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I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...


The Greatest Leaf

Conradin was walking in the fruit tree grove on Naboo.  He was finishing negotiations with Queen Jamilla for peace.

He was affiliated with the Separatists, a protege of Count Dooku, and nothing could alter that impression.  What he was doing on Naboo in the middle of a war was quite a risky story.

Conradin was the enemy, but he had a reputation for diplomatic resolutions.  He truly believed that his service to Dooku was to end corruption in the Republic, and his mission to Naboo was certainly to effect a cease fire for all forces in the area.

It wasn't easy.  The Court of Jamilla viewed him with scrutiny and suspicion.  He couldn't blame them.  Dooku's schemes and double crosses were legendary, and Conradin's cleaner image did not instill confidence from Republic sympathizers.

But he walked in meditation through the orchard.  His thoughts were interrupted by the occasional speeding vehicle or military transport that moved along a roadway next to the orchard.

The Queen's guards watched his moves from a distance, but he had been checked for weapons or secret devices.  He came to Naboo as is, free on any espionage, and so they were not inclined to be fearful of him as he rested in the orchard.

Conradin pulled a green fruit off one of the trees and took several bites.  Conradin marveled at the large size of the leaves on the trees, and He caught sight of two figures also wandering the orchard as he chewed on the fruit.

So much color and life, so peaceful.  The war had not come to Naboo, an irony since the Trade Federation first used its aggression on the world several years ago.

A breeze filled the spaces of the orchard, cool and welcome on his face.  Many of the leaves broke away, parading past him in celebration of Naboo's fall season.

One leaf in particular smacked him in the face, catching him by surprise.

Another irony, that a skilled warrior like Conradin would be taken completely by surprise from the assault by nature.

The leaf was large, engulfing his face, and the young man lost his balance in the attack.

He took several steps outside the cop of trees, onto the paved road that was still active.  The transport vehicle was barreling down at him as he momentarily struggled with the leaf plastered on his face by the strong wind.

He heard a loud engine rushing to him, but did not pull away the leaf to see where he was.

By the will of the Force, however, he was pulled away from the road and into the arms of two young women who saw his plight.

"Are you okay?" The Mirialan girl asked.  Conradin suddenly recognized her "Oh....hi!  What a wonderful surprise!" Conradin pulled the leaf away and smiled when he saw the Jedi.  Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano.  He had known of them.  He had been an acquaintance of Barriss' before the war, but this was his first time meeting Ahsoka Tano, whose exploits he had become familiar with.

"I am fine, thank you" he blushed "It seems I was almost hit on the road."

"Yes, you really MUST be more careful....ambassador." Ahsoka was polite but distant.  She had never fraternized so close to a Separatist military commander, certainly not rescued one from being splattered.  Ahsoka spent a moment calculating if their would have been a different outcome for the war's progress if they had not acted so quickly.

Conradin sensed her caution, but smiled and tried to be more inviting "I owe you my life.  I think this calls for a celebration, perhaps a chance to get to know each other better."

"We are enemies, and the war is still on.  Why would we want to do that?" Ahsoka asked.  Barriss stayed silent, feeling conflicted.

But he took it in stride "This is neutral ground.  No harm in my being grateful to you both." He smiled and carried the brownish red leaf.

"Are you going to hold onto that?" Barriss looked at him curiously as he carefully held the leaf close.

"Why not?  Without this leaf, I would never have met the both of you.  I find it to be an important leaf indeed!"

Conradin took them back into the palace to have a drink, and Ahsoka started to warm up to him.  Conradin would keep the leaf in a scrapbook, a remembrance of not only being rescued, but as the most important leaf to lead him to becoming friends with the Jedi.
The Greatest Leaf
A submission for :iconcrimsonight:'s art jam (Barrissoka and your OC), this short story tells of how OC Conradin Hadranus met Ahsoka and Barriss as a pair.  A rather quiet, simple story inspired by an episode of Dr Who.  :)  Enjoy.
The Jackals



It was in one of the darkest corners of Coruscant that they met in the third year of the War.  Sidious approached his newest colleagues with enthusiasm as industrial machinery breathed and whined around them.

"Step forward, Captain Oil Fin!  Come closer, Warrior Ablok Seveten!" The shadowy figure motioned to the leader of the mercenaries.

Captain Fin was an unshaven looking fellow, scarred and aged with his wide brimmed black hat and paunchy features.  He was not fat but just bloated enough to look as if on the edge of unhealthy and unsanitary.  Behind him was a young mercenary Bounty Hunter in Mandolorian armor named Ablok.  The younger man was a little more well kept with a trimmed brown beard and overflowing hair.  The two men had sought the favor of a warlord and Sidious found them.

Sidious leaned to Captain Fin and showed him a data pad with a profile on it.  "Can you....eliminate this Jedi?"

Captain Fin looked down at the pad, raising an eye brow in confusion "I am certain we can eliminate this target, but....a Jedi?  This person is a Jedi?  Seems so young to me.  Hardly a threat."

Sidious took his bewilderment in stride.  "Some young people are full of surprises.  This one in particular has the potential to be a greater threat.  Make the kill with extreme prejudice!"

"It will be done, Master Sidious!" Fin bowed as the Sith Lord wandered back into the shadows of their secret meeting place.

Fin and Ablok made their way to a dark shuttle in the rusty half built constructions around the industrial park of Coruscant.  Each was carrying their weapons of choice for the mission.  They walked with special metal cases in hand, holding sniper rifles to be assembled soon.  Fin had his Clone trooper carbine, which he modified with specific additional pieces that suited his needs, and Ablok was a walking arsenal, with his traditional missile launcher/jet pack, twin pistols and a melee blade for the chance combat with opponents such as the Jedi.

Fin and Ablok were different in age and experience as cold blooded killers, but they were equals, a team.  In their own way, they treated the mercenary life with a reverence.  Each kill was sacred, not only for the money, but for the thrill of conquest over another life.

Fin wanted to be a greater power over the destinies of other people and living beings.  The ability to choose who lives and who dies was a tantalizing power for him, and he relished not only in the choosing of who lives and dies, but in the agony he promotes in helpless bystanders who know of his reputation.  He likened himself to being the shadow of death that is ever present in people's lives, a shadow that could not be compromised.

