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Trick by Crimsonight

I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

Always by Crimsonight

Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

Shadows Over Geonosis by Crimsonight

I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


The Finale for Season 1 is next week.  I am very much interested in seeing how it concludes.  Kanan and Ezra will have a reckoning with the Inquisitor, Hera/Kanan shippers might faint from exhaustion, and Fulcrum is expected to be fully revealed, with a great certainty it will be the return of Ahsoka Tano.  There's a lot being kept secret, and it looks to be a very intense episode.  Darth Vader is expected to appear as well.

I suspect there will be major things happening, but not sure what.  If Ahsoka reappears, I think it will be quite exciting.

Rebels is not for everybody, I know there are friends here with a variety of mixed feelings, but I thought I'd post my thoughts.  I also have Barriss offee on the brain and She may very well be appearing on the show in the near future.  If, perhaps, she appears in this finale or in Season 2, I will be a basket case.  If Ahsoka and Barriss together appear in an episode (Come what may) I think there will be quite a Fanquake, but that's just me.
Just some videos you might like.  :)

I like the older Doctors 1-8 just as much as the newer 9-12, but the older TV episodes are very cheesy and low budget, and a little bit more dry British than the 2005 continuation.  Still, there are good episodes all throughout the 50 year old show.

This first one was made before Matt Smith became the Doctor, but is a nice one.  It's called "Eleven Doctors" because Peter Cushing (Tarkin) played The Doctor in a couple movies from the 1960s, though he's not Officially part of the canon.

Here's one with all 11 TV Doctors, good music :):)

Along with my love of Star Wars and Star Trek (Among a number of Science Fantasy fandoms) I also have a long, deep love for Doctor Who.  I still remember the day I discovered Tom Baker's Doctor back in 1984 by pure accident on TV, and I was a devotee ever since.  That love has grown, especially when David Tennant became #10.  He is the Time Lord who never gives up, never gives in, and never needs to be thanked

I Commissioned a few pieces with Doctor #10 and Barriss Offee, two of my favorites in a platonic pairing.  I think their adventures would have been fantastic together:

Visiting other worlds through Time and Space

Welcome to Felucia! by lordhadrian

Fighting Evil, Saving worlds, galaxies and people from all manner of monsters, Demons, and villains

Duel of the Crossovers by lordhadrian

And I know #10 would never let her fall:

No One Gets Left Behind by lordhadrian

I can imagine he's had many adventures in Star Wars...

Page 18 by lordhadrian

I must confess, when no one is looking, I watch an old DW episode with #10, get my feels going  :):)

Here's a feel good moment for anyone interested :):)  If you've never watched the show, you might like him.  He's not perfect, but I've always thought he was amazing....


by Lordhadrian


Drake sat patiently in his command seat aboard the old modified Venator Cruiser. His ship, crewed by mercenaries and fellow survivors from Aldaraan, hovered over Tatooine.

Guards approached with a captive, the former senator of Pantora, Riyo Chuchi.

She did not flinch or look scared as he observed her.

"Senator Chuchi, you are a wanted criminal in the Empire. The reward for you, dead or alive, would buy me a planet!" Drake smirked.

"I am no Senator" She frowned defiantly "I hope you enjoy your new planet!" Her voice spoke with a pain that she has lived with for decades, the loss of the Republic.....the loss of many friends in the dark age of Empire.

Drake chuckled and waved off her fears "I am not interested in acquiring planets. I leave that to the politicians that you once flocked with."

"What do you want?" She asked bluntly.

"I am here to rescue Ahsoka from Fort Tusken, where you were nearly executed, had it not been for the timely arrival of my comrades.

Riyo was a little surprised at his statement. "Ahsoka is held in the deep dungeons of Fort Tusken. It would take an imperial army with a bombardment to get past the hordes of Sand people!" She gasped.

Drake stood up and walked to her "Fear not, Riyo Chuchi. I will personally go down there and save her from torment."

She furled her brow in concern "They say the Raiders worship their terrible God, Zargon, in the catacombs of Tusken Fortress. I've heard it

is a monstrous beast. Ahsoka....may very well be sacrificed to it...."

"I shall slay their God, then, and bring Ahsoka back. She holds the secret to Tusken Fort's greatest treasures...."

Drake smiled at her, and prepared to strike at the heart of the Raider hordes, in Fort Tusken.....

Drake launched his personal fighter and sped down to the planet surface. Fort Tusken was a very remote location in the deep desert, a place of such isolation that men have gone mad from the loneliness of it before succumbing to hunger and thirst.

