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I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

Always by Crimsonight

Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

Shadows Over Geonosis by Crimsonight

I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


Just watched "Gathering Forces" episode of Rebels.  I think this was the most mature episode of Season 1.  Music was good, and the characters are fitting into place.  If the rest of the season can be as intense as this one, I think Season 1 will be solid.  For me, personally, just my opinion, I think this is the Star Wars I need.  It met my expectations and was pretty good.
Brighter than the Sun

An Anisoka Trilogy



PART 1: Liver or Fish

 "Anakin?  Anakin!"  Ahsoka tried to snap him out of his continued depression.

Anakin stared off into space.  Three years of war had finally wore him down.  Three years since....she died.

"Another glorious day in the Republic...." Anakin sighed

"Stop it.  You need to break out of this blue funk"  Ahsoka tried to engage him in conversation, though Anakin did not sense much.

For all his skills as a Jedi, as the Chosen One, he remained rather bland and unconnected to the war, to the Jedi.  Today, in particular, was rough.  It was the anniversary of the war beginning on Geonosis, the day Padme had been killed in the arena.

Anakin never forgave himself.  Her death drove him to fight harder, win greater and destroy Dooku's plots at every turn.  Not for his own ego like Obi-wan had thought, but to punish himself for not being good enough three years ago.

It made him a greater hero to the Republic, but it also made him a greater puppet to darker forces unseen by the Jedi.

Ahsoka became his Padawan on Christophsis that first year.  She did her best to be a good student, and grew to admire Anakin's strength and courage.  She also grew concerned for his well being.  Anakin was on a path to self destruction, and she was always there to be a counter balance.  She was always there to help prove he had worth.

Anakin was resistant at first, not really appreciating being a teacher, fearing his recklessness would get Ahsoka killed.

Over time, he had found a kindred spirit in her, a young Jedi willing to be just as bold and adventurous as he had been before Geonosis.  He grew to appreciate her wisdom and caution, and he wanted to believe very much in himself the same way she believed in him.  But today he could not find the strength.  Today, he felt adrift.  Lost.  A broken heart that could not be mended.

They were currently assigned to the battle of Cato Nemoidia in the 3rd year of the never ending conflict.  Though they were winning, victory still felt so far away.  It was a war that never seemed to end.  It was as if Dooku held on to fight long enough to break young Skywalker.  Anakin almost wanted to let Dooku win.

Ahsoka would not let go of him, though.

"Master.....please get up.  Let me help you."

Ahsoka tried to keep him going.  Not just for the Jedi and the Republic, but for Anakin himself.

Anakin smiled weakly as she forced him up to go eat.  "You're full of energy today!" he quipped.

"I'm Hungry, and so are you!" She insisted.

"You know what they are serving...."

"No!  Today will be different!  The mess hall is getting a surprise feast from Chancellor Palpatine and we will eat like kings...and a Queen!" She grabbed his arms and made him walk to the large mess tent.

They opened the doors and saw a depressing sight.  Almost 200 Clone troops with sad, bored faces poking at their food.  And the selection filled Ahsoka with dread.

"Well....I'm starting to feel better already!" Anakin let fly the sarcasm.

They grabbed their food trays and got in line.  Captain Rex was in front of them.  Rex was looking down at the food and the servers who scooped up the food and plopped it unceremoniously on their trays.

"Cream of yellow stuff...great"  Rex blandly made a face as the squishy food landed on his tray.

"Burnt toast..." Anakin let his smirk turn upside down.

"Perhaps this was a mistake." Ahsoka's face turned sour and stuck her tongue out at the green slop placed in front of her.

The cook smiled with a sense of Irony.  "And for the entree today..."

"Oh boy..." Rex sighed

"Here it comes." Anakin grimaced

"Steady..." Ahsoka's face was filled with suspense, hoping beyond all hope that the mealtime would not be a total loss.

"We have Liver or fish!" The cook tried to be pleasant, but could see that Rex, Ahsoka and Anakin now had the same bored, disappointed faces as every clone trooper in the mess hall.

Ahsoka in particular went deadpan and stared at the cook for several long, uncomfortable seconds.

"I didn't hear you say that" She muttered, staring at the cook in disbelief, but never raising her voice "Because it isn't possible..."

Anakin noticed that Ahsoka kept staring in disbelief.  He had suddenly found appreciation for her efforts to cheer him up, and her efforts were dashed by the monotony of a menu stranded in limbo.

Rex looked at her calmly and smirked, feeling assured that she was now snapping like everyone else in the unit.