Ablok, on the other hand, was a young and arrogant follower of a God named Sakul from his home world of Tambler.  He was cocky in his judgement of others.  His religious devotion caused him to view his targets as simply unworthy, and felt he was giving them a death for the Glory of Sakul, a death greater than what they would have gotten.  He felt his importance over others and had the audacity to believe that a person's worth was measured by his standard of how important they were to be killed.  His motto after each kill was "At least they didn't die a cheap death", a mantra he dangled out for the admiration of his employers and the agony of those who might have been friends of the victim.

Sidious had found two kindred spirits who were as valued as killers like Maul and Ventress, and he had planned to use them to great effect as the war dragged on.  First thing's first, however.  Their assignment to kill a young Jedi would cement a permanent terror for the Order. 

They boarded the ship, sleek and black in its midnight colors, perfect to hide in the dark shadows of space, making targeting difficult in the event of engaging in space combat.

"Engines are primed, we are ready for lift off!" Ablok smiled as he went through the check list.  Fin scratched his stubble and punched the acceleration.

They made their way to a landing at the spaceport.  Their papers were ready, posing as unassuming engineers who were to help remodel an abandoned sky scraper that once belonged to the Commerce Guild, now left an empty shell by the Senate and zealots who purged and chased away any Separatist sympathizers from the planet.

The two men rode the elevator to the 213th floor and went to an apartment overlooking the Jedi Temple.  They opened their cases and assembled their special rifles in silence.  Abblok was normally talkative, but this was a sacred moment as they prepared.

"The Entourage should be approaching soon." Fin smiled as they sat and watched through their scopes.

Sure enough, a transport approached the entrance of the Temple.  It was a casual vehicle, but its civilian guise covered a more pressing matter.  It was, for all intents and purposes, a prison transport.  The Jedi were returning from victory on Planet Drongar, with their prize, the captured Separatist General Conradin Hadranus.

The transfer of Hadranus into the hands of the Jedi was nonchalant and without any major attention.  Master Yoda wanted to secure Hadranus as an advisor for Jedi and GAR military maneuvers.  He had proven himself at Drongar, willing to surrender and save lives rather than destroy a whole world.  Escorting Conradin were two young Jedi females, A Mirialan and a Togutan.

"A prize catch. Three Jedi for the price of one!" Ablok smiled as he watched through his scope.  He particularly admired the Mirialan with her sharp features and perfectly designed pattern of markings.

Fin watched the Togrutan in his cross hairs "I'm on the target.  The Togrutan dies!"

"I'll get the guy." Ablok smiled.  He watched as the man, Conradin, talked and became perhaps a bit too familiar with the Mirialan, whom had sort of taken a liking to as he watched her walk up the steps.  "I should take a holiday and get to know her.  She acts proper, but I bet she's a baddie.  I likes them bad!" he aimed at Conradin in his cross hairs.

Ahsoka and Barriss were leading Conradin up the steps of the Temple.  Though he was a CIS prisoner and a close confidant of Count Dooku, he was cooperative and humble.

"We have a place readied for you, Commander Hadranus." Ahsoka was firm but friendly.

"Yes, of course" Conradin nodded.  He turned to Barriss and tried to smile, but they were in a rather awkward situation.  "I hope I can be of assistance, Barriss.  I know I cannot undo what has been done..."

Barriss offered him a reassuring glance "There is always hope for making things right, Conrad.  You have taken the first steps to restoring order and peace."

Conradin smiled and drifted towards Barriss with some affection, having been friends since before the war.  Deep down, he felt a strong connection to her, but his conclusions were his own.

Barriss kept up a polite wall.  She had always sensed his feelings.  Feelings for her.  They had so much in common, but Destiny had placed their loyalties on opposite ends of politics and the mechinations of war.  She was very fond of him, even more so now that he willingly surrendered to help the Republic.

But they were just friends.  That's all she ever intended for them to be, even before Dooku's treacherous war.  Barriss instinctively stayed by Ahsoka's side.  Ahsoka took Barriss' hand as they walked.

And Conradin had silently understood.  He kept smiling, though, and walked up the steps.  But deep inside, he felt a small bit of agony.  Her eyes were so gentle and inviting, but her heart belonged to another.  Conradin was happy for her, he sensed she found comfort in being close to Ahsoka Tano.  And he accepted it, though a part of him felt the loss.  As a General under Dooku, no doubt he had opportunities to find comfort in the arms of a galaxy of females who could reciprocate such feelings.  But his dedication had been to the one woman who had always known him best.  Soul mates separated by politics and circumstance.

But this sudden knowledge of Barriss having secret feelings for Ahsoka was the least of their worries.  It was only by mere fortune that Ahsoka was clumsy for a second, tripping up the steps and missing the Assassin's bullet.

"Sniper!" Barris gasped "AHSOKA!!" She felt her heart stop in the instant, a split second when she truly felt the war was on the very doorstep of the Jedi Temple.  And that war almost took her love from her forever.

Conradin looked up at the building and saw a twinkle of light, a dash of revelation that made his heart stop as well.  Was it Dooku's displeasure upon him?  Did he fail so miserably at Drongar that the Separatists sentenced him to execution at the hands of an unnamed killer?  Or was it a random act of violence and they were there by coincidence?

None of them knew who the true target was, but it did not matter as a second bullet flashed and fired.  In that split second, Conradin faced death.  He was swiftly pulled from the path as Barriss waved her hand at him, moving him with the Force.  Barriss covered Ahsoka as she froze on the steps.  Two more bulles scratched the pavement near them, the weather foiling Fin's attempts.  It was not assassin's incompetence that caused him to miss.  Just a gust of wind at the right time, straying the bullet inches from Barriss' face as she draped herself over her beloved Ahsoka, a love that was so well placed out of sight no one in the Order could suspect they had made sacred vows to each other in the agony of War.

Ahsoka was frantic for them to get to cover.  Barriss' noble attempt to sacrifice herself did not go unappreciated, but Ahsoka would not let such a thing happen.  They ran up to the steps, Conradin covering the two young women until they were safe behind a huge pillar at the front doors.

"Who is trying to kill us?" Barriss peeked past a marble column briefly.