Tusken Raiders, on the other hand, thrived there. It has become the capital of their wasteland, the grand temple of their barbaric ways.

He landed the ship in the shadow of a mountainous formation of rocks, disguising it to prevent the chance discovery by scavengers and Jawas.

He wasted no time using his stealth to ambush a patrol of two tusken, fitting himself with robes, a belt and gaffi stick.

Drake came in close in the darkness of the night. The soft sand was cold, but it kept his footsteps silent as he crept towards the walls of Tusken.

Silently, he avoided the moonlight as he made his way into the Fort, walking past campfires of raiders and making his way into the main compound of the Fort.

Tusken had many buildings within. Most were just ramshackle huts and small makeshift supply cabins with food, weapons, basic equipment, etc.

Drake masked himself further moving through two large pens holding Bantha.

The great beasts slept, and he soon found himself within running distance of the bunker in the center of the Keep. The bunker was a mini fortress of modern design in the center of the Fort that had stood for a thousand years.

There was no way of telling when the Bunker had been built, only that it was armed with patrols and modern security and a few gun batteries that were more for show than practical use among the Sand people.

"A ceremonial show of Force" Drake thought to himself. "If only these simple nomads could realize the power they controlled here."

But Drake counted himself lucky that his opponents were ignorant of their opportunities.

Several guards stood in front of the gated door of the bunker.

Bored half the night, they did not react fast enough when they heard Drake activate his light saber.

In a blur from the shadows, he jumped into the middle of the group and cut them all down.

Several guards witnessed the attack from parapets high up on the bunker. They tried to fire off shots at Drake from their primitive slug throwers, but he was fast.

With a violent wave of his hand, the door buckled under the pressure of the Force to open. Just enough room for Drake's minimal form to slink through.

By now, the alarm had been raised, and the camp was scrambling to engage an intruder they could not find.

Having slipped through the door to the bunker, Drake concentrated on the entrance. Gritting his teeth with intense thought, he clapped his hands together, and felt the darkness bind the metal doors together. Not just closing and locking the door, but smashing it together, twisting and morphing it to such an unrecognizable solid pulp. The raiders would have to spend all night, maybe all week to rupture their way through.

Taking a deep breath, he gathered his strength. He looked down the corridor that went into the depths, lowered into the ground.

The Bunker led to catacombs of a forgotten place beneath the desert. Though well lit, it was eerie.

Drake's thoughts were interrupted by the Tuskens outside, banging on the door with futility. The bunker was sacred to them, a temple to something great and horrible.

Drake hurried fast, for he could sense Ahsoka below, and his senses felt danger was imminent.

The underworld of the Tusken people was ancient, and decayed. A grand civilization had been here once. Thousands of years ago, now vanished from the face of Tatooine, save for this one small pocket within the last building of the proud dead.

It was a tomb filled with old art, lost books and architecture that has gone unappreciated by the current people who occupied it.

Drake stayed stealthy in the halls and rooms as he passed large groups of Tusken Sand People in various states of some sort of ceremony.

He used his disguise with ease. Many were too busy chanting or dancing a dead ritual, a ritual dedicated to the beast.

The Sand people chanted the beast's name over and over again: ZARGON.

It wasn't long before he found the great chamber deep withing the bunker, a vast chasm, with dozens of Tusken nomads worshiping and waiting.

He saw Ahsoka Tano, tied to a ceremonial pole, half awake, half subdued by an incense that floated in the air. Drake breathed carefully in his Tusken face mask.

With a little flair and discretion, he floated with his Dark Side powers over behind the sacrificial altar pole that Ahsoka was tied upon.

"Ahsoka! Can you hear me?" He whispered intensely.

Ahsoka looked up and around. The chamber was quiet except for the soft chanting.

"Drake!" She gasped "What are you doing here?"

"I'm on Holiday, visiting the sights. What does it LOOK like I'm doing? I'm here to rescue you!" Drake rolled his eyes at her, but Ahsoka remained suspicious.

"Why would you want to rescue me?  Aren't you just a mercenary or something?"

Drake started untying her, but shook his head and sighed. "I think there are better things you could be doing rather than be eaten by a God."

Ahsoka went silent for a second, soaking in his explanation. "Point taken. How do we get out of here?"

"All part of the plan that I'm making up as I go." Drake almost smiled.

"Great. Good to see you're on top of things!" Ahsoka started to become comfortable in her snark.

A monstrous roar erupted from behind them. Drake looked down a cavernous passage, trying to see the creature that made the noise.

"Must be Zargon." Drake grimaced, hurrying up with freeing Ahsoka.

The Tusken nomads spotted him and Ahsoka attempting to escape, and shouted curses in their guttural Sand language.

