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Trick by Crimsonight

I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

Always by Crimsonight

Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

Shadows Over Geonosis by Crimsonight

I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


Barrissoka: Red Eye

The explosion nearly engulfed them both.  Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano led the defense for the city of Gravena on Planet Nidos.

The city was being evacuated as the droid armies approached with intention to slaughter and burn the capital and its inhabitants.  The evacuation was a masterful display of patience and organization by Master Unduli.  Holding off a droid army while maneuvering several hundred thousand people to dropships was no easy feat, but the Jedi made the escape look flawless.  The only drawback was the General leading the droid troops.

Omega-3 was a ruthless, and rather large, droid General.  Most of the clones that fought against his troops simply nicknamed him "Red Eye".  The droid had 2, but one of his eyes was a large red scoping scanner.  It was not a dangerous weapon, but it looked scaring when it was focused on you.  The droids large claw hands were the main danger.

Red Eye pushed its soldiers to overwhelm the defense line and it spotted the two young Jedi holding up the wall of Clone Troops.

Red Eye's solution, of course, was to remove the Jedi.  The hulking droid attempted to do so with a rocket launcher that almost vaporized Barriss Offee.  Ahsoka was quick and observant, however.  She grabbed her friend and dove for cover.

Ahsoka's heart had almost stopped when she saw the stream of smoke and the bright metallic tube soaring at her comerade Jedi.  Not just a friend and comerade.  Barriss Offee was her heart and soul.

Red Eye was just a droid.  Large and deadly in close combat, but just a droid.  Yet, in that moment, the Large Red Eye was focused on Barriss, and Ahsoka now saw it as a demon, a horror from the pit of perdition's flames.  The thing had already cut down many of her men, and Ahsoka agonized for each loss.

But the fight was on a new level when it chose to extinguish her love, her angel of mercy.  Loving Barriss raised the stakes in brutal war, and Ahsoka would risk it all in that moment when the missile almost struck true to its mark.

Barriss was not completely helpless.  She was busily striking down a crowd of droids with her skillful saber moves and techniques.  The regular CIS droids were no match for her.

But the missile.....she had just glanced it from the corner of her eye.  She was always ready.  Every day could be her last.  Being ready for death, however, did not stop the dread feeling in that split second.

But Ahsoka was fast.

They fell into a crater near the defense line as the missile impacted nearby and sent shrapnel everywhere.  The line started to crumble, and Ahsoka's back burned with the stings of dozens of hot pieces.

"Ahsoka!!  Ahsoka!!" Barriss had to move fast.  The troops started to break and retreat.  The droids were also taking cover from the missile, but it would be a matter of seconds before they resumed their advance.  Ahsoka was unconscious, and Barriss sometimes wished the Togrutan would not be so stubborn about protecting her.  Barriss had no doubt in her mind she would have done the same thing had they been switched, but it was equally dreadful to push through the war without her beloved.  Ahsoka made her feel alive when they were together, made her feel there was more in life than just the Order, or meditations.  Ahsoka was her life.  But now Ahsoka was unable to move.

Barriss awkwardly grabbed her and tried to carry her in the retreat.

Red Eye saw the Jedi through smoke and fire and static.  Its red eye gleaned enough to know that victory was in its grasp.  But it still concluded that the Jedi must die.  Red Eye began its advance.  The Hunt was on.

Explosions erupted behind Barriss as she carried Ahsoka.  Most of the rest of the troops had run ahead to the dropships in the city.  Nidos was lost, the Republic had been withdrawing from it for several days, but only the Jedi Master Luminara organized the evacuation of the citizens.  A daunting task, but Barriss and Ahsoka held up the droid advance with what few troops were left, and that allowed the city precious time to help innocent people escape.

Barriss trudged along as she carried Ahsoka on her back.  They could hear some remaining soldiers fighting, but could also hear the clanging and drumming of the droid troops marching.

"Barriss" Ahsoka whispered weakly "You know I love you.  I love you more than anything in the world.  I would give up the jedi Order for you." She rambled.  It was a desperate confession, one that Barriss knew was born out of accepting a fate that had not happened yet.

"I know.  I love you too.  More than all knowledge, and more than all the harmony the Force could grant.  I love you with all my heart." Barriss whispered as she walked slowly, trying to keep her footing.  The city gates, busted open by missiles from a previous assault, were so close yet so far.  And marching feet were getting louder.  The roar of Red Eye's smoking engine and steam punk servos could be heard closing in as well.

