haven't been many incidents along here.  We usually use the digging machines to do all the dangerous work."

"Where are the men who were turned green found?" Ahsoka asked.

"We call that section the East Tinto, since we are mining under the Tinto plateau.  When the men were being infected by the green stuff, it was sealed off.  Haven't had any more men affected by it."

The other mner continued "We have had poison gas accidents, some cave ins, and an elevator malfunction.  But this green was horrible."

"You think it's an infection?" Ahsoka looked down the cave tunnel with her flashlight.

"It may have been....chemical.  Some of us speculate De Nomolos was dumping toxic wastes down here."

"But that's illegal!" Ahsoka reacted.

The miners shrugged "Can't prove any of it now.  That place is sealed.  Nobody goes there."

Ahsoka called up Barriss on her com link

"Barriss, come in."

"I'm here, Ahsoka.  I'm in the main computer library, downloading the files of activity at this facility!" Barriss whispers her excitement.

"Get all the information you can on all incidents from the East Tinto section of the mine.  I think the company has been disposing of their waste materials there."

"I'm looking now." Barriss typed up the research with fast fingers.

Ahsoka and the miners had heard a noise behind them

"Is that the lift?" She started to worry.

The other miners rushed back "The lift is being sent back up!"

They reached the landing where they arrived.  The lift that brought them was being raised.

"They're leaving us!" Ahsoka gasped.

The miners were concerned but did not panic "No, we're in the main shaft.  More miners will be coming with the next shift.  All we have to do is wait."

She did not relax too much, realizing that anything could happen, be she felt better knowing the miners were not scared.

"Barriss, I'm sort of stuck down here, but I will be up soon.  Get the information and get back to the ship."

"Are you going to be okay?" Bariss heard noises outside the computer library as she asked, making her even more alert.

"We'll be fine.  I'll see you soon, my friend."

Ahsoka and Barriss felt a wall of loneliness in this mission, and Ahsoka almost broke her feelings through, her unspoken feelings.

Barriss smiled.  To just hear Ahsoka almost say it, she could fly a million miles, and swim through the deepest dangers.  Just to hear those words.

Barriss heard the door to the library open, she stayed hidden under a computer desk as two armed men walked to a computer terminal o the other side of the room.

"Dr Vindi!" One raised a communications link on the terminal.  "New orders from De Nomolos.  You are to start flooding the main mineshaft with the excess waste barrels.  All traces of the Jedi are to be wiped away.  The Kommissar and De Nomolos will open a new dig on a different part of the plateau.  There's plenty of places to dig!"

Dr Vindi responded gleefully "It will be a delicious end to this pest!"

Barriss gasped "Dr Vindi!"

She waited until the guards left before going to a window, and could see Vindi at the mine entrance, observing as a large transport started dumping large barrels of waste down the elevator shaft.

"Ahsoka!  Come in!" Barriss called out on her com link.

"Did you get the download?" Ahsoka asked, alarmed by the tone of Barriss' voice.

"Get out of there!  Dr Vindi is involved in this!  He's dumping waste down the entrance!  You've got to find a way out!"

Ahsoka looked to one of the miners as he stood by the elevator.  "Everybody, look out!!" she shouted.

Barrels of toxic waste were now smashing against the walls on their way down, and smashing against the ground, splashing everywhere.

The first miner was doused in green chemicals and started coughing and gasping.  Smoke was rising from his skin as it burned in a chemical stench.  He was dead in seconds.

"Don't touch the green!" She told the other miner.  He backed away in terror.

"They've led us down here....TO DIE!!" He panicked.

Ahsoka took the scared miner and they went deeper into the tunnels to get away from the chemical spill flooding the shaft, burning the floor and walls like a powerful corrosive acid.

"Barriss, get back to the ship!  If I'm not out in 30 minutes, you have to get away and warn the officials, warn Senator Amidala."

"Ahsoka....I won't leave you!" Barriss remained calm, but was apprehensive.  "I know you will find a way out!"

Ahsoka and the miner ran deeper down into the dark.  "Get to the ship, Barriss!  Be ready!  You've got to be the one to escape!"

Barriss had a sick feeling in her stomach, like she was never going to see Ahsoka again.

"No!"  Barriss ran out of the library and through the corridors, trying to find a way to her.

Ahsoka and the miner wandered in the mine.  They heard noises in the deep.

"Is there anyone else here besides us?" She asked.

"No, the next shift was not ready to start.  Who could be down here?" He waved his flashlight ahead.

As they entered a little deeper, they found another horrifying discovery.

"WORMS!!  Giant worms!!" Ahsoka gasped.

