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Some interesting things about Rebels.  A lot of it we know already, but there were some interesting trivia bits

Barrissoka: Winter Wedding

It was the dark times, a time of the Empire.  The Empire's presence was starting to be felt strongly in the greater parts of the galaxy.  One place was the cold, wintery planet of Mirial.  The new Leader of the sector was Grand Moff Ablok Seveten.  Once a former Mandolorian mercenary, he rose to become a prominent official in the new Imperial era.  How he came to power after a disruptive run in with Asajj Ventress on Planet Tambler Majoris is a harrowing dark tale for another time.

Suffice to say, he lives to wreak havok on the innocent, with approval from the Emperor.  And he never wavered in his obsession.....for Barriss Offee.

It was a dark time for Barriss and Ahsoka.  Ablok was newly promoted to Grand Moff and assigned to govern over Illisurevimurasi Sector.  As he combed his perfect brown hair and trimmed his obnoxiously full beard, he remembered the many humiliations he had suffered chasing the pair of rogue Jedi.  He planned for an exquisite revenge on them both.  He tracked them down and had them placed in special prisons.  Ahsoka was in the prison cells of his snow topped Imperial palace in the Mirialan capital.  Barriss was in a golden cage of sorts, trapped in the finest luxury chamber.  How they came to be captured was an even more harrowing tale for another time.

Suffice to say, they were both made to live in suffering.  Ahsoka's suffering prison was physical.  Barriss, however, was faced with a different kind of sentence.  Her prison was emotional.

Ablok smirked as he brushed his hand upon his stifling green uniform of Imperial grandness, and marched into Barriss' room in his shiny thug boots.  His smile broadened at her magnificent sight.  Her despair ceased to exist when he looked upon her.  He was safe to do so, as long as he had Ahsoka in chains in a distant, dark cell.  He clasped his hands on her shoulders lovingly, but her reaction was as cold as the winter storm that swept through the Mirialan capital.  She could not attack him, however.  Harm upon Ablok Seveten meant there would be punishment brought upon Ahsoka, a consequence that would break her already heavy heart.

The despair was even heavier for Barriss, and all the people of Mirial as Ablok's cheerful voice hummed of the special things that were going to happen.  Gorging himself on Barriss' presence, he planned to marry her that day.  He made an Imperial edict that all of Mirial would witness it.  Barriss sighed as he tried to massage her shoulders.

"Soon, my lovely.  Very soon we shall be the talk of the Planet.  All of Mirial will see us together.  And IN HARMONY."  He stressed continually that she would comply for the sake of the Mirialan people.  The people of Mirial were mostly subdued.  The wedding news across the planet was met with indifference, but they were forced to enjoy it by order of Ablok and his Storm troopers.  They did not mind that a Mirialan would be married to a non-Mirialan, but Ablok's arrogance upon them was insufferable.  He was creepy around other Mirialan women because they almost reminded him of Barriss Offee.  His Storm troopers put everyone on edge, enforcing curfews and parades upon them.  And Barriss' expressions were not lost on them.  She wondered if Hope had finally faded, when she and Ahsoka had been so close to happiness.  Many of them reflected on the loss of hope as they saw Barriss being dragged around like a trophy.

Ablok was going to have the last laugh, and the final word on the Fate of Barriss Offee.  It wasn't about love, as he would have you think, but about control.  She was easier to control while he had Ahsoka in his clutches.  And with that control came power.

"Nothing to say, Barriss?  Not even a moment of defiance?"

"The only conversation we can ever have is the one where I tell you Ahsoka is going to save me!"  Barriss did not look at him.

"THAT will never happen!" Ablok harumphed as he went to pour a drink from the stand "The Orchestra and chorus will herald our bliss after we say the vows.  Then, we will exit the Palace cathedral to the Imperial carriage, where you will smile to the adoring people."

She refused to look at him, but Ablok shrugged off her revulsion of him  "You will come to love me.  You will find....that a man's caress can be more empowering than someone of a lesser gender."

"Do you think I am a lesser gender, Grand Moff Seveten!?  Because I seem to recall lesser genders have defeated you time and time again!"

Ablok stepped back, defensive for a moment as he was reminded of nearly being killed several times by Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano.  "I am 800 percent certain that I have the upper hand.  Just remember, I will never hurt the Jedi Ahsoka Tano so long as you give yourself fully to me.  Emperor Palpatine has foreseen your fall into darkness.  Yes, also remember that the Emperor knows of you, and his silence keeps Vader from hunting you down.  It is your chance to join the winning team and take your place at my side!"

Ablok left the room, leaving Barriss to stare out at the snow, and dream of being in the snow, being free to commune with nature.  Even the harsh nature of Mirial.

Ahsoka did not rest well in her dungeon room.  It was not completely uncomfortable.  The room was sanitary, the bed comfortable, and food was brought to her to eat or ignore three times a day.  There was a small library of holobooks and discs for her daily meditations, but for the most part her life was Spartan.  Physically isolated, only two lights in the room with no windows.  One door that was guarded and sealed.  Ahsoka was the classic pawn in a time honored hostage tradition.  Her life was important to Ablok only that it was the key to his irrational happiness with his one true obsession.

Ahsoka had the restraints on her hands and ankles to limit her movements, but her true torment was being able to sense Barriss in another part of the palace.  Barriss' despair became her despair, but Ahsoka refused to give up, even in this highly improbable scenario created by the abhorrent Ablok Seveten.

A guard entered and left a plate of food by Ahsoka.  She was about to launch into a tirade of snark, but then halted as she noticed a key on the plate next to her food.

"This key unlocks my shackles, doesn't it?" She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.  The guard, hidden behind storm trooper garb and helmet, simply shrugged without saying a word, and started to leave

"Who are you?  Why are you helping me?"

The guard shrugged again and pointed up at the ceiling, up where Barriss was in the palace.  The guard also pointed at his watch, subtly hinting that the wedding as about to begin.  Time was running out if she were to save her true love from darkness, to save Barriss from the designs of a selfish, disgusting, twisted man.  The guard left quickly without much fanfare, as he had plans to be elsewhere.  Who he might be was not as important as the help he rendered to Ahsoka.  Ahsoka freed herself from the shackles, but stopped for a moment.....her heart shuddered for a second as she felt Barriss in the Force, felt her despair....