"I suspect my old Master" Conradin frowned "The defeat at Drongar..."

"Impossible" Ahsoka responded, slightly out of breath as the Temple alarm went off "You've been listed as killed in action.  The Separatists think you are dead."

Guards and Clone Troops took up positions to counter the snipers.  Captain Rex rushed past and prepared to invade the building to apprehend Fin and Ablok, but the two would no doubt be gone before the guards could reach them.

Conradin was at a loss to explain, thinking he was the intended victim.

But Palpatine was shrewd.  Ahsoka was the target, to be removed and provoke a reaction from Anakin Skywalker that would facilitate his downfall.  The opportunity was missed by a bad step on Ahsoka's part, but there would be another day.  Captain Fin would find new opportunities to remove the Jedi from the war's equations.  This was just the beginning for Fin and Ablok, and they intended to see this through to the end as they became shadows unto Ahsoka and Barriss.

Barriss saw Conradin looking at her with a slightly melancholy expression "Perhaps I am too much a danger to be around you two....."

She hugged him, knowing that she could never return to him what he wished to give in his heart to her.

"You and Ahsoka....." He whispered, figuring it out.

She nodded "Yes.  I'm sorry you had to find out like this.  We have a circumstance the Council does not know.  Conradin.....Ahsoka and I...we can never reveal this....I would ask you for your confidence.  If....anyone discovered it-"

He looked into her eyes, holding back all the things had had ever hoped to say.

"-You never need to ask.  If I am good at anything, it is doing my best....for my friends." he sighed and hugged her quickly.  Feeling her next to him, against him like this, it was joy after the terror of moments before.  He desired to hold her close forever.  They had shared so much, experienced much adversity but he knew it was impossible.  They entered the Temple to report to the Council, but Ahsoka gently bumped his elbow with a smile.

"Hey....thanks." She mustered quietly as Jedi and guards moved around them.  Barriss and Ahsoka could not fully express their gratitude that he would never tell the secret.  More importantly, they were grateful that he could accept it despite his own love that could never be fulfilled.  He focused his thoughts forward on helping the Jedi win this war as they went to meet Master Yoda and the Council.

Captain Fin and Ablok Seveten made their way back to their ship to evade the soldiers.  Fin was familiar with Clone troop protocols, and knew how to avoid capture.  Twisting and turning through alleys and corridors, they casually made their way to the ship while covering their tracks.

"We missed!" Ablok grumbled "That Mirialan kept me from plugging the brat Separatist General.  She's a skilled Jedi.  I'd love to get to know her better!"  He smirked, planning for future encounters with a devious mind.

"Our target was the Togrutan, but we will get another chance!" Fin smiled, even after this minor setback "We'll tag the General soon enough, and it looks as if the two women are attached.  We can use the Mirialan to our advantage to get the Orange one known as Tano!"

Fin prepped the ship to leave to a preplanned hiding place, and they would ready themselves for a new encounter.  It was their first tangle with Ahsoka and Barriss.  Fin would make sure they would meet again and he would deal a kill to Ahsoka with extreme prejudice.  Ablok was also enthusiastic, especially to meet the one called Barriss.  Maybe he would have to kill her, but for now he was intrigued by her and would dream of many possibilities until their next encounter.

One thing was for sure.  They would return, and they would make sure Ahsoka and Barriss did not die a cheap death.  The Greatest Hunt was on.  And the Jackals were hungry.
The Jackals
Darth Sidious brings in two assassins to eliminate a Jedi at the steps of the Temple.  Barriss and Ahsoka are transferring a separatist prisoner to meet the council and change the course of the war.  But who is the target?  Ahsoka?  Barriss, or the prisoner General Conradin Hadranus?

A submission for :iconcrimsonight:'s art jam (Barrissoka and your OC)

Captain Fin is an OC I created back in 2013 to be a villain for various Barrissoka stories, and now he returns to have his first experience with Barriss and Ahsoka, along with another OC villain, a Mandolorian, who will also have a first encounter with the pair.

It's not a traditional first meeting, but I wanted this to be a sort of "origin" story for these characters.  :):)
Exciting and Overwhelming movie.  Good stuff, interesting fantasy with its religious themes.  Theron is awesome as Furiosa :):)
RexCat: The NagaSith

Rex woke up the next day and just watched the Lady White Cat sleeping.  After a harrowing battle with pirates and a Bounty Hunter, they had to rest in an abandoned estate on Naboo.  The morning sun rose to shine upon them, and Rex sat there and let White Cat stay sleeping a little longer.

But he had to return to the capital.  He had to rejoin his men.

White Cat woke one eye and saw him.  Rex smiled and went to finish getting ready.  She sighed and rested for a moment.

"Duty calls?" She asked, half disappointed but half admiring.

"Always." He replied, also half disappointed.

They made their way through the woods back to Theed City after a moment.  White Cat's stomach started growling and she shivered in the cool morning air.

Rex pulled her close and held her hand "Getting hungry?" he smiled "I heard there is a wonderful little restaurant on the main road to the palace.  Maybe, when I'm off duty, we can have....well....on second thought...."

"What?" She looked at him, concerned "I'd love to get something to eat."

Rex looked away in disappointment "I don't know if I will get the chance.  We might ship out today or tomorrow.  I shouldn't get too involved with someone like you.  I mean....I'd like to get to know you more.  But the fight goes on, and not have the luxury of enjoying such moments."

White Cat held his hand and smiled "You and I can find time for one meal.  They won't leave without you.  I promise."

Rex smiled at the thought.

"Maybe we can just run off together." he joked "Where can we go?  Maybe Taris IV?  Corellia?  There's a whole galaxy out there.  I've seen lots of it!" He smiled a little.

He could tell she was thinking of all the possibilities.  "I'm a big city girl.  I'd love to be whisked away to Aldaraan!" She blushed a little at the thought of a romantic escape to new adventures with this dashing Clone Captain.

They reached the city, and saw that everyone was resting and recovering.  Reinforcements came in to help with the relief.

Rex and White Cat hugged as they entered the Palace again.

"I must go.  We seem to be on stand down, resting after the pirate attack.  I will find out my next assignment.  Maybe there will be time for that dinner date after all." he winked.