The worms were burrowing through the tunnels, into the walls, and in the ceilings and floors of the mine.

And they glowed a horrible green.

"Sometimes, we find the worms in the fungus down here, but never THIS big!  They're supposed to be harmless!" The miner panics!

"All that dumping!" Ahsoka realized "They've adopted to the chemicals in the dumping and it made them grow!  And now they are eating everything they can find!  LOOK OUT!!"

Ahsoka yelled a warning, but the miner was in such terror at the sight, he turned to run down a tunnel, but was surrounded by the worms.  They all took turns slurping their tongues into his head.

They were drinking his brains.

Ahsoka pulled out her saber and started killing them as they crawled towards her.

"Barriss, the chemicals are not only poison, they have mutated the worms in the soil, in the mines.  This whole facility is contaminated with illegal dumping.  There must be thousands! Thousands....of brain worms!"

Ahsoka ran through the tunnel towards the east Tinto section.  There was a small spark of hope that maybe it could still be a way out.

She was wrong.  The tunnel was crudely blocked off by rubble, an imposed explosion.  It was only a matter of time now.  The brain worms, mutated by the waste, would dominate the mines, and her only hope of completing the mission would be in Barriss' hands.

But Barriss was not ready to give up.  She had memorized the files, and part of that was a map to the mine.  She realized Ahsoka's only way out was the East Tinto section.

The great irony was that the entrance to that section of the mine was built upon.  The main building she was in held the tunnel to East Tinto.  The whole building was designed as another cover up.  But Barriss knew where to go.

Dozens of droid guards that surrounded her in the corridor as she made her way to the mine entrance.

"Ah, a second Jedi!  How clever!" De Nomolos laughed from a safe distance.

"You thought I would never notice Commander Ahsoka Tano as a distraction while you infiltrated our headquarters.  You underestimate my intelligence!"

Barriss furled her brow.  Delayed from rescuing her friend, her lover.  She was now more irate than scared.

"I'm giving you one chance to make this right.  You can help me rescue Ahsoka and face punishment for negligence, don't turn this into murder!  I'm begging you!!"

De Nomolos and the Kommissar laughed.

"Oh, such spirit!  But we can't have you reporting our activities!  Count Dooku would be displeased, right Kommissar Fin?  Besides, I like murder!  And it is delicious when it is a Jedi!"

The droids raise their guns, and De Nomolos savors the moment.

"Killing one Jedi is a joy.....killing TWO in the same day....that is a luxury!!"

"FIRE!" Kommissar Fin shouted.

But, in their enthusiasm, they failed to realize the hallway was FILLED with droids, and only one Jedi, a Jedi that was quite nimble.

Barriss jumped away with incredible agility as the droids blasted each other.  Her light saber was a fury, knocking a path to the mine entrance that had been hidden by the building.

De Nomolos, perturbed that Barriss got away, went to the intercom in the hallway as dozens of droids chased her.

He not only connected to Barriss' communicator, he connected to Ahsoka's, to maximize his gloating and intimidation.

"Run, little girl!  Run!  There is no place to hide!  Your cowardice only delays your death and there is nothing that can stop the death of your pathetic friend.  Pity you were both so easily tricked!  I expected better from Jedi!"

Ahsoka's heart sank "Barriss!  Get out of there!  You can't stop him by yourself....and you can't reach me....Get out of here.  Barriss...."

The chemicals now started hovering in a gas, and Ahsoka was choking.  She could see the mutated brain worms coming for her.  Hundreds of them, digging through the tunnel towards her.

"Barriss....Gardez mon amour. adieu."…

There was silence for a moment.  Then, there was a long pile of dead droids on the way to the mine entrance.

There was also a horrible noise that followed Ahsoka's words, and trailed along that pile of dead droids.

The noise of when a good Jedi goes to war.

De Nomolos and Kommissar Fin started fleeing to the control bunker at the top of the building, but they could still hear the Banshee wailing.  They could still hear the slaughter of dozens of droids.  She was going to do the impossible....and then she was coming for them.

Demons run with failed guns

Night will fall and drown the suns

when a good Jedi goes to war.

Barriss did not stop, but became so in tune with the Force and the driving pain in her heart, she did not think or stop as she smashed her way through droid guards to the mine entrance and jumped down the elevator shaft.  Falling in the darkness, she could only see the tears blotting her eyes, not even afraid of crashing into the ground.  She could sense the bottom, and controlled her descent with a slow levitation until she touched the floor.

True Love flies into darkness high

Dawn will break the Devil's stake

When a good Jedi goes to war.

Barriss ran, ran with untapped strength, using all her efforts to navigate the darkness, until she came to the wall of rubble.