"My light is fading" Barriss sighed as she looked out the window "Time will move on and everything we fought for will fade.  I fear there will be no future for us in these dark times."  Barriss looked at the window sill and saw the potted flowers there.  She glazed her hands over the flowers and brightened them up a little.  She smiled with sadness.

"Remember when we could enjoy the seasons?  In summer, we watched nature blossom, and in winter....remember, Ahsoka?  Remember when the snow sparkled and we could make angels in the ground?  We were young and free, and anything was possible.  When we were young there was hope, and adventure.  I was happiest when we could do these things together.  I used to see so much beauty in the snow, no matter what planet we were on.  It feels as if these later years rob us of so much.  We are trapped by the rules, trapped by selfish people who use us and destroy us."

Her glowing hands brightened the flowers for a moment, but the gloom of Mirial's winter cast a gray shadow into the room.

"Ablok keeps me in this room of wealth and color, but all this glitter hides the decay, the death that wrinkles hearts and souls.  I am so weary without you...."

Ahsoka held back a reaction as her eyes watered as she felt the words.  She could almost hear the despair, their connection was so strong, and she could feel Hope slipping away in Barriss' heart as the time for the wedding came at them like a tidal wave of inevitability.

"I won't let it end like this!" Ahsoka kicked open the cell door and ran out stealthily.  This wedding was about to be hijacked by the fury of a woman scorned by the powers that be.

Barriss was led away to a waiting room next to the grand chapel in the palace.  Ablok waited at the Imperial alter, shiny on the outside, but with a blackened heart that was full more of pride than actual love.  He needed to win, and in order to do that, he needed Barriss to find her place in the Imperial darkness with him.  His life was not of hope, but of adversity.  Barriss was made to wear a wedding dress of elegance.  Gold and silk, but its wealth was made of emptiness without love.

Barriss looked in the mirror as she was finally fitted.  The servants and syncophants called her beautiful, that she would make a proper bride to the Grand Moff and his agenda.  She felt her light dimming with each compliment.  What beauty is there in an Imperial age?  Barriss' heart belonged to Democracy and the Republic.  It belonged to Ahsoka.

The snow fell lightly around the palace, and Grand Moff Ablok considered it excellent weather for the wedding and a tour of the capital in his sled, pulled by a half dozen elegant Mirialan steeds.

Ablok entered the Chapel.   It was a huge, cyclopian structure built in a more epic age, christened great by ancient Mirialan heroes whose sagas would add one more today to their legends.  Indeed, today would become the stuff of Legends for those who cherished such things.  Ablok, oblivious, was greeted at the altar by Mercenary Captain Fin and the ever gracious Imperial representative Baron Papanoida.  They looked ever like an Unholy trinity of a decayed religion, ready to defile the galaxy's perspectives on decency and moral capacities.  The False Prophet, the Heir Apparent, and the Adverse Spirit.  They invoked dread among the people who had once looked to them for stability.  And they would use Barriss to control the people.  After all, if a Jedi could be made to look like a supporter of the new regime and its agenda, the people would be controlled, and forced to accept Ablok's rule.  And accepting Ablok's perspective made it easier for Captain Fin to continue his fight against the rebels, and Papanoida's control of propaganda.  And Vader's relentless control of the law, and the Emperor's rule over the galaxy.

The palace had once been the home of the Mirialan ruling elite, but had since been usurped by Imperial occupational forces.  Ablok, who had once been a simple Mandolorian mercenary making his way through the galaxy, sided with the Dark faction of Palpatine's regime.  In the good graces of Imperial toadies, he rose through the ranks during the fall of the Republic.  Captain Fin secured his place, and Papanoida rewarded his loyalty to Imperial canon and Dogma.

By accepting the new regime and its thinking, Ablok Seveten became one with the Empire's new thinking, it's new narrative.  And he would force the people of Mirial to accept it.  The Winter Wedding of Seveten and Offee would cement that narrative forever.

"The Emperor is confident you can tame this wild Jedi" Papanoida smiled "He has foreseen your happy future.  He has foreseen your victory over the old remnants of the Republic and its Jedi."

Captain Fin nodded "The people will only see what we intend.  Our control is complete.  This wedding will usher a new age of prosperity for the Grand Moff and his bride!"

Ablok stared out at the people ahead of them "After a long journey, my dreams will be fulfilled.  Barriss will be a part of my rule of the sector, and the people will accept my wisdom and judgement.  Even Ahsoka Tano cannot stop my destiny!  Behold, all my followers in the chapel.  I find it very good."

Ablok and Fin stayed by the altar, and stood as an affirmation of the Empire's will.  The altar itself, maybe once was a part of religious joy in Mirialan culture, but it had been so defiled by the new Imperial paradigm that its value was only cherished in the hearts of the oppressed.  The people had regarded the altar as an expansion of themselves, an expansion of their place in the Universe.  Ablok's wedding would tear that old expanded universe apart with his blasphemy.

The crowd grew silent as Barriss was brought to the Chapel entrance under heavy guard.  Baron Papanoida walked to her, ready to give her away to Ablok, like a twisted father figure.

"Is the mighty Papanoida afraid of one Jedi?" Barriss whispered her contempt as the entire chapel crowd saw them side by side, surrounded by guards.  Indeed, all of Mirial was to witness the event, and then the galaxy.

Papanoida smiled "we cannot be too careful with your Jedi sorcery.  The guards are of strong mind, and I am certainly not without defense.  Guards, tell the Grand Deacon we are ready."

The Grand Deacon walked by in his regal robes, covered by a holy mask and hat.  The figure stopped, oddly, by Barriss and fumbled a blessing.  Barriss felt awkward at the moment and looked down as he handed something to her discreetly.  Her eyes calculated something that Papanoida and the guards did not see.  A message.  The Deacon walked up to the Altar as the crowd watched the ceremony with malaise.

"Come," The Baron smiled "Your Grand Moff awaits!"

Barriss looked at him sternly as she held out her hand.  Papanoida would take the tradition of a fatherly role, to give away the bride to loyal stooge, the Grand Moff.  But her spirit branded a new fire.