White Cat appreciated his words.  "Dinner Date" she smiled slyly.

"Rex!  THERE you are!" Anakin rushed up to him as he parted from his lady.  "We will be moving out in the morning.  I'll need you to ready the men by o500 hours.  We'll be taking off for Coruscant."

"Yes sir!" Rex snapped back into duty mode.  A dinner was all the time they would have now.  He wondered if he would ever see the Lady White Cat again.  He still smiled even at this melancholy thought.  A dinner with her could still be like an eternity, and he was ready to cherish this evening.

White Cat returned to her suite in the palace guest wing to freshen up.  She smiled as she went through her wardrobe to select a nice outfit for the activities of the evening.

She walked the halls and greeted other gusts still recovering from the Pirate attack.  She was not so traumatized, however.  Some guests noted how she would almost glide as she anticipated a quiet evening with her knight in white armor.

Rex also freshened up, wearing his uniform.  He made sure his armor was polished to perfection, and his fellow troops could hear him whistling as he cleaned up.

Fives and Tup were in the bunk area, and watched him for several minutes.

"Why's HE so happy?  You'd think the old man won a galactic lottery!" Tup shook his head "He's all how-do-you-do and lickety split!"

Fives sighed "He's stepped in it!"

"Stepped in what?" Tup raised an eyebrow.

"I've seen it before.  Nasty turn that makes men ill.  He's stepped in love.  A great big pile of it!"  Fives gets a small shiver "Most men pretend it doesn't happen, but every one of them has a woman that traps his soul.  He can't get her out of his head, and like a bad virus he starts seeing her everywhere.  Her face will be in a boul of soup, in a garden of flowers, or even when we talk about battle tactics.  His mind will wander back to her.  Old Captain Rex has the bug.  And there ain't no cure...."

"Maybe we should put him down?" Tup suggests "put him out of his misery?"

Fives looks at him in surprise, but Tup shrugs.  Fives sighs again "There will be no mercy for him.  His heart is trapped, and nothing can stop the heartache he's going to have."

Rex picked up is gear and armor and moved on without having heard the conversation.  He whistled even louder, and soon the signs of his "illness" became obvious to everyone in the bunker.

"Going to meet your girlfriend?" Fives smirked

"She's not my girlfriend" Rex answered quickly "Eer, that is, I am....going to go....uhhh, target practice.  I love target practice."

Rex blushed, caught by Fives.  He rushed off to prepare for his date.

"Don't get your boots muddy on the rifle range!" Fives grinned.

The Evening went off very well.  Rex met White Cat in the halls of the palace.  Arm in arm, they walked gracefully to an established locale of excellent cuisine. By candle light and a bottle of fine wine, they laughed and talked of many things outside of the boring war.

The most interesting subject for them was about Rex himself.  He marveled at White Cat's civilian adventures and pondered much on what he would do if he were free of the army, free to roam and adventure as an ordinary citizen.

Sipping his glass, he looked in her eyes.

"I must admit, White Cat, you make it sound very appealing to just quit my line of work and find a new purpose.  I mean....I have no idea what I would be good at.  No idea what I could succeed in.  But You make me want to try everything.  Anything but this."

He frowned a little as he reminded himself that his only purpose, at the moment, was war.

"You will find your purpose, I think" She smiled and wanted to encourage him.

They continued to eat and smile and talk.  But there was the inevitable.  It was dark soon, and Rex escorted his lady, arm in arm, back to her residence.

"It was a lovely evening." Rex could not stop smiling as he stopped at her door.  "I....leave in the morning, Lady White Cat.  I regret-"

"Shhh" White Cat took his arm again.  Her eyes suggested that....the night did not have to end.  Rex read her eyes and smile carefully and blushed.  Because he did not want the night to end either.  His heart beat furiously with anticipation of a new delight under the bright full moon, in the dark shadows of her palace suite.

She tangled her fingers with his and slowly drew him into the room.  with gliding ease, they wrapped themselves to each other, and spoke a new conversation of kisses, warm and soft.

Rex was still so very inexperienced in such matters, but each kiss made him a fast learner in new things daring and desirable.  White Cat felt the thrill of them breaking protocols and rules in the name of passion.  A tidal wave of euphoria that swept them both further away from reality with each kiss.

The calm of the night almost gave way to the storm in the shadows.  Not even making their way to soft furniture for this intense mingling engagement, the shadowy forms of Rex and White Cat tumbled onto the soft rug and morphed.  Arms and legs would twist and turn with each muffled gasp and hesitant breath.

Their heated form was interrupted, however, by intrusive noises echoing in the palace halls.

Rex instinctively raised himself away from her, albeit reluctantly.  "What was that?" He whispered.

"Somebody's causing shinanigans like us, it seems." White Cat almost smiled at the thought of rampant passion spilling over in secret corners of the palace with a myriad of loving couples engaging in maneuvers under a full moon.

But her senses told her this was not a midnight rendezvous of passion.  Her instincts warned  something sinister was afoot.

"Stay here!" Rex cautioned, reaching for his pistols.

But she was not going to be a wall flower when action was about to be had!

White Cat straightened up and grabbed her weapon "You're not going out there without me!" she warned.

The two of them crept out the door.  They heard a voice whispering past the balcony near the grand stair case where their room was located.

Rex's eyes got wide when he saw a large female humanoid, half woman, half snake!

She was leading a team of advanced commando droids.  She was smuggling out a small chest from the royal vaults.

Rex put his helmit on.  He didn't know who or what this person was, but it was obvious she was not a member of the GAR.

"That's far enough!" Rex aimed his pistols.

The snake woman lit up a red saber.  "My Master will not be pleased if you interfere, soldier!"

She waved her hand casually and threw him back with a wave of the Force.  Rex fell to his feet.

White Cat became a blur and clashed with the Naga Sith.  Their weapons sparked on contact, and the Naga Sith was impressed with how well this ordinary looking woman held her defense.

"You have a lot of guts coming here with droids.  You're surrounded by Republic troops.  Surrender, you will be given mercy!"

"You are a bold one, I must admire that, but you cannot defeat me!  And your mercy is an empty gesture!  I will not surrender!  EVER!"