"It's inhuman to serve the same food, day after day..." Ahsoka remained calm but her tone was unsettling as she stared at the cook.  "Republic law prevents the killing of our taste buds."

"Easy..." Rex tried to calm her, but she became more agitated.  Rex thought she looked cute being angry

"I simply cannot eat the same food every day!  Fish!  Liver!  Day after day!"

The cook leaned back as she continued her tirade.

Anakin suddenly found himself trying not to smile as she ranted in her cute, angry voice.

"I've eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish!" She barked ever louder.  Some of the troops were starting to hear here, and nodded in agreement as she started to crescendo. "I've eaten so much fish, I'm ready to grow gills!"

Her stare became intense.  "I've eaten so much liver I can only go into combat if I'm smothered in bacon and onions!!!"

Ahsoka turned and shouted at the troops.  The whole room now took noticed as her complaint became a rant.

"Are we going to stand for this!?  Are we going to let them do this to us!!!???  NO, I say!  NO!!  We're not going to eat this drek anymore!"

Ahsoka threw her tray against a wall.  A few of the troops chuckled, but all of them were mesmerized by her defiance.

"We want something else! We want something else!  We want something else!" She chanted, almost going feverishly crazy.

Ahsoka was now banging on the tables and looking at the troops.  They started to join in and chanted with her, defying the horrific blandess of the food forced upon them.

Rex looked on and shook his head in amusement.  Anakin grinned even more.

Ahsoka was not really going crazy, not in the sad way War makes people crazy.  Ahsoka, in her own energetic way, was boosting morale by breaking up the monotony that was haunting the troops, the boredom, and the disappointing malaise of war.  By stirring up the crowd, even in a useless chant, she invigorated them all the be alive, to not give in to the lifeless choice of "Liver or Fish."

"Clone Troopers arise!  You have nothing to lose but your cookies!!"  Ahsoka screamed as the troops continued to shout the chant.

"WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!  WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!  WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!"  The troops chanted, banging their cups and utensils against the tables and trays.

Poor Fives, however, was still trying to eat his liver and drink his stim-caf with the cacophony around him.

Guards entered the mess hall, thinking there was a riot, but soon realized Ahsoka was leading everyone in a harmless rebellion against the food.

Ahsoka danced and threw food around.  She looked at Anakin briefly, and noticed he and Rex were smiling at her antics.

Anakin, in particular, had forgotten all his troubles.  Normally, he might chastise her for these shinanigans, but today he was genuinely glad for her rebellious spirit.

She smiled back at him and chanted for a few more minutes with the troops before joining back with him and Rex.

"I think we should unleash her on the clankers right now.  Can you imagine what she would do to a droid cafeteria?" Rex joked in Anakin's ear.

Anakin chuckled.  A great weight had been lifted from his heart, a great guilt washed away by a young Jedi woman who bent the rigid world around him, and made it more sane with her insanity.

Ahsoka could sense a brightness in Anakin's heart.  His dark guilt had left him.  She also sensed that his heart became brighter when their eyes met.

More importantly, she could feel her own heart shine as he looked at her, and his smile made her feel brighter than the sun.
Brighter than the Sun, Part 1: Liver or Fish
So, I wanted to do an "Anisoka" story, and I spent the week brainstorming how to arrange it.  Originally, it was going to be depressing and dramatic, and I want to do something action packed, but the story morphed into a light hearted homage to an old episode of "M*A*S*H*" where Hawkeye rants in the cafeteria, and I thought it would be a little fun to just have Ahsoka cheer up a depressed Anakin by doing something completely off the wall.

I decided to make this part 1 of an Anisoka trilogy, because I still want to do something with heavy drama and action and really bring them together in an epic way.  Part 1 is simply a nice story which sort of sets up the romance.  Enjoy :)
Lyle's first big Christmas

by Lordhadrian

Lyle woke up in his cave, just a few short hours before Christmas Eve.  He went to the entrance of the cave and watched the snow falling gently.

He sighed.  It was so quiet and peaceful, until a noise erupted from up above.  Lyle was startled, and froze.  He heard the sounds of several animals on top of the cave and a voice sounding distressed.

He eventually went outside to check the disturbance.

To his surprise, he found a group of animals and an old man on his mountain.

"You seem to be in trouble"  Lyle looked at them curiously.

The old man, equally startled, smiled after seeing Lyle.

"Well, it isn't everyday I get to meet a talking Dragon"  he chuckled.