"Then leave me here" Ahsoka desperately begged "I cannot let us both be killed."

Barriss ignored her and kept trudging along.  Ahsoka closed her eyes and sensed danger was getting closer.  "I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said that.  I wish..."

"I know..." Barriss smiled a little as she stopped and put Ahsoka down.  She spent a moment healing Ahsoka's wounds, and then gently kissed her.  "I cannot think of a better way to finish this life, then to be with you at the end of all things.  Here and now.  I could not live without you.  I will never leave you."

The hulking brute droid, Red Eye, lumbered at them, smoke trailing its almost victorian style chassis.  Its red eye beamed at them, analyzing them as hostile, scanning them.  It walked faster and pulled out its sharp melee sword.

But Ahsoka and Barriss just looked at it with calm, accepting the end.

"I think the last of the drop ships have gone by now, and the rest of our troops have lifted off.  Maybe we will have done some good here today." Ahsoka sighed and grabbed her light saber for one last hurrah.

"We DID do some good.  With every man, woman and child that escaped Nidos today, I know we will live on in their future generations.  That is all the immortality I will ever need." Barriss smiled and felt a little watery as she held out her hand.

Ahsoka took her hand and they faced the Beast known as Red Eye.  But Death was not to be victorious today.  The roaring engines of the last drop ship fired defiance above them, its blast of hot air halted the droid advance.  It was a fat angel from Heaven for the two Jedi, opening a portal and revealing the nurturing Mother that would not leave such brave children behind.  Luminara beckoned to them as the Drop ship blocked the droids.  Barriss and Ahsoka put away their weapons and jumped to the open hatch.

"I have them!!  PULL UP!!!" Luminara called into a speaker.  The door closed as hundreds of red blaster projectiles flared all around the drop ship.  Red Eye was denied his targets, but there would be another day, and there were plenty of Jedi to hunt.

Barriss helped carry Ahsoka to the medical section of the ship.  It was crowded with refugees and soldiers, and Ahsoka stubbornly refused to cut in line.  But that was fine with Barriss, who continued to tenderly look after her lover's wounds.  Both of them quietly smiled  with love in their hearts.  They replayed that final moment in their heads.  Overrun by the enemy, wounded in an explosion, saved at the last minute.

Luminara tended to other wounded people, but glanced over at her Padawan.  She was grateful to see Barriss doing well, though she did not see the look the two were giving each other.  For Luminara, it was a miracle on Nidos that she was able to save many people, but in her heart the greatest victory was rescuing Barriss and Ahsoka from the jaws of destruction.  The war goes on, but every life saved was a new hope for a better tomorrow.
Barrissoka: Red Eye
The adventure is based off of the drawing by :iconraikoh-illust:

Barriss saving Ahsoka by Raikoh-illust

Barriss and Ahsoka retreat from a defense overrun by a Droid known only as "Red Eye", and in their Darkest moment, Barriss does her best to save Ahsoka from the enemy.  Read and enjoy.
We will always have Drongar by lordhadrian
We will always have Drongar
Art by :iconhikaru-weasley:  A lovely piece with Conradin and Barriss together after the battle of Drongar.  Conradin has surrendered to the Republic.  The two of them finally accept their feelings for each other and embrace to escape the terrors of war.  Normally, two such people might never be together, but the war had overwhelmed them both, and they only had each other for comfort.

The quote is paraphrased from "Cloud Atlas", and it felt appropriate here.  Enjoy :):)

Many thanks to Hikaru-weasley for a wonderful piece :)

I tried picking out a song that might fit the moment, and I think this one works:…
Other projects have been finished by Bobann, and he will be continuing my "On The Run" comic story with Asajj, Ahsoka and Barriss.  New pages to come in 5 weeks.  I do apologize for such a long wait, but the best parts of the story are coming and they will be quite exciting.  If you have read the fan fiction, you know awesome stuff is gonna happen :):)
Barradin Lives by lordhadrian
Barradin Lives
:iconcrimsonight: made this test render, and we both dubbed it "Barradin Lives", a happier ending for the pair.  Barriss comforts and heals Conradin.  I like to think of it as a continuation for them both.  :):) Enjoy

When I envisioned the scene, I tried to picture it as a "Pieta" pose, just like on the cover of the Medstar novel :):)
All Is Not Lost In Darkness by lordhadrian
All Is Not Lost In Darkness
Many thanks to :iconcrimsonight: for this commission.