The Naga Sith slapped White Cat with her tail and wrapped her in it to drag along.

Rex fired his pistols at the Sith, but the shots were deflected.

"I am Rasah Lapin, Clone!  I give you my word I will not harm this will back off!  NOW!"

Rex saw White Cat struggle as the Naga squeezed her tail around her.  In frustration, Rex dropped his guns and held up his hands.

"What's so important in that box you had to invade a heavily fortified palace?"

Rex's eyes darted at the small box, but Rasah Lapin held it with jealousy.

"This affair does not concern you!"  Rasah slithered away fast, followed by her commando droids.  They boarded a readied shuttle in the courtyard as Rex raised the alarm.

He watched as White Cat was taken aboard.

"I don't know who you are, Rasah Lapin, but you just made the biggest mistake of your life!"

The Sith shuttle launched as clone troops fired upon it.

Rex marched to the hangar bay.  Tup and Fives caught up with him.

"Sir, what's going on?  All hell is breaking loose!" Fives panics as he puts on his gear.

Tup struggles to keep up.  "Are we under attack?"

"We were invaded by clankers in the night, boys, and they got away with something precious!" Rex barks as he prepared to board one of the LAATs in the hanger.

"Commander Skywalker!  Clankers were in the vault and escaped in a shuttle!  I am in pursuit!" The Captain was now in full swing military mode.

"Rex, don't let them get away!  I'll follow in my fighter while you rescue your girlfriend!" Anakin responded from his comlink.

Rex stopped in surprise at Anakin's comment.  He could almost see Anakin grinning.  News traveled fast, and it seemed everyone in the palace knew Rex was "hooked up" as the term goes.  "Thank you, sir" Was all he could do to respond without making it very obvious that White Cat was, indeed, someone he was fond of.

Rex looked back at Fives and Tup, several more troops gathered behind them, awaiting orders.  Rex's charisma had become a magnet without him even realizing it when all he could think of was White Cat being captive of the Sith.

"Men, our honor has been violated, and I intend to put things right.  I am going after a Sith warrior, and I do not expect this mission to end well.  But for those who would follow me now, we will do enough tonight that just might be worth singing about in the cantinas for years to come!"

Rex boarded his LAAT, and the men moved forward, fired up by his determination.  Three LAATs had to be filled with those who made it to the hanger in time.

The ships launched fast and followed upward to stop Rasah Lapin, and rescue White Cat.  Rex's heart ached, and some men would call it an "emotional illness", but he felt that if love were a virus, it would be worth the death he suffered just to see her smile and taste her sweet kisses again.

That was the infection Fives feared, but Rex accepted its joy and pain as a great blessing.

On board the shuttle, White Cat was put in a corner and guarded fast by three droids.

"Stay there, and this ordeal will be over soon." Rasah said firmly.

The Naga Sith opened her small box, and White Cat strained to see the ill gotten good.

It shined brightly, a safe, pulsing green glowed around the item.  Rasah smiled and gasped at its beauty, admiring how it was beautifully carved like a huge Emerald yet it was not a common mineral.

"It can't be!" White Cat gasped

Rasah opened up communications with excitement.

"Master Ventress!  I HAVE IT!!"

"Good." Asajj Ventress congratulated her new apprentice with brief words, but was happy that the mission went well.  "Bring it to Dathomir, and we will open it and learn many secrets, my young apprentice!"

Rasah held up the green device.  "To think, I always though these were a legend.  I never dreamed I would actually hold a real Holocron!"

White Cat gasped, knowing that this plot was a sinister one indeed.  For now, though, all she could do was hope that Captain Rex was not too far behind.  She closed her eyes and hoped for a miracle.
RexCat: The NagaSith
A 2nd adventure story involving White Cat and Captain Rex, picking up after the first story.  After defeating pirates and the Bounty Hunter Embo, Rex and White Cat prepare for when he must leave Naboo.  But strange plans are afoot when the Naga Sith, Rasah Lapin, invades the palace at Theeds to steal an object from the royal vaults.

White Cat belongs to :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:

Rasah Lapin belongs to :iconpdsmith:
Kalin/Ayanna: The Talzin Apocalypse

Two voices came to him in a vision, a dichotomy of confusion as he meditated....

Kalin could not explain the vision that permeated his meditations.

It was Wise Master Yoda, warning him of the dangers of the Dark Side.  But it also burnt of the Darkness, the very frightening image of Darth Bane, a Sith of Legend.  Bane tempted him with secrets of power and a chance to overthrow all who stood in Bane's way.

Kalin, who had secretly sided with Dooku, felt the Dark side pouring through his heart, though he kept up a deception with the Jedi.

He traveled in his ship, a small craft that he used comfortably.  His ship was currently in orbit around Alpheridies, home of the Miraluka.

He assured the Jedi he was on a recon mission to look out for Separatist scouts, but he was really there at the bidding of Count Dooku.

In that moment around orbit, he had gone into a meditative stance, assaulted by the visions.  He had seen many possible futures, many that hinted at a darkness that could swallow his very being, but one possible path presented a joy that sparked his heart with what he could only calculate as hope.

He had seen a future with the woman who haunted every step of his journey in this terrible war.  Ayanna.

Kalin snapped out of his trance and monitored he controls.  He also examined all data concerning activity in and around Alpheridies.

He felt a disturbance that seemed to come closer to the planet, though he could not explain the dark feeling that filled him up.

Mother Talzin, meanwhile, had prepared the words of power in her most diabolical scheme to fight Dooku and the Republic.

She looked up into the sky as an eclipse blocked out the Sun.  She felt her magic grow in its strongest waxing level as she uttered the words.

"Anael nathrakh, urth vas bethud, dokhjel djenve!!"

The sisters of the Coven, even Asajj Ventress, went into hiding.  So great was Talzin's scheme it sent fear into even her staunchest supporters.  For today, Mother Talzin would summon one of the greatest Sith Lords back from the dead to do her bidding.

Darth Bane.

"I call upon the powers of the Galaxy to complete my revenge upon Count Dooku, and all who would oppose the will of Talzin!"

She looked up into the sky, alone, and made the very air chill, the sky darken even in the darkness of the eclipse.