"Ahsoka is coming to rescue me." she whispered.

"Charming to the last" he took her hand and they walked to the altar.

Before this moment, before the Deacon passed to her a message in secrecy, Barriss had believed this walk would be to an execution....but now she could feel the fire inside, and felt a wedding of greater consequence was about to happen.....

The walk was slow, and Barriss' heart suddenly beat in a panic.  The Chapel was silent with only the sound of her shoes and the Baron's boots on red carpet.  She could feel Ahsoka's presence!  Her rescue had to be imminent!  But where was Tano?  Her eyes darted, but saw only Seveten's fanatics and many Mirialans resigned to the dreaded expectation that she would become part of this new Empire over her people.  Papanoida made sure she did not hesitate.

"Remember, we have Ahsoka!  Now move it!  The world is watching!" he spoke through a gritted smile and a tightened grip.

Barriss began to wonder if her senses were deceived.  She looked up at the lecherous Grand Moff Seveten, who could not wait to fulfill his twisted, heated "Ablarriss" fantasies.  Captain Fin just smirked, convinced of his own greatness in helping to make this possible.

Something else caught her eye.  The Deacon.  She suddenly realized that even though he wore a mask and a large, comically papal hat, his hands were exposed, and nobody noticed that he was not Mirialan!

"It is time, my love!" Ablok grinned, basking in the glow of his self proclaimed expertise in the matter of Barriss Offee.  He truly now felt they would be destined as one entity in darkness.

"You will regret that our paths have crossed, Seveten!" Barriss almost smiled as she felt the presence of love grow greater as she stared him down.  She gave a struggle, and would not go gently into that good night but Papanoida held her firmly.  "Ahsoka will save me....."

"The stories of Barriss and Ahsoka will die by my wedded hand today!" Ablok curled his fist "The legend will be killed, and you will accept a fate that is written in stone by the greater powers!!"

"STOP!  I declare this wedding null and void!!" a young woman's voice rang an echo throughout the cavernous chapel.

Barriss' heart melted with fire of dreams made reality!  Ahsoka Tano burst through the Chapel's troll sized doors.  She dispatched the guards in a tornado of action, subduing them in humiliation rather than serious injury or death.

Ablok simply rolled his eyes.  "Captain Fin, will you please erase her from this place!?  It is time we write the last page of this!"

Fin jumped down and walked fast to Ahsoka, who walked fast to him.  He pulled out a massive sword that could cut her in two, but Ahsoka was not intimidated.  She had nothing to lose.

"GOODBYE, HEAD!!!" he prepared to charge and decapitate her!

"HELLO, BALLS!"  she swiftly kicked him as he was winding up the swing.  Fin went down, and the fight was over in record time.  Ablok almost face palmed, while Papanoida barked for the guards.

Ablok grabbed Barriss by the hair and yanked her to him hard "No one shall take you!!  Watch your lesbian lover die!" he raised his gun to execute the Togrutan with extreme prejudice

The Deacon behind him whistled for his attention.  Ablok, in his annoyance, turned to shush the holy man.  He was met with a forceful knuckle sandwich to the face.  Ablok crumpled to the ground

Conradin Hadranus winced in pain as he took off the mask, wringing his sore hand "It was a boring ceremony anyway.  AHSOKA, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE COMPANY!!" he shouted that they needed to make a fast getaway.

"Conrad!?" Barriss' heart jumped as she saw her friend reveal himself  "Aren't you a little short for a Deacon?"

Conradin blinked in surprise "Very funny!"

Papanoida raged his face with a disgruntled expression at this turn of events.  He also tried to pull out a gun.  Barriss no longer held back, and punched him in the face, knocking him clean out.

Barriss ripped off most of the gaudy dress and jumped away from the altar.  With haste, she and Ahsoka ran towards each other.


"Barriss, I'm here!!!  I'M HERE!!"

They embraced, and the stars aligned a greater omen for the people of Mirial.  Though the Empire would not lose control of the sector over a silly little wedding, two hearts defeated Darkness this day, and the people felt their hope.  It was a small hope, a small light but one that would not die in the night.  they were clasped together as Barriss wanted to tremble words out to her knight.  Ahsoka almost stuttered the same, but took her hand.

"There's a sled waiting!" Ahsoka smiled.  Barriss and Ahsoka saw the entrance swarmed by Storm Troopers, but they just smiled "Want to go for a ride?"

"You'll need these!" Conradin handed them light sabers, and Ahsoka realized he must have been the guard who freed her.  She had no doubt in her mind that Conradin went through a harrowing tale of adventure to get to Mirial to save Both of them.  How he made it to Mirial and was able to free them and disguise himself was a tale for another time.

Suffice to say, Conradin Hadranus was now here, and he made sure the Legends of Barrissoka would live to see another day.

"SHOOT THEM!!!" Ablok whined.  His dreams of a new Seveten inspired canon were thwarted.  Again.

They ran towards the door, deflecting blaster shots of dozens of Storm troopers.  The danger was now exciting, and as they pushed past Seveten's toadies, the cheers of the Mirialan people rose to flood the chamber.  Soon, the people also joined in the struggle.  The wedding had become a brawl for freedom.

Conradin, still wearing the robe and silly hat, helped deflect shots as they ran to the door.  Ahsoka grinned in the middle of a mass melee of Storm troopers.  She fought by Barriss' side, swinging their blades in righteous fashion as the Empire's legion tried to fight back.  Ahsoka punched a trooper and looked at her love.

"Barriss....will you marry me again?"

Barriss was pleasantly surprised but also shocked "I don't think now is the best time!" she also punched a trooper.

"Now maybe the only time!" Ahsoka kicked another away "I love you!  I've made my choice, how about you!?"

Barriss looked at Ahsoka, then turned to Conradin.  "HADRANUS!!  MARRY US!!"

Conradin, who was slicing down a couple Imperial troops, looked at her, bewildered "I'M A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT!!" He fought off a couple more soldiers of bad aim.

"Conradin!" Ahsoka called out.  It was not a matter of getting married, since Barriss and Ahsoka had married in secret so long ago.  This moment was a defining one in public, and they resolved to renew their vows officially for all the people to see.