"AHSOKA!!!  AHSOKA!!!" She called out.

She could hear Ahsoka coughing, and sensed she was almost overwhelmed by the poison.  She could also sense the horrible creatures getting closer.

All of her love and sadness, all of her heart's desire and fears were brought to the breaking point.

She cleared her mind of all things except her truest love.  With a final banshee's wail, she threw every last ounce of energy of the Force into that wall, shattering it.

Barriss ran to Ahsoka, who lay in the dirt of the floor.  She was not moving.

"No, Ahsoka, no!!  Please!!  You can't be gone you can't!!  I don't know how to....what to do.....Ahsoka....Don't die...."

Barriss was falling apart.  Ahsoka gently grabbed her hand, barely breathing.

Barriss locked eyes with her and let her healing go into Ahsoka's body through their hands.

Barriss wiped away her tears "I know I should have finished the mission, and you will yell at me later, but I don't care!  I'm actually looking forward to being yelled at, and demoted, and thrown in prison, and yelled at again!"

Barriss looked up and saw the swarm of brain worms crawling towards them.  Thousands of worms almost two feet long, eating and tunneling and harvesting their way through the walls.

Barriss picked Ahsoka up and started carrying her back to the elevator shaft.  Barriss picked up her communicator, and changed the frequency back on De Nomolos.

Just as he had patched into her communication with Ahsoka, Barriss patched hers into the entire facility communications network.

"By order of the Republic and the Jedi, I am shutting down this mine and putting it under quarantine.  All miners are to evacuate for your own safety!"

She walked fast as the worms burrowed behind her, following her.

"De Nomolos.....I am bringing judgement day to you!"

She walked to the elevator with a solid stare, cradling Ahsoka.

"SHUT DOWN THE ELEVATOR!!!" De Nomolos screamed in a frenzy.  He thought he could destroy the Jedi, but he had underestimated both of them, and his fear of the mythical Warriors made him panic.

The Kommissar was now in full panic as well.  "I want every droid up in the command center!  NOW!!"

The top floor of the building was a fortress.

Barriss tried the elevator, but power had been cut off.

The worms burrowed closer and started to eat away at the support all around the building's foundation.

Barriss looked down at Ahsoka, unable to wipe away one of her tears because her arms were full.

"Avec tout mon couer....."

Barriss kissed her truest love as the worms started to swarm all around the shaft.

Barriss lifted up in a levitation, still in her embrace with Ahsoka, her kiss.  No matter how the day would end, they were together.

Villains hide when Heroes shine

Battles won and hearts entwine

When a Good Jedi goes to War.

In minutes, she was at the top and landed safely.  Her soft lips parted from Ahsoka's and Ahsoka smiled even though she was still weak from the chemical gas.

The buildings foundations started to rumble and shake as the swarm below ate through the dirt and walls.

Barriss walked to her square hole, and calmly exited as parts of the building collapsed around her.

Everything was falling to pieces, and droids were heard screaming and being crushed as sections of the building collapsed into the darkness of the East Tinto mine shaft.

The Kommissar and De Nomolos screamed as they, too, felt the building collapse around them, swallowing them down into the worm infested ruins of the mine.

Barriss walked to the shuttle as the entire building vanished.  The swarm was also destroyed.  Crushed by their own hunger.

The miners, innocent pawns in this Separatist scheme, were fleeing into orbit, escaping the disaster.  Even Dr Vindi had wisely fled in his own escape shuttle.  Ahsoka looked up and thought of the two men who perished because of her.  Ahsoka's guilt would haunt her, but she hoped the Republic would soon make things right for those who suffered here.

Barriss laid Ahsoka in a medical bed with care and caressed her face, telling her to sleep.  She went to pilot the shuttle to safety, but her heart dwelt on Ahsoka.

For now, they had succeeded.  In Love and in War, all was fair.
Barrissoka: Tomb of the Brain Worms
This story is for the :iconbarriss-ahsoka: "Damsel in Distress" Art jam, and I probably went overboard with the danger for Ahsoka.  Barriss and Ahsoka travel to a mine secretly run by Dr Vindi and Separatist Sympathizers.

Ahsoka is soon put in a trap, and Barriss must find her courage to save the one she loves from the deepest peril.

I did, once again, draw some inspiration.  The little poem "When a Good Jedi Goes to War" is from a Dr Who episode "When a Good Man Goes to War", but I loved it and wanted to modify it for this story.  Read and enjoy :):)
Warning!  This story is an AU romance between Boba Fett and Anakin Skywalker.  The Clone Wars have been over for years, and both are now adults.  Anakin and Padme were never involved with each other in this AU.