"The name is Lyle.  I live in the cave underneath.  I sort of heard you on my roof."

The old man and the animals, the reindeer, looked surprised.

"Your roof?  No kidding?  Well, looks like I have one more delivery to make in the world!"

"Excuse me?" Lyle asked "You some sort man?"

The old man chortled "You could say that, though I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a pickle here.  My lead reindeer, Rudolf, is sort of exhausted.  He won't be able to finish his shift.  I have to send him home..."

The old man unlocks the lead Reindeer from his vehicle, a classically carved sleigh, made of wood and light metal.  Lyle found it to resemble something of an antique.

"But you have so many reindeer.  Surely, you can finish your deliveries?"

The animals looked at each other in doubt as Rudolf took off into the sky.

"Wow!" Lyle gasped "A flying reindeer!?  There's something you don't see every day..."

The old man smiled at the dragon.  "Perhaps you could help me.  I need a lead animal with the ability to see through this blasted fog, just for tonight.  A lot of children are counting on me."

"I can breath fire to light the way, if that will help!" Lyle smiled "Will this take long?"

"It will take all night, but..." The old man smiled "I can have you back before morning...and I will gladly compensate you for your time."

Lyle felt excited, it was quite an adventure helping the old man fly his sleigh.  And the night went quickly, even though they made many stops.

The old man said his name was Kris Kringle, and that he usually only needed to be out once a year.  Lyle was helped by the whole team of reindeer as he lit the path through the sky, through snow, fog, ice and rain.

By the near break of dawn, they returned to his cave.  True to his word, Kris Kringle left some gifts for the dragon, and Lyle had come to realize his very first experience with the holiday known as Christmas.

He rather liked the experience, and hoped to do it again sometime.

Christmas day came and went, and Lyle was very happy.  One day in January of the next year, Lyle got a phone call.

"Hi, my name's Debbie, and I work as a Tooth fairy.  My friend Kris said you might be a big help with deliveries!"

Lyle was only too happy to help.
Lyle's First Big Christmas
A one shot story for a Christmas art jam by :iconnexustrooper:, featuring the OC Lyle the Dragon.  Just a nice Christmas story to flex my brain and try a different challenge.  Enjoy.
Pretty decent episode.  I like the action and space combat, I like the imperial tanks.  Good music.  I think more episodes like this and "Out of Darkness" would be cool.  This has the right balance of elements.  Some good drama, a hint or Ezra's origins and just enough light heartedness.

I've been thinking of Fulcrum again.  It suddenly occurred to me that Fulcrum could easily be Princess Leia, which would be an interesting twist.  She was pretty active as a rebel in her teens I imagine.

Hera is very much becoming my favorite, though I sympathize with Ezra.  Overall good stuff.
There's a suggestion that the character of "Fulcrum" could possibly be Ahsoka Tano....there was a little tiny hint visible in the episode.  I find it intriguing that this could be a possibility.....
Just watched "Gathering Forces" episode of Rebels.  I think this was the most mature episode of Season 1.  Music was good, and the characters are fitting into place.  If the rest of the season can be as intense as this one, I think Season 1 will be solid.  For me, personally, just my opinion, I think this is the Star Wars I need.  It met my expectations and was pretty good.


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Thanks again for commenting on my story. It's nice to know that someone likes it.
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Sometimes I think Anakin and Ahsoka may have too much attention from fans.

While Kenobi is forever alone...
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I think Obi-wan has a solid fan base.  Ewan McGregor did a fine job in the movies and Kenobi from from TCW was awesome as well.  I think the fans of Ahsoka are very vocal, but there are also many Kenobi fans enjoying his popularity in a more subdued way...

:)  I think Obi-wan is an awesome Jedi!!
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Me too, my friend. But my only problem is that he's....too perfect a jedi. He's got to have SOME flaws.
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:)  You and I have explored many potential flaws.  Obi-wan has flaws, for sure.  He just makes an effort to overcome them :)
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Hey Lord!
I saw Gathering Forces and it was alright. While I'm still not a fan of Erza being Luke 2.0 he did however got well developed. I'm now a bit interested in the fate of Erza's parents and how can it affect him. I mean emotionally and psychologically he's now very vulnerable. Will the reveal of his parents fate break him?
Also the new trailer for the new movie Strange Magic just premiered and it looks....strange but well detailed. George Lucas said that he was working on it before the Disney buyout. So I'm kind of interested in it since it's his last film. Really hope the movie is good though. :pray:
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Very cool :) I'm very curious....
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