Conradin was not a true priest, but seeing that Ablok's wedding was a sham in the eyes of the people, his officiating would not discourage their acceptance of seeing true love victorious on the battlefield.  He kicked back another storm trooper and shrugged.

"Fine!" he yelled, and straightened up his funny hat as the battle raged around him "Okay, the short version!  Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the beautiful union of two hearts that live eternally for each other.  Witness, all ye of Mirial, as Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano vow to be true to each other now and forever!  May their light shine, and never be dimmed by the tyranny of others!  Now go on! KISS!!"

Barriss and Ahsoka waved off several guards with the force and kissed a legends' kiss.  The Force trembled, Church bells rang, the people cheered the true marriage, and blasters fired off almost distantly like fireworks as the eternal kiss of Barrissoka's light exploded against the darkness.  It was a kiss of such fierce love that the heavens themselves blessed it to never die.

"YEEEEHAW!!!" Conradin burst out of the Chapel and took command of the reigns of the sled, knocking away the guards.  With one rap of the leather reigns, he fired up the steeds to pull the sled.  The crowd cheered as Barriss and Ahsoka ran out of the palace, hand in hand.  True love could be seen in their eyes and their smiles.  The coldness of the Empire and its control could never end their love.  Renewed of their vows, now pronounced once again in holy matrimony,  Barriss and Ahsoka landed themselves into the sled, driven by Conradin to tour the soft snowy scenes of the countryside.

It was a Winter Wedding, the rebirth of love as they rode off into new adventures together.  How they would escape the clutches of the Empire on Mirial would be a harrowing tale for another time.

Thus far, with rough and all-unable pen,
Our bending author hath pursu'd the story,

In little room confining mighty men,

Good intentions starts Barrissoka's glory.

Which oft our stage hath shown; and, for their sake,
In your fair minds let this acceptance take.
Barrissoka: Winter Wedding
I started out this story for :iconcrimsonight:'s Barrissoka winter art jam.  The nature of the story changed several times until it became an allegory for Barrissoka fans who keep hope alive for Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano.  It should be a message for anyone with a favorite OTP, especially Clone War pairs.  Always keep hope alive, and always love your OTP no matter the obstacles.  Fans keep the love alive.

Barriss and Ahsoka have been captured by their old nemesis, Ablok Seveten.  Ablok has now become Grand Moff over Mirial, and intends to marry Barriss and fulfill his twisted obsession to control Barriss.

But is this the end of true love?  Can Ahsoka save Barriss from a fate worse than death?

I admit, this is a very silly story, and very mushy with lots of dramatic silliness and cheesy romance.  So very cheesy and blatant and heavy handed.  But I enjoyed writing it.

The ending fight scene was inspired by the marriage/Fight in "Pirates of the Carribean: World's End", and there's a little "Henry V" epilogue thrown in for good measure.

The music video is my favorite scene from "Kill Bill Vol 2".  The music, "L'arena" by Morricone was rather appropriate.  Barriss, the bride, faces a dark fate just like the Bride from kill bill, and her resurrection was similar to the video from a certain point of view.  

A very silly story, but I invite you to read and enjoy :):) 
Merc/Aayla:  The Beast Must DIE!!

He was the Mercenary with no name.  At least, no one ever knew his real name.  Except for one man.  The man who invited him to a mysterious dinner.  The Mercenary with no name was a Bounty Hunter from Mandolore, a simple man making his way through the galaxy.  He never stayed long when he appeared, and hardly spoke.  He was fast and deadly, however.  He was focused when he was on the job.

Maximillian Skarro was wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice.  He owned a whole planet dedicated to big game hunting.  And he hunted almost any and every animal in the known galaxy on this world.  Skarro had arranged a most unusual and interesting event, inviting the nameless Merc to a grand dinner.  The Merc's shuttle zoomed past the golden moon that orbited Planet Fomor, the exotic forest world where Skarro lived as a  recluse.

How he found the Merc and enticed him would remain a mystery shrouded in legend.  The Mercenary was cautious, safeguarding his ship and prepping himself physically and mentally for this encounter.  Because he made it a rule to never trust anyone especially the people hiring him.

The Merc had been double crossed only a couple times early in his career.  He was a fast learner, and if he walked away from a Bounty with anything, it was with the knowledge that everyone was ready to stab you in the back.  He made his reputation with enough ruthlessness that only serious clients hired him.  Give him the target, pay him when he succeeds.  It was as simple as that.

What made this occasion doubly suspicious was that no one ever invited him to a party.  No one socialized with the nameless hunter.  But the invitation came, a journey to adventure on planet Fomor.  He landed his ship on an elegant landing pad near a vast estate.  The Mansion was impeccable, very Byzantine in its design.  Droid servants showed him every courtesy, and escorted him to his suite to prepare for the meal.  The Estate was surrounded by a high tech fence for protection from the natural Fomor wildlife.  The Merc soon became familiar with the other guests of Skarro's dinner party as he entered the dining area in the early evening.

There was Miko Zee, a Rodian adventurer who has explored many archeological sites on many planets.  She has found many treasures and relics that have been put on display in many galactic museums.

The Merc smiled as he grabbed a drink off one of the trays carried by droid servants and nodded to Zot Sinen, and popular pilot who has worked with many experimental aircraft, earning accolades with many cultures for his daring feats as a flyer.

Aayla Secura of the Jedi sat down with a modest plate of small snacks, also observing the guests.  Such a Jedi of reknown held the Merc's eye for more than a few seconds.  She was polite but did not talk much.

Baron Aldo Napes was a Zabrak pirate hunter, securing the system of Troxar for his family from a variety of bandits and Black Sun goons.  He has such a huge bounty on his head, he rarely ever leaves his mansion.  Coming here must have intrigued him greatly.

"Come along, Beba-1" The older man sipped his drink.

"Yes sir!" Beeped the little droid

General Garuda tipped his hat to the Merc, but also lazily paid a lot of attention to his strong drink.  He wore a flamboyant hat and thick coat, with a moustache that covered his ever probing eyes that observed the party.  The General had a droid companion, Beba-1.  He was more of a Philosopher warrior than a fighter directly involved in any conflict.  Rumour had it he opted to stay out of the Clone War because he felt washed up, old.  Old was certainly a dirty word, but his reputation was solid.  If he were to rejoin the Republic, the Merc had no doubt he would be formidable.  His droid was, much to the Merc's dismay, cute.  Just a short manservant that followed Garuda, tending to the old, bushy-moustached man's needs.

