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I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

Always by Crimsonight

Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

Shadows Over Geonosis by Crimsonight

I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


Old computer is dead, getting new computer hooked up, I will be out for a day or so.

Almost finished with Valentine stories for:




Story #2 of Rex/WhiteCat


Hope you are all doing well   :)

A nice video by :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:  Well done.  I may have posted this before, but I cannot remember so here it is  :)
Hordes of Tatooine

by Lordhadrian

Drake and Ahsoka had been trapped in the very heart of the Tusken Raiders lost Empire on Tatooine. An Empire of sand and desperation.

Ahsoka had been kidnapped by the raiders and sent into the dark bowels of Fort Tusken, but the Force user, Drake, had summoned the courage to rescue her from the chaotic nomads who slaughtered all intruders. He helped Ahsoka, and together they had faced a beast worshiped in the darkness of Tusken.

They triumphed against it, and found a way through the catacombs of the ancient Fort.

"I cannot imagine how you found me, or why you would risk your life, but I am grateful" Ahsoka smiled a little as they climbed from the darkness into a bright hole to the surface.

Drake shrugged "When my men found Riyu Chuchi, we realized the danger you were in, so I had to act fast. But, for now, we are going to have to make haste to get to my ship."

Drake and Ahsoka moved slowly across the desert sands. He had in his hand a small beacon that led to his ship.

"It's not just a small fighter, is it? I mean, there's room for both of us, isn't there?"

"Relax." Drake sighed "It's.....big....enough...."

Drake and Ahsoka reached over a hill and stopped. Ahsoka's eyebrows furled.

"That's not good." She whispered.

Jawa's were busy dismantling his ship, enjoying a bonanza in the desert.

Drake ran at them, waving his light sabre and scaring them off. The Jawa scattered, ten or twelve of them, away with little trinkets and pieces of engine, control panels and servos.

Drake shouted at them, then kicked what was left of his space craft.

"Well, I certainly did not expect that!" Drake muttered.

Ahsoka calmly walked next to him and looked over the wreckage of the pillaged ship.

"Mos Eisley is only a few hundred miles away. I suppose we should get walking?"

"I still have my communicator." Drake held up his comlink. He tried talking into it but there was static.

"Come in, mothership! Come in!" he tapped on it, shook it, brushed off little bits of sand.

He looked at Ahsoka. "Only a few hundred miles? I think I can swing that."

Ahsoka almost smiled, at least grateful for all his efforts. "I needed to stretch my legs anyway."

Drake and Ahsoka gathered what supplies they could not scrapped by the Jawas and started walking. The desert was littered with small dunes, with mountains in some distant locations.

"Where will you go once we leave Tatooine?" Ahsoka asked, trying to pass the time without staring hypnotically into the far off mirages.

"I came here to rescue you so we could return to my home base. I helped your friend, Senator Chuchi, by the way. I hope to make you my guests for as long as you wish to stay. But, I hope you would be willing to join me in my endeavors to restore order in the galaxy."

"And just how do you plan to restore order?" Ahsoka looked at him.

"You know, the usual. Knowledge, tolerance, diplomacy. We have strength but we don't use force except as a last resort"

"There are many worlds who could certainly use your help. So many were displaced by the Clone Wars."

"We handle each world one at a time. It's hard work to keep the peace, but every little step counts" Drake answered.

"You make a good Jedi." She smiled

"Well, I try." he smiled.

Their thoughts were interrupted by some noises echoing far off behind them. Loud trumpets and roaring animals pierced through the deep desert, and Drake froze.

"Sounded like banthas!" Ahsoka gasped.

His voice did not reflect anything good "Banthas and hunting horns. The sad people are on the move!"

He held up his binoculars and scanned the horizon where old Fort Tusken's ruins lay. He searched around various distant locations, but could sense movement.

"THERE! Our luck has changed. And not for the better."

"What do you mean?"

"We kicked their God in the butt, and now they have put out a hunting party. Hundreds of Tusken raiders will be swarming this area in a matter of hours."

"We are going to have to be more clever than them." She thought.

Drake sighed as they kept walking.

"Being clever won't help us in this desert heat, and won't help us outrun the banthas."

"We'll worry about them if they find us."

"Tusken Raiders are the best hunters on Tatooine."

"Well then" Ahsoka sighed. "We better keep walking."

They kept moving.

But it soon became apparent that Raider scouts would catch up with them.