If you are offended by a romance between two male characters, please do not read the story.  It is tastefully done, not crude, but it is a "Bobakin" pairing.

Bobakin: The Kessel Run

Anakin was getting that bad feeling again. Where the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Someone was thinking about him. His senses felt weird as he jumped out of hyperspace to Station Oasis 2.

"Slowing thrust." Anakin called out to R2.

R2D2 was there, managing some of the controls of his fighter. The droid beeped with curiosity.

Anakin smiled a little "Yeah, we need to make this pit stop before movingon to Christophsis. Not sure why the couplings are burning out. But it shouldn't take long to look at."

Anakin flew his Jedi Starfighter into communication range.

"Oasis 2, this is Jedi flight 1138, requesting permission to land."

The voice on the other end was a bit gruff "State the nature of your business, Jedi."

Anakin raised an eyebrow, but shrugged. He figured the tired operator must have been eager to end his shift.

"Pulling in for maintenance and for spare parts. I have all the papers needed, as representative of the Jedi Order."

The operating voice grunted approval "Platform 32B. have your papers ready."

Anakin cut off the com "Somebody is ready for the weekend." R2 whistled quietly, agreeing.

The landing was smooth, and Anakin wasted no time jumping out and signing, showing and triple checking paperwork.

The deck crew looked over his ship and started working on the necessary repairs.

A Figure in armor watched from the control tower, moving swiftly as Anakin took a stroll through the station with his droid.

Anakin relaxed in his walk. The repairs might take maybe an hour or two, and he was in no hurry to go back to Christophsis to oversee the rebuilding of the world, now that the Clone Wars had ended in Victory.

R2 beeped a little and flashed a com link up with Obi-wan on Christophsis.

"I was beginning to miss your snarky wit and cavalier dismissal of your duties. Getting a head start on ignoring the things you need to do when you get here?" Obi-wan smirked.

"Ha ha." Anakin grinned "Very funny. It so happens I had to stop off over Ansion to get my ship fixed. Shouldn't take long."

Obi-wan looked at him funny "Fixed? Don't tell me you decided to get rough with some poor defenseless pirates? We musty maintain friendly relations with anyone trying to kill us!"

"No, Master," Anakin joked "It's not like that. I really had a minor malfunction. Won't take long. I'll be at Christophsis in time for dinner."

Obi-wan nodded but still felt uneasy "Try to get here as soon as you can. Captain Rex is not doing so well. The aging...." he trailed off, not wanting to say any more, but then had another thought.

"How could your ship need repairs? We have a maintenance crew already running things in the Temple."

Anakin shrugged, baffled by the breakdown "Beats me. It just seemed to hiccup, but don't worry, it's getting looked at."

Obi-wan bowed and finished his transmission.

Anakin's smile wore off as he continued walking. Something felt wrong around him.

The station was clean and bright, always making travelers and staff feel comfortable and safe, but something created a disconnect in him. Someone was watching him.

"Stay close, R2." He murmured and looked around.

They walked further past random people and maintenance workers in jumpsuits. A cantina was nearby.

"The Floating Vagabond" Anakin liked how quaint the neon sign was in the main promenade of the station's active community.

It was much better looking than the usual hole in the walls he had been to, but this cantina had seen better days. It was like an old restaurant that was still using out dated equipment and furniture that was probably 40 years old.

He quickly moved to a table in a dark corner and watched the entrance.

A figure in Mandolorian armor entered the cantina. His helmet did not move much, but Anakin could sense the man was scanning the room.

"Too many people here, R2" Anakin whispered "I need to draw him out in a more private place. Wait here."

R2 stayed under the table reluctantly, but trusted Anakin's judgement. He stood up and made sure to make enough noise to get the Mandolorian's attention. Anakin cut through the kitchen and delayed reactions by the staff with a few well placed Jedi mind tricks.

He had no doubt the mandolorian would follow, but he wanted to make it look real enough, desperate enough.

He exited out behind the cantina into a dismal corridor, empty except for all kinds of debris. He waited.

In moments, the Mandolorian burst out of the cantina and searched through the hall. Looking both ways, scanning for life signs, he is bewildered at the Jedi's fast getaway.

Until Anakin lowers himself from the ceiling.

"Hey there!" Anakin smiled. The Mandolorian turned fast, but was pushed back by a blast of the mystical Force from Anakin's hand.

They stared at each other.

"Boba Fett!" Anakin grimaced "I should have known. What do you want?"

Boba Fett did not move from his defensive stance, his disintegrator gun aimed at the Jedi.

"You made some powerful enemies in the Rishi Maze!"

"And now you want to tango with me? How big is the reward?" Anakin asked.