Finally, there was an Ugnaught.  A wealthy but grumpy ugnaught named Aurelian Bach.  He was rather pompous and sneered a lot.  He was very refined for an Ugnaught, wearing a blue tunic with silver lining.  Bach drank down his wine as he watched the others.  Despite his refinement when speaking, he ate the finger sized snack foods like a complete animal.

The Jedi took a drink from the droid and approached the Merc.  "You're a long way from home, Mandolorian."  She was polite, and said the comment more out of curiosity than anything.

The Merc raised his glass to her and gave a small shrug.  "So are you, Jedi.  One would think you were off fighting the Separatists, rather than enjoying some mysterious dinner party in the middle of nowhere" He smiled a little.

Aayla smiled back, also shrugging.  "This host, Skarro, he contacted the Jedi council, claiming some important agenda that would help them in the war effort.  It was odd that he suggested my presence.  The Jedi Council suspected a trap at worst, but we reasoned this was worth the risk."

"It is, INDEED, worth the risk Jedi Knight!" A man from the shadows finally interrupted what little small talk there was.  It was Maximillian Skarro.  He sat at the head of the grand dinner table, where the finest food was now being served by very shiny droids.  "Come, let us celebrate life....."

The other guests, having wondered about the bizarre invite, sat with their host.  Skarro was dressed in fine clothing of an extremely wealthy man, and had provided equally fine clothes for most of the guests.  Aayla had refrained from such luxuries, preferring her modest robe and tunic.  The Merc, who still had never given anyone a name, also preferred to remain professional in his armor.  Though he had taken time in his guest suite to freshen up for the evening's dinner, his armor sill looked rugged.  His very image was enough to suggest that he was not a man to be trifled upon.  Though he looked intimidating in that regard, he held a smile and was rather relaxed in the presence of the others.

Dinner was splendid, and each guest was catered to for any specific dishes.  There was classic music from a variety of cultures that played through the dinner.  Rare pieces that Maximillian collected in his many travels.  The Merc was impressed to even hear some Clan battle hymns played by a chorus.

"The singers are from Coruscant" Maximillian smiled as he noticed the merc stop to listen.  "Yes, that is a song from Clan Skirata.  I acquired the music through great personal; risk in a duel, then I made recordings with a chorus group from the capital.  I have songs from many of the clans."

"A good song cannot be fully appreciated unless it is sung by original Mandolorian voices, because when we sing we mean it." The Merc countered politely.

Maximillian nodded politely, but his expression turned slightly sour, as he prepared to address his guests on the true purpose of the dinner invitation.  "Ladies and gentlemen, you no doubt are wondering why you have all been invited here tonight.  It is with a heavy heart I have given you this lavish banquet, for my motives are steeped in tragedy.  Tonite, one of you....will die."

Everyone stared at him, and by the tone in his voice and the deadly gaze of his eyes, it was no joke.  Maximillian Skarro intended to kill before the dawn of a new day on Fomor.

"My wife, Esper Skarro, was a beautiful light in my life, and my passion, my muse.  She lit up my soul in ways that no item of wealth could, and no amount of money could replace....." Max paced slowly about the room, staring at each person.  "During the Festival of Xur, she was killed by a horrible beast...."

Everyone starts to get uncomfortable at the mention of the "Festival of Xur", as if they were familiar with the event.

" I see clarity in your eyes.  Now you understand my purpose for inviting you all here.  All of you were at the festival, all within proximity of the murder....."

"I know what you are getting at, and I find it ridiculous!" Miko stood up in shock.  The others sat in apprehension.

"ONE OF YOU IS NOT WHO THEY SEEM TO BE!!" Maximillian exclaimed "One of you killed my wife!!  I will discover who the Monster is, and I will exact my justice!"

"Look out, sir!" Beba-1 panicked, standing in front of his tall Master.

"Stay calm, Beba" Garuda waved his hand calmly "Everything's okay.  I think our host has overstepped the bounds of decency!"

Aayla stood up and started to walk away "This dinner is over, and I am leaving!"  The Merc stood up and started walking too.  He was not one to play games with eccentric killers.  These shinanigans were going to end.

Maximillian held up a remote and pressed a button.  The estate shook with an explosion that alarmed everyone with its closeness.  "Your ships have all been destroyed! NO ONE is leaving!" Skarro was deadly serious.

"Okay....whatever." The Merc sighed.  Tonight had become exceedingly complicated.  He had to surrender to the reality of being trapped on a dangerous world by Skarro.

Zot Sinen approached the wealthy madman with his salad fork, though any notion of comedy at seeing this was lost.  "You're crazy!  I didn't even KNOW your wife!  I would have no reason to kill her!"

"He's right!" Auelian Bach grunted "You have no right to detain us!  Maybe we all were at the festival, but we have never met, we have no motive for the death of your wife.  Tragic, though it is, we have no connection to this crime!"

Skarro smiled, a little unhinged "One of you is a creature, a cold blooded predator!  A beast that transforms, and hunts its prey.  A Rakghoul!  My wife was killed by the Beast who transforms, killed that very night!  I have researched and reviewed every last piece of evidence, and the beast can only of you...."

"Lord Skarro!" Aayla grimaced as she faced him without batting an eye "I sympathize for your loss.  I would even help you to seek justice, but you cannot imprison us against our will!  I was there at the festival on business of meeting with allies in the war against the Separatists.  I do not know your wife, and I have never killed a civilian.  I am a Jedi.  I do not....transform....This course of action is illogical!"

"I have heard of Rakghouls!" Garuda exclaimed "True, they were once living beings transformed into monsters, but....we are not Rakghouls!  This is madness!"

Aurelian snouted his concurred agreement with the old General "Yes!  You must let go of this obsession!  The Rakghoul that killed your wife cannot possibly be here...."

The others voiced their rapidly united concern, and demanded to be released from this perverted sense of justice.