I should explain what this is, because this is the final scene in my old Saga that I wrote several years ago before TCW.

Conradin does save Barriss from Order 66 on Felucia, but she has been mortally wounded, and time was running out.  They escaped Felucia and made their way to Planet Rhen Var while being chased by Clone Commander Galle.  There, Barriss and Conradin shared their final moments until she succumbed to her injuries and became one with the Force (Like Obi-wan from Episode IV)  Conradin faces Commander Galle and his troops, and is, himself, mortally wounded after defeating all the soldiers that have surrounded him.  As he falls to the ground, Barriss is there to hold him.

I wrote this ending, at the time, as an homage dedicated to Lucas and his Prequel Trilogy, and I was able to add Ahsoka in the Saga as time went by while writing it.  Order 66 was a grand Shakespearean Tragedy, a compelling end to the heroes of the Jedi Order, and so I wanted to honor the spirit of the PT with heroes falling in Order 66.  Barriss and Conradin become one with the Force, but they are together, and Barriss reveals a final vision of a New Hope that would bring ultimate victory against the darkness.

Given that Barriss and other characters no longer die in Order 66 as per the new canon, I wanted to commission this as a reminder to myself of the original Prequel intention.  In my wildest dreams, I had never intended this writing project to be nothing more than my own personal hobby when I started writing in 2005.  I never thought of actually being a part of the community until they changed Barriss.  Season 5 has changed the dynamics of how I approach and view Star Wars, for better or worse.  After all is said and done, there will be closure, and I will go back to celebrating Barriss and Conradin (and Barrissoka) in my own way with new stories.

This was not meant to be merely a sad ending, but for me it was a transition, a growing up of the characters.  Idealism dies as we become adults, and the dreams of our youth are killed by reality.  That was always the allegory for me when I wrote Barriss and Conradin.  BUT even as they died, they were together, and they still had hope for the future.  This commission is not just a death of my OTP.  It represents how I see life as an older man.  Some things in your life die away, but there is still love, and still dreams of a better tomorrow.

Sorry for the long post.  This writing is the last page of the Saga, putting the commission in perspective for those who are curious.…


(Conrad pilots the gun boat into the atmosphere.  Barriss sits in the seat next to him, meditating.  They listen to the holo transmissions coming out of Coruscant.  He listens with sadness and some horror at the announcements made by Palpatine, the Senators, and the newly appointed Grand Moffs like Tarkin, announcements of a new Empire, the treason of the Jedi, the "heroic victory" of Anakin Skywalker at the Temple.  He can scarcely believe the fall of the Republic as it happens practically overnight.  Everything that was worth fighting for is lost.  they listen quietly as the ship glides to a landing near the old Temple of Rhen Var, where Conradin started many years ago.  He powers down the ship and stares at the view from his window.)

Hadranus: We are here.

(CU of Barriss.  she lets out a small cough, and looks at him)

Barriss: It's beautiful.  I never realized there was such a magnificent place here.

(They are quiet for a moment as the wind whips outside)

Hadranus: Are you ok?

Barriss: For now.  I feel warm, actually.  It's not cold here like I thought it would be.

(She coughs again, taking a few deep breaths.  There wasn't much time left.  Conradin looked at her.  At one time, he thought they would have years together.  Now, years have become minutes.  And minutes will soon be only seconds.  He leans out of his seat and hugs her)

Barriss: Do not worry yourself.  we have time enough.

(He started to cry)

Hadranus: They have killed you.

Barriss: not torment yourself.  It is time for you to let go.  Let go of me.

Hadranus: What?

Barriss: You need to find a way to live now.  Just as you have told VGR to find new purpose, now you must find a new reason to live after I am gone.  Let go of me.

(He is distraught at her words)

Hadranus: I wasn't fast enough.  It's never enough.  This new Empire killed you, killed the jedi, destroyed Peace and freedom in the Galaxy.....I couldn't save you.

Barriss: My destiny was sealed a long time ago.  But, you know what?  It would have gone very differently if I had never met you.  If Sophonisba had not requested us to go to Geonosis....Fate would have taken us down another road.....I'm glad it didn't.