Drake spotted two large Banthas moving in their direction from a long distance away.

"They know where we are. They're following our tracks."

By this time, though, Ahsoka was feeling exhausted from the heat.

"We are going to have to engage them soon. We must hold onto our strength!"

As the hour passed, Drake and Ahsoka hid behind a small dune of sand. Certainly they would not have much of an element of surprise, but they had little chance to survive if the scouting party overwhelmed them.

Though the Sand people traveled in numbers, they were still primitive savages.

Drake and Ahsoka carefully waited as a long column of Banthas with Tusken snipers lumbered close.

Half buried in the sand, they slowly watched as the scouting party searched the area. The two lay very still, knowing that a false move would have them up to their knees in trouble.

The Sand people choked out orders and exclamations in their animal language. It was a hostile language, full of contempt for the galaxy that was greater than them.

Drake and Ahsoka used the Force to create deceptions, distractions and a few mirages that drew the attention of the sand people from their location.

Night fell, and though the patrol had long since past them, the pair stayed hidden in the cooling sand.

"We'll wait until morning" Drake whispered "Then we can continue. Using the Force to drag away some canteens of water was a nice touch, by the way."

He smiled at her as they took small sips of the liquid.

"You did pretty good too" Ahsoka lay close to him, feeling cold in the night.

"Still, I would have rather have been able to acquire one of their banthas." Drake sighed, having to restrain his powers.

Ahsoka shook her head "Violence would not have solved our problem. It would have drawn hundreds of Sand people around us."

"Well, thanks to your precautions, it is no longer a worry."

Drake gently rested next to her, very close. Both felt awkward trying to share body heat, but it was not an entirely unpleasant experience. Side by side, they wrapped their arms around each other and rested for a moment. After a few more hours they started walking again in the shadows of the night.

They did not talk much after the rest together, feeling each others hearts beating. But they were relaxed together. Ahsoka took Drake's hand as they walked.

Their connection was not a fully realized one, but they felt it grow as they became determined to make it back to safety.
Drakesoka: Hordes of Tatooine
Drake and Ahsoka have escaped the lair under Fort Tusken and defeated the beast Zargon.  Stranded in the desert, they must walk far to get to Mos Eisley, and avoid the Sand People, who now want revenge.

Drake is owned by :iconrikuthedragonslayer:
Potiss: Challenge for Potiti

General Potiti looked over the battle plans at the 3D map with his officers. The Battle for Planet Rhoona was taking its toll on both sides.

General Mink conducted the attack on the capital of Rhoona city, hoping to drive out the pirates and gangers that invaded.

Count Dooku hired a motley fleet of pirates, raiders and scum to harass the Mel Donte sector. The 307th and the 501st were hard pressed taking back Rhoona city.

Mink coordinated with General Potiss, hoping to split up the pirate forces.

Potiti had a smaller but no less important force of troops attacking a fleet of Pirate ships near Rhoona's Command Space Station.

"Concentrate your fire on the main cruisers!" Potiti directed his ships to try to chase off the raiders.

He destroyed to smaller escorts, and surrounded the Space Station.

"Prepare to board the station! We must drive out the invaders!"

Potiti received an emergency distress signal from inside the station.

It was Master Unduli. She was a bit bruised from combat, but still held her dignity and bowed before the General.

Potiti could see several of her troops holding off a wave of rogues trying to break the line of defense, and Luminara was hesitant to keep her back turned on the combat.

"General Potiti, I am relieved that you are bringing reinforcements to help take back the station. I'm afraid the situation is grim."

"I have analyzed your position, and the attack strategy of the pirates. we will be joining you soon. We've sent the enemy fleet into a retreat for the moment." He announced with confidence.

"General, my unit has been isolated, but we are holding the line. My padawan, however, has been placed in a trap by the leader of the invaders here. Barriss Offee is trapped deeper in the station, and I cannot reach her from my position." Luminara spoke with urgency.

Potiti nodded "I understand. We will arrive soon, and I will break through their lines to reach her unit! Hold fast, Commander Unduli."

Potiti marched off the bridge quickly and joined his landing Force.

His command ship entered the Space Station hanger bay and docked swiftly with an entrance tube.

"Move out!" They opened the hatches and were met with furious droid gunfire, but Potiti and his men used their concentrated fire to push back the enemy.