The Merc stayed quiet and listened, but his hands hovered near his weapons, ready in a blink for a massacre, even to duel with the angelic blue Jedi if needed.

Maximillian's zeal did not diminish.  "The rakghoul is here, and is capable of disuising itself in its previous form.  It is an intelligent and evolved creature.  I delight in this, for I not only seek revenge, but the thrill of the hunt!"

The lights went.  The panic and surprise was short lived.  Aayla turned on her light saber to be a light source.  Maximillin Skarro was gone.  Vanished.  But his voice was heard.  "When I have found the Rakghoul beast, I will hunt it down!  Then you will all be free to leave.  I will signal a transport that is waiting on the darkside of the moon to take you home.  But, for now....I will find the killer!"

"You don't frighten me, Skarro!" The Merc snipped with contempt.  "I'll find YOU, and feed your fingers to you when I'm finished.  You have a satellite with a signal to communicate with that shuttle.  I will find it, set up a com link, and we will leave in under an hour!"

Skarro laughed "I have not underestimated you, Mandolorian!  I am actually anticipating you will bring a little excitement to this hunt!  You are right, though.  There IS a satellite to contact the shuttle.....but it is 5 kliks west of the manor, in the deep forest.  I must warn you, though, the woods of this planet are occupied by some of the most vicious animals alive.  I have personally bred several species and had them transported here for my hunting pleasure.  It may not take long to find the Rakghoul, since the beast will transform under the rays of the moon.  The full moon will appear in about an hour, and its glow will cause the Rakghoul to revert to its new form.  Its hunger will be voracious, and its bite.....lethal if your lucky.  The unlucky ones....well....they will become Rakghouls.....and I will hunt them as well!"

The guests looked at each other with trepidation, and paranoia could be seen in their eyes.

"This is murder, skarro!" Aayla pleaded with the eccentric millionaire to see reason "Maybe one of us IS a rakghoul, but the others are innocent!  Or maybe you just love hunting people for your perverse pleasure.  Skarro....if it is a hunt you want, then hunt me.  Let the others go.....I will meet your challenge and it will be between just you and me."

The Merc turned to her "You don't have to play his game!"

Skarro chuckled as she stood defiantly.  "The noble, so selfless....that you would sacrifice your life for others.  A pity I would ever scar such an angel face-"

"-Do not flatter me, Lord Skarro.  I am not a waif for compliments.  I am a Jedi Knight, and I would advise you not to underestimate me!" Aayla stood firm.

There was a pause.  Skarro's voice was less pleasant.  "So be it....Jedi."

"What do we do now!?" Miko asked frantically.  The others looked at Aayla and the Merc.  Both had taken the forefront with their assertive presence.

Aldo Napes looked out a window "I suggest we all make our way through the forest, get to the satellite, and call down the shuttle.  Skarro is one man, we are more than capable."

"Don't ever underestimate the opponent" General Garuda took another gentle drink, savoring his alien brandy in case it would be his last.

"Well, what ARE WE GOING TO DO!?  I don't want to die here!" Zot began to lose his cool, but was quickly reigned in by Garuda and Miko Zee.

"Everyone stay calm!" The Merc ordered "We are going to walk out of here, go to the satellite relay and call down the shuttle for evac.  We are getting off this planet!"  The guests followed Aayla and the Merc, who methodically went from room to room with his pistols drawn, while Aayla had her light saber up and ready.

The tension was thick, though there was no sign of Skarro the Hunter.  "He's watching us" The Merc whispered to Aayla "But if you and I keep our senses perked up, he cannot surprise us."

"Agreed" she nodded.  She used her senses and her trust in the Force, while the Merc had his acute ears and helmet sensors sweep the area.

They quietly went down the stairs, leading the group.  The others stayed silent, but were visibly shaken.  Two droid servants popped up to confront them.  The Merc and Aayla blasted them away in a controlled, trained reaction.

"A bit extreme, eh?" Miko gasped.

"Quiet!  We are all being hunted by a deranged lunatic.  Trust nothing!  AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!"  The Merc stressed.

Zot began to panic "I shouldn't even be here!  What are we doing?  Why don't some of us just stay here!  I'M NOT A RAKGHOUL!"

"Shut up!" The merc became exasperated.

"Stay frosty, Mr Sinen!  You need to shut your mouth!" Aldo tried to also calm him down.

"But I'm not a rakghoul!  If we just wait, the real rakghoul will appear and we can kill him and go home!"

"Shut up!" Aayla became exasperated as she saw more droids approaching.  She sliced through them instinctively as the Merc ushered everyone to the front door.  Garuda and Beba-1 were the last to exit the mansion.  The group was now out in the garden of the luxurious estate.  The gate was straight ahead.  As they moved, a laser shot bounced into the ground next to them.  They looked up in dismay.  Skarro was aiming a sniper rifle at them, laughing.  It was a free shot.  He missed on purpose.

"That maniac!" Aurelian sqealed "I can't believe I am playing this stupid game!" the Ugnaught cursed angrily.

"HE'S GOING TO KILL US!!" Zot Began to lose all rationality and broke out into a run.  He burst through the front gate, but Skarro was good.  With patience and shallow breathing, the Hunter quickly took aim and winged the pilot.  Zot was shot in the arm.

"Are you okay, Zot!" The Merc tried to reach out to him, ready to bandage the wound "Let me-"

Wounded and completely out of his mind, Zot started weezing and screaming in total madness as he ran into the thickness of the forest ahead of the group.

"Okay....whatever..." The Merc watched the terrified man run off.  He was not uncaring as he was simply resigned to the fact that Zot could no longer be helped in his current state.

"Zot!  COME BACK!"  Aayla called out.  But she did not go after him.

"Isn't anyone going to go after Zot!?" Miko started to panic.  Everyone looked at the Rodian with remorse except the Merc.

"We stick together." The Merc replied with grim determination.  The group moved fast.  The Merc had turned to face Skarro with his pistols, but Maximillian Skarro had gone.  His laugh could be heard in the night as the full moon was ready to present itself in the night sky.

"We'll never make it!"  Garuda mumbled as they walked fast past the gate and into the darkness "We still have a very important issue to resolve...."