Hadranus: Aayla....Your mother, Luminara....Nyssa....I have felt their deaths....I have seen despair.  Palpatine will dishonor you and the others....this Empire will call you a traitor, revile you....and I cannot stop them!  Here I am, in the middle of nowhere, the powers of evil are going to destroy your life and your reputation and I cannot STOP THEM!  You stood up to them, The Chancellor, the powers that be, Stood up for the Republic!  You opposed them and they will make you a traitor....

(CU of them both.  Barriss hugged him as he cried hard)

Hadranus: I almost lost you to death so many times!!  How can I be the one to live?  Why do I get to live?  It's not fair!  I'm one man out here in a wasteland!  I cannot stop them.  They've destroyed you....

Barriss: I was never the one to save to begin with.  I am just a Jedi who tried.  My purpose was to save others from death.  I hope I did well.  Conradin, look at me, and fear no darkness.

(He looked up at her and wiped his eyes, composing himself.  She smiled and felt incredible love in his heart)

Barriss: They will destroy my physical form in this existence, yes.  And they will smear my name here.  But fame and fortune are not what a Jedi seeks.  Glory and popularity were never my goals.  I appreciate that you care so much, and I know there are others who do too.  When I am finally gone, others will rise up to fight evil, fight this Empire.  And, like you, they will remember Jedi Knight Barriss Offee in their own way.  Do not mourn me, you wonderful, impetuous man.  Celebrate life.

(She kisses him.  They look at each other, and silently realize there is no need to mourn, to cry, or to worry about the Destiny given to her)

Barriss: Let us see this Temple...

(She tries to get up, but her legs give out.  As her life force continues to drain slowly, her body fails.  Conradin picks her up and carries her outside.  It's sunny.  The POV pans around to soak up the scene as he carries her towards the grand steps)

Hadranus: I know the perfect spot.  The sun hits the Temple just right as it goes down.

Barriss: Mother and I should have known about this Temple.  I sense this place is rich in the Force.

Hadranus: It is.

(They continue to climb winding steps until they reach the entrance to the great hall that holds the altar, and the secret door that sent Hadranus to other places.  He puts her down near the top of the steps and they rest)

Barriss:  It is very lovely here.

Hadranus: Master Dooku brought my friends here for our first big test.  It was exciting.  Incredible.

Barriss: I'll bet it was.

Hadranus: We had such big dreams here.  Dreams of lifting the Republic to new heights.  We dreamed of peace and happiness.

Barriss: Can you still dream of happiness?

(He looks at her)

Hadranus: With you here.  Yes.

(She coughs some more, but smiles at him.  They hold each other, lean their faces together quietly, and dream of a lifetime)

Barriss: Would you have ever wanted children?

(He is a little surprised at the question, but smiles)

Hadranus: Yes.  3 kids.  One of each.

(He grins, she chuckles a little)

Barriss: You're silly.

(Her breathing starts to get difficult.  He looks up at her, noticing her skin turning blue.

Hadranus: Barriss!

Barriss: It's ok.  There is no need to fear.  I can feel the Force all around us.

Hadranus: (frowns)

(He holds her close.  Minutes become seconds)

Barriss: It's a warm feeling, becoming one with the Force.  We never really die, Conradin.  No one ever truly dies until all the lives they've touched finally die.  If you think about all the lives we saved, and all the unborn lives yet to come because of us.....we'll live forever.

(Their thoughts are interrupted by the rumbling engines of Republic gunships flying overhead.  2 dozen, flying off in various directions.  2 gunships land near the Temple)

Barriss: It's Lieutenant Galle.  I sense he has found us.

Hadranus: He will likely have about 30 troops.  Then this is it.

(She looks at him.  He looks back calmly.  He is not afraid.  Suddenly she starts to cry, becoming just a little less blue in color)

Barriss: No.....not like this.  Not you....

(He caresses her hair with reassurance)

Hadranus: It is your turn to fear no darkness.  It was meant to be this way.  Today, we will live forever.

(She looks at him, accepting this final twist by Destiny.  They stop talking and just embrace.  They kiss many times, as if there were just seconds left.  Just like on Geidi Prime, they hold onto every moment)

(POV watches clone troopers unload from their ships, charging up to the stairs through the snow.  Galle barks orders)

Galle: Shoot to kill.