She aligned her chant with the orbit of Dathomir, summoning with great will the return of Bane and a black fleet of Death Hulks from beyond.

"BANE!!  Hear my call!  I use the words of power to bring you back from the void!  BACK FROM DEATH ITSELF!!!"

Talzin cackled as a storm swept through the skies of Dathomir.

From the blackness of the eclipse, the shadowy hole that blocked away the sun appeared a fleet.  The blackest fleet.  And on the grand bridge of the great battleship leading the fleet stood the imposing wraith like figure of a long dead past.

Bane was real but not real.  A shadow with thoughts and sentience, but no life.  Not life as known by other living beings.  He looked out among the stars and felt the call, felt the tremble of the Force rupture all of space and time to bring him back.

"Who dares to summon me from the eternal nothing!?  Who dares to control me!?" he bent his horrible voice into a deep cacophony of evil.  The minions who controlled his fleet mindlessly watched and controlled their duties with deathly silence.  They were worse than droids.  Worse than dead.  They were just automatons.  An army of the damned that simply existed without living.

The Wraith existed there, in between worlds.  His existence was the only thing that kept the black fleet in reality, thank to the words that spoke an energy allowing his existence of damnation to continue.

Bane did not hear a name or know who the summoner was, only that he heard the ancient witch words pulling him into existence, and he felt not only the power of new life flow through him, but a desire to conquer all life in the galaxy.

"Anael nathrakh, urth vas bethud, dokhjel djenve!!"

The words created in him a deep jealousy of natural life, for he realized he was a negative force in the galaxy now, an unnatural presence.  And the more he heard the words, the greater his jealousy!

"You would have me strike out as a tool of revenge!?  HA!!"  Bane's negative existence broke free of Talzin's power.

Mother Talzin realized too late that though she controlled the words of power with her mighty will, she could not control the unnatural force she unleashed from death.

Bane turned his fleet upon Dathomir and would make her pay for her arrogance.

"Fire all weapons upon Dathomir, and let them know that Bane lives for no one's amusement or petty revenge!  I live now to be the shaper of destiny and the destroyer of worlds!!"

Bane launched a brief assault on the surface of the planet.

Talzin, realizing she had made a terrible error, joined her sisters in hiding.

The planet burned a little, with much destruction in many parts of the landscape, but Bane ceased his attack, showing perhaps either a twisted sense of gratitude, or a dominant God like display of casual mercy.  He quickly turned his fleet outward to wreak more destruction upon both the

Separatists and the Republic.

Kalin, feeling a dark tremble in the Force, did not have time to interpret it.  Dooku sent a signal for him, and relished in giving his dark follower a new mission.

"Kalin, I have need of you to create chaos with the stubborn Miralukins!  Their Representative leaders will be holding a summit in the capital city of Sintra.  It is a small settlement, and should not pose any difficulties for you to enter and eliminate the opposition."

Kalin bowed to Dooku's image.  "They will learn to fear your name, Master!"

"Good!" Dooku cracked a slight smile "Disrupt the proceedings, then send a signal to our forces.  Alpheridies falls to the Sith, and they will know torment for their obstinance!"

Dooku's image exited the com link.  Kalin activated his controls and swooped down into the atmosphere, ready to crush the Miralukan leaders.

Landing outside of Sintra, he walked through ancient sites, sacred and full of history.  Old monasteries and buildings that housed libraries and other institutions of learning from ages past.

Following his senses, he could feel the gathering nearby in an underground tower, a waterless well that housed a staircase swirling down into a bright enclave where the Representatives of the Miralukan Oligarchy were meeting.

Kalin prepared at the top of the spiral staircase to dispatch the leaders, but felt another presence there.

"Strange...." He whispered to himself.  It felt familiar.  He walked down the stairs and watched the meeting from the shadows.

23 Members of the Government sat in bright red chairs in a half circle, all focused on a young female in a heavy robe.

She was explaining a peril that was coming to Alpheridies, and she also explained the solution that could save all of them.

Kalin squinted as he watched the female talking.  He recognized the voice, and let out a small gasp as she pulled back her hood.

"Gentleman of the council, you have sensed an evil presence approach Alpheridies, and you are well to fear it.  For a great disturbance has brought a Death Hulk fleet from oblivion to destroy everything in its path!"

He recognized the woman as the Zabrak, Ayanna.  She turned to the stair case and smiled.

"Darth Bane will start his galactic crusade of terror here, and he will leave none alive if he succeeds.  Fortunately, there is a Man who can possibly defeat him.  For the only one who can destroy a Sith such as another Sith!"

Ayanna looked at Kalin and smiled "Welcome, my love...."

Kalin was silent as he stared at her, knowing that the council stood up in shocked unison.

"This is a trap!  A trick by Count Dooku!" One of the blindfolded elders blurted out.  "You would entrap us with deception!"

Bane's Death fleet had exited the swirling nebula of gases nearby, catching much of the planet by complete surprise.  Bane prepped his ships to start a light skirmish that would soon become a massacre of cannon fire and bombings upon the planet.

But all of the war and death was blocked out by Kalin.

"Ayanna!?  What are you doing here!?"  His mix of joyful feelings and confusion held back the irritation of thinking Ayanna was playing some sort of twisted game between him and the Miralukans.

"I sensed what you have sensed, Kalin.  Something is wrong in the fabric of the Force."

" are working with the Miralukans?"

"There is a danger that concerns us all." She bluntly halted the panicked chatter from all of them "We must join in an alliance to stop the black fleet and the madness of Bane!"

Kalin walked over to Ayanna to talk more intimately and urgently.

"If there is a Sith fleet attacking, how can you expect me to stop it?  Darth Bane?  That is a name from Legends, a name that cannot harm anyone.  Bane is dead!"

Ayanna took Kalin's hands in hers and concentrated.  "No" she replied softly "He has been brought back, and he will seek to become powerful and immortal.  He will sense us soon, and Bane will fall into the trap!"

"TRAP??" Kalin was no apprehensive at the risky scheme Ayanna was concocting, and even the council members were too horrified to contemplate her agenda.  But they had no choice.  The Sith fleet was wreaking havoc upon various parts of the world.  The bombardment was slowly becoming more intense.