"We're surrounded! Raiders are everywhere" Ahsoka looked around them.

"Can you still use a light saber?" Drake asked.

"I can in THIS place!" Ahsoka confirmed quickly.

Drake tossed her a light saber. Some Tusken guards tried to attack them, but were pushed back by Ahsoka and Drake, both mirror opposites in their philosophies.

Drake used intimidation, lightning attacks and vicious assaults of his blade.

Ahsoka pushed them away with the Force, using her light saber as defensively as possible.

The Beast Zargon roared again, coming closer.

"I think things are about to get complicated." Drake frowned as the large beast's shadow was seen on the wall of the cavern.

"Ha! Complicated?" Ahsoka almost smiled "Just another Tuesday for me. Try to keep up!"

Ahsoka charged down the cavernous corridor to confront Zargon. Drake smiled and ran with her.

"I'm starting to like tyou a lot! I thought you would just be another boring Jedi, but you have a lot of spunk!"

She looked at him with a hint of mischief in her eye "You're quite different from what I expected as well. Not just another mad, angry warlord!"

Drake smirked, but both of them froze in their tracks as Zargon appeared before them in all his grotesque glory. A One eyed slimy beast with four large tentacles instead of arms and legs.

It looked down at them with all manner of blue and green juices slobbering from its mouth.

Ahsoka was in awe, but also disgust at the sight of the thing.

"THIS is the God of the Sand people? hey can keep it!"

Zargon lashed out a tentacle at them. Ahsoka and Drake jumped around, dodging the massive, mucus covered limb.

"It won't be a God for very much longer! Not if I have anything to say about this!"

Drake jumped up with superhuman effort and [poised his blade to strike Zargon's heart. Zargon blocked his attack, but the blade cut deep into the Beast's slimy limb. It smacked him away to the ground.

But Drake was nimble, and landed on his feet.

Sand people cheered as their God slithered closer to the Sith and Jedi.

"Glad they're enjoying the show!" Ahsoka struck at the flabby God. Zargon was repelled a little by her aggressive hits, but it became angry at her defiance.

"I'm ready to bring this play to its conclusion!" Drake summoned all his concentration and blasted Zargon with a massive storm of red lightning as the Force empowered him.

Zargon screeched in agony, paralyzed by his intense shock attack.

Ahsoka jumped up and repeated Drake's first attack while the beast was incapacitated, striking true upon its heart with her light saber.

Zargon's mortality was extinguished, its single blob eye going lifeless as it fell backwards.

The Tuskens shrieked in sadness and terror at the two warriors of the Force. Two opposite thinkers who triumphed together in the face of a Monster Titan who had ruled the underground kingdom of Fort Tusken for over a thousand years.

The unruly mob fled, disheartened. Ahsoka and Drake sighed in relief and smiled at each other.

"The entrance is blocked. Would not be a good idea to go back up there." Drake shrugged.

"I guess we can always go deeper below. There's bound to be an exit." Ahsoka started walking down where Zargon had come.

"We make a great team, you know." Drake smiled.

"Is that a compliment, or a temptation?" Ahsoka smiled back.

They walked on for a bit. Drake contemplated the answer. "It's a chance to do whatever you want. Outside of this place."

"Well, don't go getting any ideas, Drake. I mean, I'm a good girl. Joining with you and your worldly ambitions would be bad for my motivations."

Drake stayed by her side "Don't think of it as joining me, think of it as me joining you.....only not quite Jedi."

They walked on into the cavern, feeling a breeze. There was an exit nearby, and with that exit came new possibilities, a new tomorrow. Could these two opposite people start over a new life together? For Ahsoka and Drake, there was no harm in trying.
Drakesoka: Zargon
A pairing between Force user Drake and Ahsoka for Valentines day.  Drake goes to Tatooine to rescue Ahsoka who has been captured by the Sand People.

Drake is the OC of :iconrikuthedragonslayer:  :)
Vader/Daala: The Quiet Time

Admiral Daala supervised the supply mission on Naboo, moving parts and conducting repairs on the ships of her fleet.

It was such a mundane mission, a lull in any activity.  True, they were hunting Rebels, but this was a sort of mission break while they regrouped after several inconclusive engagements with Ackbar's fleet.

So it came as a complete surprise to hear that Darth Vader was approaching, landing with his shuttle in Theed city.

Vader did not say anything as he walked passed Daala and the soldiers taking care of supplies.  He simply walked through the grand palace and stood outside near the waterfall.

Some men were walking past with supply crates, making noise.  Vader turned swiftly at them and clenched his fist.  The men were startled and hurried along their way, as if they interrupted a very important thought.