Several pirates tried to blast at Potiti, but he deflected their attacks with his Poti-blade, and cut them down, making an opening in their defenses.

His clone troops scanned the area as the pirates fell back.

"General!" Corporal Bukiki reported "We think the Jedi prisoner is on level 126. we're getting a Midichlorian signature!"

Potiti nodded "Good work! Let's go rescue my friend!"

The made their way down through the stations levels, past the housing areas and the promenade.

All was quiet as they crept through the main highway of the station's inner plazas.

"General....I don't like the looks of this." Bukiki whispered. There was no activity and no sign of the enemy.

"It's strange. There should be pirates crawling all over this place, looting it." Potiti rubbed his chin and tried to concentrate, trying to sense if maybe there was an ambush nearby.

He started sensing a dark presence.

"Sir!" Corporal Batoto reported "I'm picking up movement ahead. a single person....or....a thing..."

Everyone stopped and Potiti gasped as a large female figure slithered in front of him. She was half woman half snake. A gorgeous dark haired beauty with sharp eyes and a slight smile. But her lower body was a long scaly tail.

Potiti's troops took a step back as she activated her light saber.

"Another warrior to add to my trap!" Her smile grew a little.

"I am General Potiti. What have you done with the Jedi?"

The female Sith almost broke into laughter. "I am Rasah Lapin, and she is slowly being cooked in a thermal generator room for my amusement! I am quite hungry, and feeding on her midichlorians will make me stronger! I can smell power on you as well. I think I will have you as a side dish!"

"No soup for you!" Potiti stared at her.

The Sith, Rasah Lapin, charged. Potiti's men fired their guns, but she deflected the shots and threw her hand at them.

Potiti could feel the Force pushing at him as it knocked his men to the ground. Rasah tried to strike down Corporal Batoto, but the General crossed blades with her.

They stared intensely at each other.

"You will surrender!" Potiti demanded.

Rasah Lapin pushed him back. His soldiers watched from a safe distance as the General and the Sith flashed and burned their sabers together in a whirlwind of attacks.

She whipped her tail at him, knocking him down. Potiti rolled away as she smashed her red blade into the floor near him. He jumped up and slashed at her tail.

The scorching wound caused her to shriek in anger.

He threw his hand out, pushing her away with the Force. Her body almost crumple as she was thrown into a wall. Dazed and in pain, she slithered away into a small air vent.

"We will meet again, General Potiti! And I will drink your soul when I defeat you!" She screamed, smoothly squeezing away to safety.

Potiti's men cheered, amazed by his fighting skills with a Sith. But the General wasted no time as he grabbed the scanner and followed the signal.

"We haven't a moment to lose!" Potiti urged his men forward.

Corporal Bukiki marched quickly by his side "Sir, what's the matter? Where is the Sith going?"

"Rasah Lapin has gone to feed one last time before she escapes the space station!"

Barriss Offee had fought the Sith valiantly when she encountered the pirates in the deep corridors of the station, but Rasah Lapin had overpowered her and placed her in a sort of boiler room and unleashed the stored heat. Barriss felt the air sink around her and her breathing became difficult. She was wrapped in chains and could not move.

She lay in meditation and blocked out the heat that was damaging her skin, almost slow cooking her. The exhaustion was almost paralyzing.

Rasah Lapin burst through the door and dragged her out of the room.

"I have to leave soon, young Jedi, but not before I take your essence! You will give me life!"

Rasah Lapin revealed small fangs and knelt down over Barriss. The Jedi struggled but was weak from the death trap. She gasped as she felt the sting of Rasah almost biting into her heated skin.

Potiti rounded the corner in a blur.

Rasah looked up in time to see the General's boot plant itself into her face. Rasah Lapin wiped her bloody nose and ran off a second time as Potiti's men fired their guns at her.

"Sir, the Sith escaped again!" Batoto reported.

Potiti freed Barriss from her chains and carried her back to safety.

"I've got you now, Commander Offee. I'm taking you back to General Unduli."

Barriss smiled at him. "Thank you, General. I sense....the pirates are running off..."

"Yes, we defeated them."

"But....the Sith...." Barriss quietly fell unconscious in his arms, exhausted from the heat.

"Don't worry about the Sith. I don't think we've seen the last of her."

Barriss calmly put her hand in his as he carried her. A last moment of comfort before she let go and rested in his arms.

Potiti smiled and returned to a supply area to tend her wounds.