It started as a sprinkle of cannon fire, but as the minutes wasted away, it would become a thunderstorm!

"Kalin, you must concentrate with me.  Let Bane feel our presence, so he will come to us.  He will be tempted by your Sith powers and will want to consume you, but we are stronger than his current incorporeal form."

"How do you even KNOW any of this!?" Kalin could not quite keep up with her rapid explanations.

"I have received a message from Mother Talzin-"

"-TALZIN!!  Why are you joining forces with the Witch!?  She is a trouble maker and Dooku will not tolerate your connection to her!"

"Talzin contacted me through her magic, warning me that she had lost control of the summoning of Bane!  Kalin, there is not much time, and his fleets guns will decimate all of us if we do not try to lure Bane into our clutches.  If we defeat him, we win the gratitude of the people of Alphariedies AND the lost Sith powers of Bane himself!  It is a complete winning scenario!"

"It could also destroy our very souls, Ayanna!" Kalin did not survive the shaky trail into darkness by discarding precaution, and Ayanna's ideas fell far from Kalin's carefully planned path.

Ayanna, throwing such caution to the wind, summoned a beacon from within, so that Bane would sense the presence of another who walked in the shadows of the Dark Side.

Bane smiled as he felt the Dark Side in the two mortals on the surface.

"You would challenge me, would you?  Attempt to trap me?  Your ambition will be your undoing!"

Bane oblidged Ayanna's beacon, taking his form from the ship and traveling down to her.

Bane used Ayanna as a landing pad of sorts, and controlled the beacon of Darkness from within.

Bane now possessed Ayanna, and her less experienced skill could not hold up against his incredible will and connection to the Force.

Ayanna/Bane stared at Kalin and smiled.

"Ayanna!  AYANNA!" Kalin, having a sense of what just happened, was shocked at the expression she had.  He knew she was no longer in control.

"This girl has foolishly attempted to subdue me.  You have some idea of the power I possess.  I sense your hesitation-"

"I am not hesitating, I am merely trying to figure you out!" Kalin responded fast with a hot stare at the being who spoke with Ayanna's voice.  Though it was her voice, it had a sense of corruption within it.

Kalin had to pull a tactic.  Stall Bane, make him give away a weakness, find a way to tricvk him into releasing her from his grip.

Bane gently knocked Kalin back with a blast of the Force and laughed.

"I will absorb both of you.  That way, you can join your lady in the same oblivion that has taken me!  Together forever!"

The Council members watched in horror as Bane seemed to hold the Fate of their world in his hands.

Kalin readied himself, though he did not know if Bane would engage with light sabers, some trickery of the Dark Side, or just simply possess him with ease.  He started to feel a sensation within, and wondered if Bane wasn't simply so powerful that even the modern day Lords of the Sith were helpless against his power.

But then the sensation within him became a voice.  Not Bane's, but Mother Talzin's.

"Young Kalin, I call out to you with the words of power!  I must speak with utmost urgency!"

Kalin looked at Bane as he listened.  Talzin spoke in a zone of the mind where time was faster, and Kalin could hear her while the world around him moved at a different pace.

"You must challenge Bane to save the girl, and the planet!  You must stop his murderous fleet before he leaves a path of complete destruction in the galaxy!"

"But how?  I am no match for the Lord of the Sith!" Kalin thought, in responding to the disembodied voice in his head.  How Mother Talzin found him and reached his mind, Kalin could not explain.  The ways of the witches of Dathomir and the words of power were beyond his understanding.

"You must trust me now, servant of the Sith!  Only our combined efforts can stop this menace!  We must challenge Bane and defeat him in a battle of wits!"

"Bane doesn't have to do anything!  Besides, why should I trust that you want to help?"

"Because you are doomed without my help, young Kalin!" Talzin made it clear that he really was without a choice.

Bane looked at him in the seconds he had conversed with Talzin.  Kalin sighed inwardly and tried Talzin's plan.  Find a way to stall the Sith lord, maybe find a weakness.  It was a long shot.  Bane could feel Mother Talzin's presence, and grew very uncomfortable.  Facing down Bane was apprehensive enough without the unusual sensation of having an alien element permeating through him.  A conscious presence filled him, as if he had been drinking too much of a liquid.  It was a weight on him, making him wear down a bit until he could adjust to Talzin's essence within him.

Bane laughed as he drew Ayanna's weapon.  "Would you strike down this girl?  She might kill you!"

"Release her, Bane!  If you are so powerful, you will defeat me with your own abilities!" Kalin challenged, though a part of him could not tell if he was doing the talking or if it was Mother Talzin.  The magic of possession left a fuzzy discomfort in him, but he manned up for Ayanna's sake.  The was more in the balance than just the planet and its people for him.  Ayanna's life and soul were in a precarious jar of circumstance.

Bane met his challenge.  "I will use all weapons at my disposal to vanquish you, boy!  I find it pleasing that you must make careful choices, since you are....fond of this girl.  And she is most certainly fond of you!"

"Kalin, look out!!" Ayanna had broke through Bane's control for a very brief second.  Her body trembled as Bane re-established his will over it and attacked Kalin.

Kalin drew out his saber to defend against hers, and he stayed careful.

"Let me take over!" Talzin whispered in his mind "I can vanquish Bane with the words of power as you strike her down!"

"What??!!  NO!!"  Kalin tried resisting.  The struggle within him made defense difficult.  Bane was not holding back as he forced Ayanna to lunge forward.  He intended to kill the boy who tried hard not to hurt Ayanna.

"You cannot bring yourself to do it, can you!?  WEAK!!!  PATHETIC!!  YOU ARE NO SITH!!" Bane pushed him back, becoming more of a blur with each physical and verbal attack on Kalin.

"I am not going to let you hurt Ayanna!" Kalin struggled against the will of Talzin.  He attempted to push Bane, but the Sith Lord of ancient days was just too powerful.  Bane laughed through her, and Kalin's heart sank knowing that she had placed him in a no win scenario.

"If you do not give me control, Bane will kill you both, then unleash his armies and armada upon the entire galaxy!!  YOU HAVE TO KILL HER, KALIN!!  If you won't, then I WILL!!"