(CU of Barriss as her skin turns dark blue.  The Force is reclaiming her slowly.  She and Conradin hold hands, caress each other, kiss more and more.  He runs his fingers through her hair, she caresses his face.  So much left to do, so little time.  She gasps, and starts to glow.  It is not "death" in the traditional sense but she is leaving.  Conrad holds her close, they look in each others eyes quietly)

Barriss: Conrad....

Hadranus: I know, I know....

Barriss: Always.  I'll be with you always.

Hadranus: We'll be together soon.  Always.

Barriss: I don't want to go.

(Her breaths become short, and intense.  She glows a beautiful blue.  They look at each other.  He smiles bravely for her.  Her breathing slows down.  She stops fighting it and smiles back.  Then, she is gone.  All that is left is her physical things.  Her clothes, light saber, etc.  Her holds her robe closely to him and lets out one more cry and covers his face.)

(CU of the troopers running up the steps, almost in a slow motion)

(POV watches Conradin Hadranus wipes his eyes and straightens up.  He picks up her light saber and clothes.  He takes them into the Temple.  He walks up to the altar slowly.  A gentle snow is seen falling through the holes in the ceiling.  He puts her things on the Altar.  He takes off the emerald necklace that he has carried, that has carried him.  He makes sure to take out the emerald in the center.  He smashes it with the handle of his light saber, making sure no one in this galaxy ever opens the Door of the Kwa again.  He puts the necklace with her stuff on the Altar.  It is their final sacrifice, their final story in a place that holds a thousand tales of a thousand years of Jedi history.  Theirs will be one more chapter.  He looks up and around.  He can hear the soldiers getting closer.  For one second, he feels the peace of the sunset, and remembers all his friends, and the excitement of their youth, the wisdom of Dooku that almost saved the Galaxy)

(POV watches Galle and almost 2 dozen men enter the chamber of worship.  They aim their guns at him)

Galle: Where is Commander Offee?

Hadranus: She is where you cannot harm her anymore.

(They look at each other.  Galle understands)

Galle: Then our mission is complete.  And the Jedi are all but extinct.

Hadranus: Don't think that just because you outnumber me that you are leaving here alive!

Galle: Brave words, General.  But this is the end for you.  No more miracles, no more Jedi tricks.  I'll be sure to bring your head to the Emperor personally.

Hadranus: MY head?  Well hey....I'm your huckleberry.

(In slow motion, Conradin lights his saber one last time and charges.  The soldiers raise their guns and fire)

(A final montage of all the remaining characters)

(Bail's ship reaches Alderaan.  POV watches him greet his wife, presenting their new baby daughter, Leia.  They smile together.  For a while, they are at peace, and Bail looks out over the balcony at his beautiful world, hopeful for the future)

(On Mustafar, The Geonosian, Sun Fac, has left orbit.  He sets coordinates for Geonosis, and prepares to become the new Archduke ruler.  He holds Poggle's old ruling cane, the symbol all the Archdukes have carried.  He knows, in his heart, he is destined to become yet another Tyrant for the sake of his people.  The dreams Poggle once held for his world are dead)

(On VGR-001's Ship, VGR makes plans on the bridge, followed diligently by R5D4.  They are determined to find their place in the Galaxy)

(R2-D2 and C3PO follow Antilles on the Bridge of the Tantive IV, and marvel at the stars outside the bridge windows.  They wonder where their existence will go)

(On Naboo, the people of Theed City line up to say goodbye to Padme in a grand funeral procession.  The procession includes the new Queen, Sio Bibble, Sache, the remaining handmaidens, and the Nabarrie family.  There are no Gungans within city limits.  The Dream of a united Naboo, forged by Padme and Boss Nass, is dead)

(CU of Captain Tarpals, hiding out away from the Imperial controlled Gungan city.  He forms a resistance group, and vows to fight the oppression that murdered his friends, the Jedi.  He vows to restore goodwill with the humans of Naboo.  He will become the new face of Hope for their world)

(Anakin is operated on painfully by half a dozen medical droids.  His body is encapsulated into a cyborg suit.  He watches in horror as the final mask piece is brought down upon his face.  He realizes he is destined to become the new terror of the galaxy.  His dream to save Padme and his children is dead.  Darth Vader rises from the operating table to greet Emperor Sidious, Captain Panaka and Baron Papanoida.  Anakin can see beyond the window in the operating room the Death Star being constructed.  The new weapon for a new kind of war)