Boba Fett stared from inside his helmet.

"50,000 credits!"

Anakin made an approving face and nodded "Not bad. I'm worth 70, but 50 is a good start. They'll raise it to 70,000 after they learn I kicked your butt!"

Anakin charged, Boba let his jet pack take him up away from Anakin's light saber.

Boba fired his gun several times, but Anakin deflected it. Anakin jumped into the air and tried to take a swip at Boba, but was kicked away by the Bounty Hunter's fast martial skills.

Both landed a distance apart, staring at each other.

"We'll be at this all day!" Boba sort of smiled.

"You're very good, I'll give you that" Anakin smiled. He still waved his light saber cautiously

Their duel was cut short from an old man shouting

"Help! HELP ME!!" The voice called out from deeper within the alley.

Anakin looked past Boba.

"What?" Boba looked at him suspiciously.

"Well?" Anakin looked at him, exasperated "We going to not help?"

"It's none of our business! I have a bounty and you are the bounty....and....we have this THING we have to do!" Boba became equally exasperated.

"Calm yourself, Boba! You can bag me later" Anakin jogged past him to the voice.

Boba blinked at the innuendo "Wait...what? No wait! We have this THING!"

Anakin discovered an old man dressed in a raggedy pilot's outfit, being attacked by two large Gammoreans.

"Hey, piggies! Want to try a better target?" Anakin taunted them, lighting up his saber again.

Boba Fett caught up, and the sight of a Jedi AND a Mandolorian was enough for them to back away.

The old man clutched his ribs and looked up at the young men

"Wow, in 30 years of getting beat up in this system, I didn't think calling for help would ever work! First time for everything."

"Are you okay?" Anakin helped the old man up.

"You have to help me. I have a job to do. I can pay you well."

The man babbled on about his offer. Anakin tried to calm him down.

"It's okay. I'm a Jedi. I'll take you to your ship."

"I hope you're brave" The man looked at him grimly "I'm on the run from the Hutts. Gustarian the Hutt."

Boba rolled his eyes "Okay, the talk is over. We are out of here."

Anakin shrugged him off "You can just go then!"

Boba swiftly aimed his gun while Anakin was facing the old man.

But Anakin was no dummy. He turned and reflected the stun blast away and got up to Boba's face with his saber, knocking his helmet off.

"Give me a reason I shouldn't splatter you all over this alley and leave you for the Hutts to clean up!"

Boba wiped his face, feeling the bruise Anakin gave him.

Both stared at each other, weapons ready. But both were also impressed. They had become the Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object.

And they were destined to collide!

Anakin particulary stared at Boba's eyes with a hint of admiration even as he was ready to take the Mandolorian's head off.

Boba backed down and grabbed his helmit.

"Let's get this old man back to his ship, then I'll bag you!" The Bounty Hunter motioned impatiently.

As they walked swiftly, the old man talked, trying to distract them from their rivalry.

"Gustarian will find out you interfered and he will send more men. I'm going to need an a co-pilot to pilot my freighter."

Anakin looked at R2 "R2, go back to my fighter, pilot her home to the Temple. I'll rejoin you later."

R2 beeped a little reluctantly, but obeyed. Anakin smiled.

"I've got you covered, Captain....?"

"Sabalom Glitz, at your service. I thank you for your assistance. The Hutt will come after both of you. You are certainly welcome to join me where I need to go."

Boba turned to the man, slightly irritable "And just where do you need to go? My only interest is collecting this Jedi and getting paid!"

Anakin got in Boba's face again "Just let me help this guy, okay? Then we can discuss how I'm going to kick your-"

"-PLEASE!" Sabalom begged them "If you let me show you, the reason I need your help is on board my ship. This is very important!"

Sabalom led them to the hanger bay, but they were cut off by more Gammoreans.

"Gustarian has raised the bounty on you, Sabalom Glitz! And if your misguided companions are wise, they will leave now!"

Anakin stepped in front of Sabalom and raised his saber.

"You may want to rethink this whole idea. Because it's going to hurt!"

The Gammoreans backed up a little.

"How big is the bounty?" Boba scratched his chin.

Anakin rolled his eyes without looking back. "You were after me, Boba. Remember? Don't make me compete for your attention."

Boba shrugged "Don't worry, I'll bag you when this is over, Skyguy."

Anakin felt a tingle in the way Boba tossed out the nickname. It appeared he now had a reputation, thanks to his former padawan from several years ago.

"Ugh, where did you get that nickname?" Anakin frowned.

Boba shrugged, but the goons were now impatient.

"Hey, remember us? You were going to surrender the old man!" The thug leader tried to intimidate.