Aayla looked at Garuda and nodded, understanding.  They could not slow down for discussions, but the notion of a Rakghoul had to be addressed.  She turned to the Merc "He's right, you know" she whispered.

"Skarro could be bluffing." He replied, looking straight ahead.

Their thoughts were interrupted by animal noises and a scream.  "That sounded like Zot!"  Aldo clutched his weapon close.  He was grateful that Skarro had allowed them to keep their weapons, but for a brief second wondered why the Hunter would allow such an advantage.

The group moved fast as they heard what was left of Zot Sinen being torn apart by hungry things in the night.

Miko stayed close to Aayla "You can get us out of here, right!?"  The Merc wanted to staple her mouth shut, but Aayla was the more gentle with her response.

"I will not let any of you come to harm, but you must be quiet."  But it was hard, even for rugged men like Garuda and Aldo, to not be unnerved by Zot's distant screams of agony as he was torn apart.  Aldo in particular started to lose any machismo he may have bragged about as a hunter from his Troxxan home world.  The Merc steeled himself with each scream.  He was experienced, had been in some fights, even a few battles connected to the war.  But there was a difference between the glory of Honorable combat and the unending suffering of another being that was lost and dying.

A shot rang out.  Skarro was now somewhere in the deep forest, tracking them.  His shot had killed the beast attacking Zot Sinen.  A second shot ended Zot's pain in the far away darkness.

"It seems Zot Sinen is innocent after all.  But one of you will be revealed soon!" Maximillian shouted.  Aurelian grunted in anger, Aldo nervously eyed everyone in the group.  Garuda, strangely, looked as if he didn't care

"You're taking this rather well, General!" Aldo reeked of a moment's contempt.

"Death and I are old friends." The General shrugged as Beba-1 hobbled to keep up with the others.

They moved through the woods, the Merc darting his sight ahead and behind them.  Aurelian growled.  He was getting hungry and irritable.  The Merc noticed Miko was becoming extremely fatigued from the stress.  Aldo was doing his best under pressure, but was used to being a hunter, not the hunted

More sniper shots harassed them as they continued deeper into the wooded path, and the Merc had to make a decision.  "Jedi" He whispered "Take the others, go straight that way.  If Skarro was telling us the truth, the satellite should be just a couple kliks ahead.  Keep going..."

She looked at him with concern, but he waved it off "No, I'm not playing the hero, and I'm certain I am not the Rakghoul.  But I need to distract him before anyone else gets killed!  I will track him down and neutralize thatbastard!  I will return as soon as I can...."

The Merc jumped into the foilage before she could respond.

"Where is he going!?" Aldo freaked out. "He should stay here and protect us!!"

"Keep going, we must get to the satellite comlink." She reasoned

"What if he intends to use us as bait!?" Miko started to get more jittery.

"I need to eat something....I feel weak" Aurelian was becoming irrational in his panic

Garuda and Beba got next to Aayla and pointed a gun at the group "Calm down!  The Mandolorian knows what he is doing!  You want to make it out alive?  Then shut up and follow the Jedi!"

For a moment, Aayla had her hand on her saber, ready to strike down Garuda, but he put his gun down.  It was a moment of uncertainty, but they realized Garuda was showing a little assertive command.  He looked to Aayla, showing support.  She nodded silently to him, and the group kept moving.

Aurelian started to grunt and sweat, making gurgling noises as they got closer, rustling through the trees.

"Quiet, Aurelian!  We're nearly there!" Aayla squinted, and tried to look for the Merc, but could not sense him at the moment.

The sniper fired off two more shots that came close to killing Aldo and Aurelian.

The Ugnaught started to grunt and howl, bubbling obnoxious noises that would scare even the most rude Ugnaught.  Everyone noticed Aurelian somehow getting taller and bulkier as the bright moon shined overhead.

"Well, I guess there's no need to hide anymore!" Aurelian grunted as he smiled bigger teeth. "Feeding on cooked meat usually helps me control my urges, but I'm afraid I'll have to break my diet tonite!"  Aurelian nearly fully transformed as the group watched in horror.  He tried to jump at Garudan, but faithful Beba-1 stepped in the middle.  Aurelian's strength had increased exponentially as he finished transforming, and tore the droid in half.

"Uh-oh!" Beba-1 bleeped and sputtered.

"BEBA!!" Garuda yelled with despair, and fired at the beast Aurelian.  The Rakghoul jumped into the brush to escape the blaster fire that trailed him.

"Great!  No we have TWO creatures hunting us!" Miko panicked.

Garuda knelt down and held his loyal droid servant's upper half.  The short humanoid shaped droid was not in pain, and in fact simply acknowledged his power was shutting.  But for Garuda, it was the death of a long time friend that shook him.

"Master must go.  Master must get to the shuttle." Beba-1 was urgent but logical.

"Aw, Beba....." the old man had seen so much death in his time, and despite the living soldiers who perished under the command he only remembered dimly from long past, retired General Garuda mournfully wished he could give of himself to save loyal Beba-1.

"Master must go...." Beba implored in a rather dull tone.

Aldo was angry with the affection "Would you get up!  It's just a machine!  Useless old man!"

Aayla waited, not rushing the General.  She felt his remorse, but her patience was calculated.  They were close to the relay, and had to keep moving now that the rakghoul revealed itself.

Skarro yelled in the distance.  Aayla could hear some laser blasts, but they were not sniper rifle shots.  The Merc was hunting the hunter.  She also heard the Rakghoul grunts as they echoed through the forest, and she felt alarm within the Force.


Deep in the forest, as the night became silent, they could almost hear the Merc give a little swear word.

The Merc had doubled back to catch Maximillian's trail into the woods.  Skarro was a master hunter, and traces of his movements were very hard to find in the darkness.  But the Merc had the bright, full moon, and his own instincts.  He caught up with Skarro about the same time as Aurelian started to change.  Skarro and the Merc dueled in and out of the trees, engaged in a vicious running gun battle.  The Merc hid in the trees, but Skarro would counter his moves as they slowly circled each other and kept firing their weapons at each other.