(CU of Yoda as he exits his small pod ship on the Planet of Dagobah.  He looks around, comforted by his new home, but saddened by why he is here.  He will wait for Destiny to do its job)

(Assajj and Obi-wan present the baby Luke to Owen and Beru Lars.  Obi-wan backs away and twirls his moustache, pondring the fate of this small boy, and his place in the galaxy.  He turns to Ventress and picks her up, carrying her in his arms.  The sun sets on Tatooine, and they kiss quietly, ready to start a new life together in hiding.  Despite the Empire, despite terrible loss and tragedy, they hold each other and realize they are the happiness each has been searching for in this life)


(Nikael Savva, now promoted to Captain of a new ship in the new Imperial Navy, spots the Jedi Shuttle piloted by Shaak-Ti)

Nikael: Send the fighter squads.  None of the Jedi are to escape.  Blast them out of the sky!

(He has fully embraced the new Empire, and watches as the fighters pursue the escaping shuttle)


(CU of Shaak-Ti as she pilots the shuttle out of Coruscant.  Ahsoka Tano is her copilot)

Ahsoka: They've spotted us!

Shaak-Ti: I just need a few more seconds!

(In the back of the shuttle, Maris Brood comforts the younglings.  Aviva and Vlad hold hands)

Aviva: Where will we go?  What happens now?

(Their shuttle gets rocked by laser blasts trying to penetrate the shields.  they hold each other tight)

Vlad: Have faith in the Force, and Shaak-Ti.  She will guide us....

(POV wattches half a dozen Imperial fighters of the former Republic fly up to blast the shuttle.  One fighter takes aim, and launches a missle)

(POV follows the missle as it gets closer)

(CU of Ahsoka as she sees a red light flashing.  She closes her eyes in despair.  They are finished)

Ahsoka: Brace.....for impact..........

(She closes her eyes, and readies herself for the last moment.  Maris hugs the children)

Shaak-Ti: Not today!  It doesn't end like this!  They may strike us down and destroy all we hold dear....but IT IS NOT THIS DAY!  That is my promise to you, Ahsoka Tano.

(Shaak-Ti kicks the jump to hyperspace into high gear.  Shaak-Ti holds Ahsoka's hand, reassuring her that there is no need to fear the darkness.  Aviva smiles at the last moment and pulls Vlad close)

Aviva: I have chosen a name for our child!  We'll call him H-

(The shuttle exits into space.  The missile flies away harmlessly.  They vanish to safety, never to return)


(CU of Conradin as he finally falls to his knees.  The last battle is over.  POV pans back.  All the soldiers are dead.  Galle's severed head rolls down the Temple steps, the last soldier to fall on Rhen Var.  Conradin has been shot many times, and blood covers his uniform.  It is the end.  Conradin drops his saber.  He looks up at the darkening sky as the sun almost fades in the distance.  He cannot move, too weak as death creeps through every part of him.  He takes a final deep breath and falls backwards.  He is surprised, finding Barriss there to catch him)

Hadranus: You are here.

Barriss: I was never gone.

Hadranus: It is finished.  Evil has won.  Everything is undone.

Barriss: No.  There is still more to see

(The snow gets whiter around them as she embraces him and holds him close)

Hadranus: I feel warmer.

Barriss: It is not the end.  The Dark side cannot triumph over the light....

Hadranus: What do you mean?

Barriss: I have seen it in a final vision.....

Hadranus: A vision?

Barriss: It's beautiful, Conradin....

(POV backs away, the snow gets whiter.  She holds him close, their faces rest next to each other intimately)

Hadranus: Do we win?

Barriss: Yes....

Hadranus: What did you see?

Barriss: A New Hope for the Galaxy.....A new Hope.....

(She smiles.  They hold each other close.  They fade, becoming one with the Force.  Together Forever)

Other projects have been finished by Bobann, and he will be continuing my "On The Run" comic story with Asajj, Ahsoka and Barriss.  New pages to come in 5 weeks.  I do apologize for such a long wait, but the best parts of the story are coming and they will be quite exciting.  If you have read the fan fiction, you know awesome stuff is gonna happen :):)


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There was another Rebels season two promo on tumblr and the release date will October 14. However the video has become private on YouTube.
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Ah, Thanks for the info :):)
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