Boba and Anakin now stood side by side, a very intimidating sight to behold.

"You really want this throw down?" Boba asked.

The Gammoreans growled and open fired.

Anakin, Boba and Sabalom took cover. Anakin deflected their shots, while Boba returned fire.

"Yeah, I guess they do!"

Sabalom looked at the two young men "I don't suppose you have some tricks up your sleeves? We could sure use them now!"

"Tricks?" Anakin looked at him indignant.

"Sleeves?" Boba also responded. "I never leave home without a little of both!"

Boba Fett through a smoke grenade, then charged into the confused crowd of guard thugs. In minutes, all of the gamorreans were incapacitated.

"I could have done that." Anakin said meekly.

Boba looked back at him and smiled "Beat you to it!"

"Yeah, well...." Anakin came out of cover "I didn't want the fight to end so quickly. I mean, where's the fun in that?"

Sabalom took them to his freighter. "I am so sorry, I really need your help. It will probably mean leaving your ship behind, Bounty Hunter."

Boba sighed and looked at Anakin.

"I'm going to help the old man. If you want to bag me for your Bounty, you'll have to come along!" Anakin boarded with Captain Glitz.

"My ship is booby trapped" Boba said confidently. "Yours, unfortunately, is probably going to be scrapped if that R2 unit screws up!"

Anakin looked at him roughly "R2 will be fine! He's a good droid, and he will make is back to Coruscant!"

Boba looked at him, confused. "Why are you even doing this, Jedi? We don't even KNOW this old man!"

Anakin and Boba faced each other, not as adversaries this time. Boba was genuinely curious.

"Why are you risking your life?"

Anakin smiled at him, looking him in the eyes "I have a good sense about people. I can sense Captain Sabalom is a good man. I can feel it. The question you should be asking yourself, Bounty why are you risking YOUR life?"

"Anakin walked into the freighter. Boba watched, thinking deeply. Then he followed on board.

"We've got to hurry" Sabalom told them urgently "The port authority is corrupt, and they will refuse us permission to leave, so one of you will have to manage the guns, the other needs to help me prepare the jump to hyperspace."

"I can handle guns!" Boba volunteered.

Anakin looked at Sabalom, confused "Why do you need help making the jump? Can't you do it?"

Sabalom Glitz looked at them both with a wary expression "Well, now, this is where the escape gets complicated. My ship is very old. Gustarian's ships are going to be pushing us to one jump point for escape-The Kessel Run!"

"WHAT?" Anakin, with all his years of cockiness and piloting, went a little pale "You're serious?"

Boba looked at them both "I don't understand."

Sabalom became more urgent as he strapped himself in and revved up the engines "My ship is not fast enough to make a jump in any other direction. We'll be blasted to pieces if we try one of the other hyper lanes. The Kessel Run is the quickest escape."

"And the most dangerous!" Anakin sighed "Nobody uses that route because of the asteroids going through it. Not after planet Kessel blew up hundreds of years ago!"

Boba looked at Anakin "So, is the galaxy's greatest pilot telling us it can't be done?"

Anakin stopped and stared at Boba "You want to collect my bounty, better hope I am THAT good! Go strap yourself into the guns. It's going to be messy!"

Boba went to the guns, while Anakin sat with Captain Glitz.

"It means a lot to me that you are helping. I could not do this on my own." Sabalom quietly commented as he flipped several switches and prepped the ship.

The station authorities tried to call out to the freighter, making threats and demanding he surrender his cargo. Sabalom switched off communications and hit the engines.

They blasted off! Anakin and Sabalom gave a little cheer as they burned their way past the entrance to the station and dodged the Station's defense cannons.

"They're really mad now!" Sabalom laughed.

The Hutt was ready, though, and sent fighters after them.

The ship was rocked by some laser blasts, but Boba Fett kept them at bay.

"You got us covered, B?" Anakin asked as he scrambled to make last minute calculations before the jumped.

Boba vaporizes his third fighter as they swoop by, and was getting more sarcastic.

"I'm having fun!" he yelled "I can't remember the last time I had THIS much fun!"

Sabalom pounded on a few more buttons

"Get ready, we're about to do the Kessel Run!!!"

Boba kept blasting away, and Anakin went very fast as he navigated a course.

"Why is this so dangerous? What's the big deal over this Kessel Run?" Boba asked

Anakin tried to explain while working

"See the thing about most hyperspace lanes is that you can jump from point A to point B, right? That's why they are hyperspace lanes to begin with. Now, hundreds of years ago the Kessel asteroid was, in fact, a beautiful planet. Gorgeous world, but something happened. It blew up, leaving just the asteroid we have now and the rest of its pieces scattered over dozens of systems!"