Rasah Lapin retreated to her ship and pulled away to escape. Her trip to the medics was less comforting than Barriss'.

Barriss was watched over with care by Potiti and his medical officer.

Rasah gritted her teeth in anger and pain as droids with sharp needles and scalpally shaped items poked at her, draining the puss of infected wounds.

"I will get you, Potiti! I will bring the fire of the old Sith down upon you!!"

Another voice interrupted her thoughts.

"You won't get anywhere with your sloppy style and haphazard training!" A female smiled.

Rasah turned to see the infamous Asajj Ventress staring at her with a disapproving smile.

"So much potential wasted!"

"How dare you!" Rasah growled, but Asajj put her hand up. "Oh, but I come with the blessing of the Sith! I am here to give you power!"

Rasah looked at her cautiously "Give me power? How?"

"Follow my instructions and training, and I will give you unlimited power!"

Rasah and Asajj stared at each other, until they both smiled...and laughed. An alliance formed in darkness!

Barriss opened her eyes and saw General Potiti smiling at her. they were on board a medical frigate with other wounded troops.

"How are you feeling?" he asked. Barriss managed a small smile "I am comfortable. And I owe you much gratitude."

"Well...." Potiti blushed a little. "Master Unduli will be here shortly. I am scheduled to help find General Mink down on Planet Rhoona. She and Captain Rex are missing in action, and I must help push back the pirates."

"I will come help as soon as possible."

"You will have to rest until your body is properly hydrated again."

Potiti took her hand, seeking the same comfort she sought from him earlier "I look forward to fighting by your side again....Commander Offee."

She smiled at him and nodded. Potiti smiled back and let her rest as he exited the room. His heart was filled with an unexplained happiness, and a tremor in the Force rejoiced.

An Alliance had been formed in the Light!
Potiss: A Challenge for Potiti
A nice Valentine's story for :icongeneralpotiti: where Potiti musty rescue Barriss Offee from the clutches of a new Sith villain- Rasah Lapin!!

Potiti belongs to :icongeneralpotiti:

Rasah Lapin was created by :iconpdsmith:



"All pilots, report to the hanger bay! All pilots, we are now at code blue for launch!"

Ahsoka Tano ran to her X-Wing as the fleet prepared to make the final jump. She joined her squadron, exiting the Mon Calimari carrier.

The squadron quickly went into formation. Ahsoka had been a part of one of the dozens of briefings shared around the fleet. This was a big deal, and all the years of hiding and planning were about to come to fruition. "All wings report in." She opened the channel quickly as the fleet prepared for the jump. The final jump to what could be the final battle.

Her squad flew in formation next to one of the cruisers, sounding off one at a time.

They had waited as a team led by General Solo went on ahead to disable the shield generator around the massive super weapon the Empire had been building.

The launch soon came and the Rebel fleet made its jump, in the hopes that General Solo had accomplished his mission.

Ahsoka contemplated her life, and all her efforts as the fleet stormed through the hyperlane to its fateful destination.

They exited hyperspace, and there up ahead was the prize. A Space station with a terrifying Imperial agenda.

Ahsoka's squad joined many others as they went full speed towards it.

But Ahsoka had gotten a terrible feeling. Something wasn't right. General Calrissian, who had been leading the charge, also figured it out with less of a connection to the Force.

"All units, break off the attack!" Calrissian pulled awayIt looked to easy, and they realized they had played into the Emperor's trap. Admiral Ackbar had spotted the Imperial fleet.

They were surrounded.

What made this trap doubly crushing for Ahsoka was the sensation of Vader on board the station. She also sensed Luke Skywalker. The conflict and energy of the Force between Vader and Luke was almost a ton of bricks weighing down on her heart. But it was insignificant compared to the black void aura that surrounded Emperor Palpatine.

Ahsoka concentrated on the present, concentrated on the enemy Tie-fighters now engaging the rebels.

But she could feel Palpatine's arrogance. Ahsoka could not help but remember a time when she thought she could trust Palpatine, that he was a leader who wanted to restore the Republic.

How he fooled everyone. The worse feeling she had was knowing he was always one step ahead of the Jedi and the Senators who tried to preserve the Republic. He had been one step ahead of them all.

Ahsoka blasted two more fighters. "Cover the Admiral, there is a squadron of bombers closing in!" She split up her group. Half would keep up the pressure on the Imperial fleet, while she went back to pick off the heavy Tie Bombers that slipped past the front line.