Daala walked slowly toward Vader, not wishing to disturb him.

"It's a beautiful planet, wouldn't you say?" Vader asked without even turning to see who it was.

Admiral Daala didn't know if she should speak or stay quiet.  Second guessing Lord Vader was a dangerous game, but somehow he just....turned to her and waited for a response.

His breathing had always been ominous, but right now, Daala felt he was simply observing, making actual small talk.

"It is an aesthetically pleasing planet.  But I judge a world on practical value, strategic value.  I have no time for anything other than duty."

Vader nodded, accepting the answer.

"I had visited this world several times before and during the war of the Clones.  When Count Dooku threatened us all.  Coming back here, after all these is not a comfortable thing to do."

Daala looked out at the waterfall, wondering what Vader was getting at.  Is this a test?  Was he about to punish someone?

Daala's military instincts were uncertain at the tactical direction of the talk.

But her instincts as a woman....told her that Vader was experiencing something of a regret.  A man's regret.

"My Lord, this world is only as important as you would deem so.  It is a minor world with decent resources, but do not let its physical beauty be a hinderance to you."

She turned to face him "Permission to speak freely, sir"

Vader turned in her direction as the waterfall churned.  She focused on him as he simply breathed, waiting for her to speak.

"Placing a sentimental value on anything can be a reward or a curse.  We make choices in life for the greater good, and some choices we might come to regret.  Whatever your history here, it was good in its time.  But we must always move forward."

Vader was silent for a moment "Do you hold sentiments in your heart?  Do you live with regret?"

As a woman, Daala was now pulling Vader into her element.  She was becoming Master of this battlefield of words.  "I never let past decisions cloud my judgement in the present.  I never let anyone take advantage of me.  Our mistakes simply shape us, make us the sum of our choices.  For better or worse."

"I will be leaving soon.  Have a care to finish up your supply run and get back on schedule."

Vader continued to look at the waterfall for a few seconds.

"Yes, my Lord."  Daala remained cautious.  No one had ever been this casual with Darth Vader, and she half expected him to strike her down for thinking she could be "within arm's reach".

But Vader stood there, like a man wishing he could say more.  But she sensed he was too proud to mention a pain he experienced with this world.  The kind of pain that involved a woman.  The kind of pain only a woman could understand.

"She must have been beautiful." Daala said it.  Flat out dared to draw Vader into an open field with his feelings.  Vader killed men for less.

"She was."  Vader concluded.  He turned and walked back in the direction of his shuttle.

"The waterfall has a perfect view of the sun as it sets on this world.  You have until the night fall to finish your duties on this world.  I expect you to stay on schedule."

Vader walked away.

Daala smiled a little, realizing that Vader has taken the field and pulled her instead.  He has made sure she still remains focused on the present.

She smiled at the small notion that while Vader has made it clear she must always be on duty, he hinted that this may be a very beautiful spot on Naboo.  A romantic notion perhaps?

This Lord Vader is a more complicated an than she thought, probably more complicated than anyone will ever know.

"How Fascinating" Daala watched the waterfall, intrigued.
The Quiet Time
A Valentine story of a different sort.  I must thank :iconjokerisdaking: for suggesting this pairing of Darth Vader and Natasi Daala.

It is not a completely "romantic" story in the traditional sense, but I think it represents an intimate moment between the two.  Vader revisits Naboo, and has trouble expressing his feelings.

Daala, as a woman, comes close to having a talk about his feelings.  I stay within the boundaries of the character of Vader, so while not much is said, I hope to convey that Vader does feel a lot by coming back to Naboo.  At least, I attempted to gauge his feelings on this world.  Read and enjoy.
The Finale for Season 1 is next week.  I am very much interested in seeing how it concludes.  Kanan and Ezra will have a reckoning with the Inquisitor, Hera/Kanan shippers might faint from exhaustion, and Fulcrum is expected to be fully revealed, with a great certainty it will be the return of Ahsoka Tano.  There's a lot being kept secret, and it looks to be a very intense episode.  Darth Vader is expected to appear as well.

I suspect there will be major things happening, but not sure what.  If Ahsoka reappears, I think it will be quite exciting.

Rebels is not for everybody, I know there are friends here with a variety of mixed feelings, but I thought I'd post my thoughts.  I also have Barriss offee on the brain and She may very well be appearing on the show in the near future.  If, perhaps, she appears in this finale or in Season 2, I will be a basket case.  If Ahsoka and Barriss together appear in an episode (Come what may) I think there will be quite a Fanquake, but that's just me.


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