"NO!!!" Kalin shouted.  He struggled with Talzin's essence.  He could sense that her motives were more about power and less about saving any world.  He felt her dark hunger for power and revenge against him and Count Dooku.

It was his moment of weakness, and Bane knew it.  Bane threw him against the wall and laughed.  Noises from up above roared about.

"Do you hear that, boy?  Those are my troops...." Bane looked around the room at everyone "My troops are landing!  And they will scorch this world and all its people to oblivion!

A rumble shook the ground, a vast rhythm of marching.  Kalin felt a grip of terror as Bane's army marched en masse to the city.

"You and your witch have failed!  I wil drain this planet of life, and I will scorch a path of devastation across the galaxy the likes of which has never been seen!!  And when I get done with Coruscant...." Bane walked up to Kalin, almost intimately "...I will destroy every life but one, which I will keep as a pet.  Perhaps I will keep this body.  I think it is suitable.  One vessel as good as another, don't you think?"

Kalin sighed.  He struggled too much with Talzin, and Bane got the upper hand.  But Bane released him.

"Continue the fight!" Bane demanded as the marching rumble grew louder "I want you to die fighting.  I will show you what it is to die a Sith.  It's the least I will do for you...."

Kalin raised his saber and stared into Ayanna's eyes

"Strike her down!" Talzin demanded "Killing the body will cast out the demon, and he will be vanquished.

"Kalin...." Ayanna was able to exit from her own mouth abruptly.  Kalin could tell the difference between her and Bane, and Ayanna used what little strength she had left to escape a message "Kill me."

Bane laughed and charged.  Kalin raised his blade.....then lowered it.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?" Talzin shrieked as Bane thrust forward her weapon.

Kalin did not say anything, but stood there with open arms and let the beast Bane impale him in the shoulder.

"So easy....too easy...." Bane studied him for a moment, curious.

Kalin simply looked at Ayanna, and spoke to her.  "I cannot fight you.  I cannot save the galaxy."

Talzin listened with horror.  Bane listened with contempt.  But Ayanna, trapped in the depths of herself, heard him.

"My love for you destroyed me long ago.  This pain, this defeat, this is nothing compared to your conquest, Ayanna.  I cannot stop what is about to happen, but at least....I get to tell you one last time....I love you."

Kalin closed his eyes and waited for the killing blow.  There was nothing else to do but wait.  Letting Ayanna live was all he had the power to choose in this large chess game.

Ayanna heard him, and as Bane raised the saber once more to strike down Kalin, Ayanna's grief became overwhelming.  Because she loved him as well.  More than anything in the galaxy.  And the thought of his death made her grief and love magnify.  She saw him await death and realized she could not exist without him.

"KALIN!!!" She burst through Bane's control and shrieked, her agony echoing through the waterless well.  Bane's control was disrupted.  Not briefly or weakly.  Ayanna forced him to drop the light saber.

"Kalin" She whispeerd and took his sweetened face into her hands "If we cannot find happiness here, then we shall find it in the next world.  Together."

She kissed him in one last desperate gesture of defiance to the malevolence that resided in her.

Their hearts raced and beat a power that defied even the will of the Dark and the Light.  Kalin embraced her with his good arm and kissed with equal energy.  Together, they generated an electricity of passion that repelled Bane's unnatural existence from her.

Bane could not comprehend it because he had never truly known its power.  It was a power greater than any wielded by a Sith.  The secret to its potential was now being unlocked in the final moments of what would have been a destruction, an apocalypse manipulated by heartless beings who fancied themselves Gods.  But Bane and even Talzin were awed and humbled by the power unleashed between two who cherished each other more than wealth, vanity and power.

Talzin wisely exited Kalin as the power of his love for Ayanna burned brightly within him.  Bane, with his arrogance, could not comprehend that he was far weaker than the fire that exploded from Ayanna's soul.  Her love for Kalin purged him to ashes.

Bane was disintegrated, no more.  And with him died his hate, and his armada.  His dream of apocalypse vaporized with him in an instant, banished back into the void.  Talzin's wicked plan of revenge died as she returned her essence to Dathomir.  She would remember this upheaval, but for now was powerless against it.

Kalin and Ayanna held each other silently.  They had been waiting for the worst death of all, but then looked into each other's eyes.  Something had happened, something wonderful.  They were not entirely certain how they won, but they were free of their controllers.

They did not speak, but smiled and then kissed again.  No words were needed after such a conflict.  Anger and hate nearly destroyed the galaxy, but all was saved by a simple act of two people who desired each other's happiness.

The Miralukans cautiously approached "The fleet has vanished.  The invasion has been wiped out!" One counselor exclaimed.  Others surrounded the couple.

Kalin and Ayanna looked at the bewildered council members.  The moment was a triumph, yet they were all awkward to speak.

"Is there anything we can do?  Your actions have saved our world!"

Kalin looked into Ayanna's again, with liberated eyes.  She sensed his heart pick up with a flurry, sensed a question in his eyes.  She smiled and gave an approving look, as if answering a silent thought.

"Can you perform a wedding ceremony?  We wish to be married." Kalin held her closer as she stifled a laugh of excitement.

The council, steeped in nothing but ceremony in the sacred waterless well of Sintra, looked at each other.  They were confused for a second, amazed that two powerful people of Sith orientation would not threaten or blackmail, but desire only each other.  They all smiled and together spoke their own words of power.

Unlike Talzin's apocalyptic words of power that almost destroyed many worlds, the words spoken by the free people of Alpheridies represented life and hope.

Kalin could feel the power in their words.

He was energized by their Hope.

With Ayanna, he discovered the true secret to immortality.

Eternal Love.
Kalin/Ayanna: The Talzin Apocalypse
A Valentines Day story featuring Kalin and Ayanna, OCs belonging to :iconcascador:

Mother Talzin uses the words of power to unleash the demented spirit of Darth Bane, but Bane breaks from her control with intent to leave a path of destruction across the galaxy.

Kalin and his secret love, Ayanna are caught up in the unstoppable Sith Lord's path and must end his terror before the Planet of Alpheridies is wiped out.

Many thanks to Cascador for his help with this story :):)
Exciting and Overwhelming movie.  Good stuff, interesting fantasy with its religious themes.  Theron is awesome as Furiosa :):)


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