The Merc even fired a missile at the crazed hunter, but Skarro was fast.  "I KNEW YOPU WOULD BE A CHALLENGE, MANDOLORIAN!!" he shouted "I knew it!"  Skarro crept around for a few seconds, then fired a calculated shot, wounding the Merc, causing him to run for cover.  Skarro chased him and seemed to have him cornered.  But the incoming beast started stalking them both.

"It's here!" Skarro whispered, and held his gun steady.

"We've got to get to safety!" The Merc shook his head at the eccentric hunter "We're too exposed!"

"Evacuate??  In my moment of triumph??" Skarro snorted "I think you overestimate the Rakghoul's chances!"

They could hear the beast howl from within the brush, and then heard it lumber towards them in a charge!  Skarro stood in its path and aimed his rifle.  He hit the Rakghoul square in the chest, and stood still to aim with nerves of steel as the beast lunged at him.  Skarro pulled out a wicked blade "I'll see you in Hell, Aurelian!!"  The two of them tussled and wrestled.  They screamed primal music as death clouded their fight.  In moments, Aurelian Bach was dead.

The Merc stumbled for a second as he approached where the Rakghoul and the maniac fought in brutal hand to hand combat.  Maximillian Skarro wretched the lumbered body, which looked like a grotesquely large version of Aurelian Bach, off of him.  He was covered in blood.

"I got him..." Skarro actually started to shake as the adrenaline wore off "I finally got him!" he was almost dazed as he looked up at the bright moon and laughed.  His laugh was a chuckle, but it elevated with a hint of madness....and then the laugh became something more as the Merc observed that not all of the blood was Aurelian's.

Some of it was Skarro's blood, from a vicious bite wound.  "Tonite will be my greatest victory...." Skarro's hoarse voice was twisted in the night, with glowing eyes and teeth that seethed of animal origins.  Skarro raged and frothed with a smile as he stared at the Merc.

"No.  This is not happening." The merc simply stared at Skarro in disbelief and pulled out his pistols "You know, Max....if you're going to commit to revenge, be prepared to dig-"

Skarro was now transforming and rushing towards the suddenly unimpressed Mandolorian.  His face became a skewed, warped version of himself as the Rakghoul virus overwhelmed his weakened body.  The Merc didn't bother to finish his platitude.

"-Okay, whatever" the Merc stopped the Skarro beast dead cold in its tracks with a barrage of well aimed shots that burned through the bloodied torso of the beast.  Skarro fell dead before he could get withing striking distance.  The Merc looked over the mutated body of Maximillian Skarro, sighed, and made his way through the forest to find the others.

He found the tracks of the group, and soon birthed forth from the underbrush to see them in a clearing next to a large satellite relay station.  Aayla's smile betrayed her inner thoughts for a second, but she was very grateful to see the Merc alive, and none the worse for wear.

Miko was there, shaking in terror, but also grateful that the hunt was over.  Former General Garuda carried the lifeless parts of Beba-1, and opened a flask to take a drink in memory of his friend.  Aldo Napes was sporting a black eye, a gift from Garuda after listening to one too many rants about Beba being "Just a Droid".

Overhead, the engine sounds of the shuttle percolated the air with hope and escape.  I moments, it would touch down and give the weary survivors a refuge from this Nightmare world.

"Skarro?" Aayla asked.

The Merc pulled off his Mandolorian helmet and run his fingers through his hair "He lived his revenge the way he wanted."

"The shuttle is here.  It's time for us to go to our respective homes." Aayla ushered the others forward, but she lingered a bit with the Merc "You never told me your name.  I would have felt horrible if something had happened and....I could not meditate in your memory without your name...." she exposed a moment's vulnerability, but straightened up again.

The Merc shrugged and smiled "I'd settle for a hug over a meditation after that last encounter.  A name is just a name.  A hug....that lasts a lifetime." he strongly hinted.  The Merc was not pressing his luck with a tasteless gesture of disrespect.  He was merely grateful to be a live as much as they all were.

Aayla stifled a look to him "I don't give hugs.  The jedi remove themselves from such emotional actions."

"Oh"  The Merc sort of backed down "Fair enough."

In a surprise manuever, Aayla launched herself to him very quickly.  She hugged him solidly.  She allowed a fraction of a look into his eyes and planted a most grateful kiss upon him.  It was eternal, yet it happened so fast, the Merc questioned his reality and sanity, and wondered if what just happened ever happened at all.

"I thought you just said-" he stopped as she turned and broke a smile to him and then joined the others to board the shuttle.

"Okay, whatever." he smiled back and joined her.  The rare friendship was spoken with very few words as they left planet Fomor.  But in their eyes, a lifetime together.
Merc/Aayla: The Beast Must DIE!!
This project started out a long time ago when a friend wanted an Aayla Secura/ Merc story.

An eccentric hunter invites several guests to his mansion on the dangerous forest planet of Fomor.  The guests include a mysterious Mandolorian mercenary with no name, and Jedi Knight Aayla Secura.  Morbid details surface as the guests eat dinner and soon the night becomes a deadly game of revenge.  One of the guests is not who they seem to be.....but who is the BEAST!!??

It evolved in what I consider a huge challenge, and I do apologize for taking a long time with this story.  When I do pairings, I really try to come up with intriguing stories that will make the couple or pair shine.  I'm happy with this, though I suspect it is not quite what was expected.  Merc with a mouth usually refers to Deadpool, I think, and I was not entirely certain how to go about it.  The story became more of a horror drama than a comedy.

Part of the inspiration for this was listening to "Planet of the Apes" soundtrack, which has the right atmosphere for the story :):)

Also, a big part of the inspiration for this story is the 1974 Peter Cushing Werewolf film "The Beast Must Die" (an excellent title)…

A very cool murder mystery if you get a chance to watch it.  When it comes to my stories, I love going back and looking at great ideas that sort of fall into obscurity, and this is a gem.  My story pales in comparison to the film, but I tried to put the spirit of it here with Star Wars flavor :):)

Read and enjoy
My older brother is close to 50 years old, and he like anime, but lately he wasn't any anime he liked, and last week we finally stumbled on My Little Pony, and started watching on Netflix.  He's also watching Equestria now.

So I think we are now in the early stages of going Brony.  :)

Pinky Pie is adorable.
Some interesting things about Rebels.  A lot of it we know already, but there were some interesting trivia bits


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