Sabalom nodded and hit thrusters to put them in position "What destroyed that planet, we may never know. Maybe it was a war, a doomsday weapon, a collision. Who knows...."

Anakin punched in the final coordinates "Thing is, the hyperspace lane is now dotted by Kessel's remains in an unpredictable pattern. Instead of going from point A to point B, running it might take you from point A to A point 2, or Point E, F, G, or W. Distance is now a key factor. No one has made a Kessel Run in more than 4 or 5 parsecs. Trouble is, if you need to get, say, 12 parsecs, it's very dangerous! You could smash into a piece of Kessel, clip a wing, and then you have a headache. A big one. But don't worry, Boba. I'm only planning a jump for about 3 parsecs. It's the jump with the fewest cases of vaporized ships!"

"Oh terrific!" Boba distracted himself by firing at more enemy cartel fighters.

"Course plotted!" Anakin called out.

"Making the jump!" Sabalom shouted as the enemy fighters fired around them one more time.

The freighter winds up the engines, and blasts away.

The ship is engulfed in its jump, swirling in the maelstrom. The ship shakes and rumbles, alarms flash all around Sabalom's cockpit.

"Oh, I hope my beauties are okay!" Sabalom holds himself steady in his chair. With difficulty, he reaches over to the communications button.

"Bounty Hunter!" Captain Glitz calls out.

"My name is Boba! Boba Fett" Boba grits his teeth in his gun chair as debris bounces off the ship in hyperspace. "If we're going to die, I suppose it's only polite to mention that!"

"Quite right!" Sabalom looked at Anakin and smiled. Anakin was staring at the com button, in deep thought. He was worried, but he couldn't seem to explain. His cocky nature left him when he was scared for others.

Sabalom tried to put them both at ease "Boba, if possible, I need you to go to the cargo bay and check friends."

"Friends?" Boba asked "How many people are in on this? Why couldn't they help you!?"

"Please, may be the most important thing we do now." Captain Glitz says cryptically.

Boba gets out of his chair and rushes to the cargo bay. He is almost knocked off his feet several times.

"How much longer do we have to stay in this lane!?" He shouts.

Anakin reviews the calculations "A few more minutes!"

Boba enters the cargo bay and braces himself as the debris becomes more ominous, banging against the ship more frequently. Parts of the ship feel like they are bending and creaking.

But Boba is awestruck by the sight. Almost a hundred cages are stacked and piled up around the bay. Cages with small life forms 2-3 feet tall.

"You have a large group of....what ARE They?"

"Hang on, Boba!" Captain Glitz announced on the intercom "We are exiting hyperspace!"

Things slowed down as the freighter left the dangerous hyper tunnel. Sabalom stood up from his chair and patted himself with his hands, from shoulders to his stomach.

"Well, still in one piece! Good job...Anakin, is it?"

Anakin smiled "Yes. Anakin Skywalker." The Jedi smiled, rather proud of his feat through the Kessel Run.

"Not bad for 3 parsecs!" Sabalom patted his shoulder.

They walked together out of the cockpit to meet with Boba.

"Maybe one day, I'll try to go farther!" Anakin felt his cockiness return.

Sabalom guffawed "What? You mean make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs? Don't be an idiot!"

They shared a good laugh, relieved to be alive.

Sabalom and Anakin joined Boba in the cargo bay. Sabalom started to open the cages, freeing the small furry people. hey were cute, but dignified, with long tails, and lemurish eyes.

"Boba Fett, Anakin Skywalker, Let me introduce you to the Kaadu Paapa. They are part of a civilization living on Planet Kutti Thevango in the Kannada system, when they were kidnapped by Gustarian the Hutt's thugs. They were to be sold to a bunch of stuffy snobs on Nal Hutta."

Captain Sbalom hugged some of the Kaadu as he freed them. They were joyous, with their long tails wagging and big eyes blinking and they chirped as Sabalom greeted them.

Some of the Kaadu greeted Boba and Anakin with a cute but gracious bow.

Sabalom sighed "They were to become slaves of the Huts. PETS!" Sabalom almost spit at the thought.

"Gustarian the Hutt must have picked you to smuggle them..." Boba guessed with a smile.

Anakin smiled also "You rejected the Hutt's money, and chose to rescue them!"

Sabalom smiled and greeted a Kaadu larger than the others, a leader of sorts with red fur.

"This is Slender Loris, leader of this group. He and I worked on a plan, but your arrival on Oasis 2 was a fortuitous one. I could not have...I could not...."

Captain Glitz felt a pain in his side and almost fell to his knees.

Anakin helped him up "Are you okay, Sabalom!?"