A large explosion happened behind her, and she felt such a cacophany of noise within the Force. One of the Mon Calamari cruisers had been obliterated, not by the Star Destroyers, but by the Space Station itself.

She could hear Calrissian's shock, and Ackbar's desperation. hsoka almost felt her own heart sink.

Trapped between a fresh fleet led by a Super Star Destroyer and a near impregnable space Fortress, it was just a matter of time.

She fought on, giving orders, letting her combat training take over and shutting off the mind. No need to keep dwelling on the battle that raged on board the battle station. The fighting was ferocious enough in space.

She blasted three more fighters, covered by her wingmen. They fought hard and started to feel a weight lift from their minds.

Something had happened, and Ahsoka had felt her heart become lighter.

Somewhere, in the twisting and turning maelstrom of the Force, the tide had turned.

The heavy Darkness that was Palpatine had somehow been vanquished.  The tremor in the Force became a shock wave, though she was disciplined enough to concentrate.

But the joy in the Force had become tremendous.  The Emperor was Dead and she knew it!

She felt another great tremor in the dark heart of a brutal warrior she once called "Master".

That one moment in time clicked, and a heart had changed. One heart in a billion billion hearts. But, For Ahsoka, it was the one Heart in a that could change the course of history forever.  Vader was dead.  And Anakin had returned.

And suddenly, Ahsoka felt elated. An inexplicable joy swelled up within her as she fought around the Battle station and made a havoc amongst its guns and defense towers.

She and her squad mates realized that the station was a hulking beast swatting at insects and failing miserably.

Her joy, which she had felt in the deepest parts of her heart, had observed an infectuous change in the battle around her.

Victory was being won on the planet after General Solo blew up the shield generator protecting the Fortress.

The menacing Super star Destroyer was obliterated along the surface of the beastly Space Station.

The Imperial fleet, which started out on a superior footing was now in a shambles. Star Destroyers were being blown up and sent into disarray.

What had become a catastrophe for the rebels became a reverse catastrophe.

The final victory was one nobody else could witness. Nobody saw it, but she had felt it. She could feel it in her heart that the blackness of Emperor Palpatine had been erased. And with his death, another shadow had been lifted.

She could feel it, even in the heat of battle. It lifted her soul, and she found herself fighting more fiercely, more victoriously.

The shadow of Vader was gone. The darkness that had ruled Anakin for over 20 years was finally gone, extinguished by the hand of Luke Skywalker.

Ahsoka sensed it. Anakin had returned.

But just as quickly as Anakin was whole again in the light, she had felt his light dim and dull. The light in the Heart of her former Master was almost gone.

Tears had poured from her face as Calrissian and Akbar had given orders to move away from the Battle Fortress. The final victory was at hand.

Everyone could sense the energy overload that consumed the Death star from within, and she rejoined her squadron by the Rebel fleet.

She felt Luke's escape, and then came the brightest explosion of the battle, maybe the brightest since the destruction of Aldaraan.

She landed an hour later, after the Imperial forces had been scattered and defeated.  She joined a massive rebel celebration taking place in the grand tree city of the Ewok people.

Something tugged at her heart.  She hugged old friends and greeted new ones.  Her heart felt the wave of the Light and the presence of several beings that she had not felt in many years.  She spotted the young Skywalker by a tree.  Anakin's son.  She knew of him, worked with him on many missions.  Especially after he learned the terrible truth about his father.

Ahsoka saw what he saw, and she rejoiced quietly to herself.  The three great Masters of her golden youth.  Men who had shaped her path for good.  She felt united with them once again.  Her smile connected with Anakin's.  And all was set right in the galaxy again.

For the Rebels, it was a tremendous victory against a faceless, brutal Empire.

For Ahsoka, it was a long 20+ years journey to inner peace. The long journey that burdened her heart was now at an end.
A story of Ahsoka at the battle of Endor.  As she fights the Empire in a grand space battle, she can sense a more personal conflict with a man she used to call Master.  She senses a final victory that only one other person can sense.

This is a story requested by :iconjokerisdaking:, a story of Ahsoka at the battle of Endor, and how she is still connected to Anakin.
Old computer is dead, getting new computer hooked up, I will be out for a day or so.

Almost finished with Valentine stories for:




Story #2 of Rex/WhiteCat


Hope you are all doing well   :)


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