Sabalom caught his breath and smiled "Old injury. an old, rather terminal injury. Spent too many years smoking death sticks, and now I don't even have months left, let alone years. Word of advice. Don't pick up the habit."

Sabalom smiled at the two young men and sighed.

"Well, who knew I'd make one last run, a Kessel Run, no less, with a Jedi and a Mandolorian? What a way to finish!"

Boba and Anakin looked at each other silently, and blushed a little.

"Still" Sabalom interrupted "We have one last thing to do. I want to rescue the Kaadu and send them back to their home with freedom, but Kutti Thevango is not a member of the Republic, and is not protected under Republic law. I must bring the Kaadu to Coruscant to plead their case to the Senate, maybe even allowing full membership. Anything we can do to protect them and their world from slavers....well, at my age, it's the least I can do to redeem myself after a life wasted on lesser sins."

"Leave that to me" Anakin smiled again "I know a lot of Senators who can help. I think Bail Organa could help induct the kaadu into the Republic. Sabalom, we CAN save them. All of them!"…

The Kaadu start to sing while the three were talking. Boba, Anakin and Sabalom turn to listen as Slender Loris meditates and leads the Kaadu in a song celebrating their rescue.

Sabalom wipes away a few tears. Boba and Anakin, having live hardened, sarcastic lives, are stopped by the haunting chorus of the Kaadu Paapa.

Boba feels his eyes water and covers his mouth, holding back emotions that had been, up until now, easy to hold back.  Suddenly, all material things in the galaxy became trivial as he felt a transcendance in his soul.

Anakin, also overwhelmed by beauty in the song, puts his arms around Boba's waist to comfort him, and Boba puts his hands on Anakin's, cherishing that comfort. Without realizing it, the harmony of the Kaadu have touched their hearts, and the song breaks away whatever wall was between them.

Sabolom listens, and sits with the Kaadu "This is why I could never let them become slaves, why money no longer mattered. How could I help destroy such a people who could be as beautiful as this?"

The song went on, and Boba cried uncontrollably. Anakin helped him out of the cargo bay into the hall.

Boba hugged him close.

"So..." Anakin whispered intimately "I'll be collecting that bounty after all. I'll set the ship on auto pilot to Coruscant, and let the Senate know of the plight of the Kaadu. You will get your reward, Boba. I promise."

Boba wiped his tears away and sighed as he stared into Anakin';s eyes and caressed his soft face "Oh Ani....I am going to be chasing you for a long time!"

They were very close, and Boba almost started shaking as he held Anakin, afraid to say the words he wanted to say, the REAL reason he had followed Anakin all the way to Oasis -2.

"The chase will never end, and I don't think I'll ever get that bounty!"

Anakin did not hesitate. He plunged to Boba with a deep kiss that almost shook the freighter with as much power as the Kessel Run. Boba's heart almost exploded with a stifled cry of happiness from the most intense kiss that would ever break his resolve. The dream he dared not hope for became real.

Anakin whispered into Boba's ear, simple words that made Boba gasp and tear up again with joy.

after all their adventures, all the danger, temptations and a revelation of hope, Boba and Anakin kissed with madness and allowed themselves to fall into a more private room to celebrate their lives, celebrate victory.

Victory in Anakin's whispered words to Boba

"The Bounty is yours."
Bobakin: The Kessel Run
This is a Valentine's story for :iconprincess-anakin:, and it is a romance between Boba Fett and Anakin Skywalker.

Warning: If you are offended by stories of this nature, I encourage you not to read.  It's a tastefully written story, not graphic or sexual, but it is a romance.  I wrote it to see if I could write such a story, and I am quite happy with it.

Boba hunts Anakin on a Space Station for a bounty, but they come across an old smuggler captain wanted by the Hutts.  The only way to escape a space station full of thugs is to make the dreaded "Kessel Run".  Along the way, Boba and Anakin find their feelings are not a rivalry, but something else.

Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all the other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do.

Make good art.

~Neil Gaiman

So, I found myself listening to a Rebel Force Radio podcast.  They were interviewing Dave Filoni about multiple topics.  Dave mentions that there will be a special surprise (surprises?) for fans of The Clone Wars at the Anaheim celebration.  I don't have a link, and he was not specific, except to let fans of TCW know that the show is not forgotten.

I am just very curious about what may happen there.  I will not be going, but it will be exciting for me to see any revelations that might come from it.  :)

I've been anxious, but this sounds like it could be neat.

Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong, in life and in love and in business and in friendship and in health and in all the other ways that life can go wrong. And when things get tough, this is what you should do.

Make good art.

~Neil Gaiman


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