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I really enjoy the little details of this render. The wall panel, the hallway behind Ahsoka, wires and equipment on the floor, etc. The...

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Beautifully done. The sunlight is inspiring, because it can feel either the dawn of a new day and a new way of looking at life, or it i...

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I came home from work this morning and found this beautiful surprise waiting. I could almost cry at the remarkable details and effort :iconcrimsonight:...

Conradin Hadranus 2.0 by Crimsonight

I am amazed, and I am humbled by this new style for this character, a character I sort of envisioned back in 2005 when I started writin...




Dooku was on his way to Achilleas in a private shuttle when he had received the distress signal.

A signal from an old derelict ship over the hostile planet LV-426 had caught his attention, so they slowed from their primary destination to explore the possibility of a rescue.

"Pilot Inkari, have you deciphered the distress call?" Dooku entered the cockpit of the shuttle.

"Yes, Master Dooku.  It's an old freighter that has lost much power.  Scans show that the engines are offline, the power couplings are shutting down and the life support is failing....though...."

Audrey Inkari blushed and didn't finish her statement.  Dooku looked at her patiently

"Yes?  What seems to be the trouble?"

Audrey was once Master Windu's padawan, a shy, clumsy girl with low connection to the Force.  But the strict Jedi leader of the Council had little patience for her.  She was eventually dropped from the Padawan classes, dropped from Mace's tutelage and now performed menial tasks for the Jedi temple, such as piloting and maintennce.  Her confidence in front of other Jedi had been shattered.

A few persons took special attention to her.  Asajj Ventress had become a dear friend, and Master Dooku had put her piloting skills to good use, always building her up when he could.

"Well, Master, this shuttle has been out of service in the Republic for decades.  It's practically an antique.  I....I don't think there would be any living people on board.  They must have abandoned ship long ago."

"And yet, there is a distress call.  Somebody must be there.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Dooku hid a small grin.  The taste of adventure in this dull mission fancied him, and his curiosity got the better of him.

"The orbit has been decaying all this time.  It will not be long now before the freighter burns up in the atmosphere." Inkari reported.

"See if you can line up with the freighter and connect us to one of their aft ports."  Dooku walked calmly to the belly of the shuttle, to a portal normally only safe to open after landing, in a stable atmosphere.

"Master Dooku, I don't think I am that good of a pilot." Inkari meakly protested with concern.  "Connecting with this older model in an unstable orbit, I would be doing a lot of guessing, bad math calculations....I'd hate to cause damage to the shuttle or bring you to a harmful conclusion."

"A harmful conclusion?" Dooku raised an eyebrow at her choice of words.  He almost smirked at her.  "You are a fine pilot, Audrey.  Stop listening to Master Windu.  Trust your instincts.  I know you can connect us.  As for my 'conclusion'....I've been in worse situations.  I've made decisions that were much more foolish than what I am about to do.  But, I appreciate the concern."

Inkari steered the ship, lined it up with the freighter, closed her eyes and tried to feel her ship connecting the freighter.

After a few moments, the ship bounced and jolted, but the portals were linked.

"You see, my child?  You did it!"  Dooku waved his hand and opened the portals.  He crawled through to the frieghter as Audrey breathed a sigh of relief.

"That went better than I thought." She smiled.

Dooku entered a dimly lit service area where the portal resided.  He brushed off some dirt from his cloak and walked through the corridor.

It was simply quiet, only the echoes of his footsteps keeping him focused.  He sensed that there was death on the ship, but also that something stirring near the bridge.

It was getting colder, and he could see his breath.

"Is someone there?" A tinny voice broke from the shadows.  Dooku made out two glowing yellow eyes.

"Oh, Thank the Maker!  You're here to rescue us!"

A golden protocol droid scampered towards him.  "I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations.  Oh this is a relief!  We've been stranded here for such a long time!"

"There are other survivors?" Dooku inquired with skepticism.

The droid, C3PO, looked at him, hesitating.  "Come to think of it, I....I don't know.  I've been shuffling in this corridor, but I have not seen any of the crew."

"Lifepods have been ejected.  They may have abandoned you."

C3PO looked around and considered the possibility with a sigh.  "You are probably right.  I was merely being hopeful that we might find some of the crew here.  I guess they left me behind."

Dooku marched to the bridge and opened the door with a wave of his hand.  He found some of the crew in various states of decay.  He grimaced a little at what looked like a violent blaster fight.

"Looks like there was a mutiny of some kind." He deduced.

"Oh!  Did you find some of the crew?" C3PO enetered and looked around at the carnage.

"What happened on this ship?" Dooku turned to him.

"I'm not entirely sure.  I remember a firefight broke out.  I think some of the crew became a bit....hysterical.  I hid in an office locker until the noises stopped.  I've been wandering ever since."

"You didn't notice the dead crew?" Dooku marched back to the portal.  C3PO shuffled fast, barely keeping up.

"I guess I was so busy sending an emergency distress signal....I think my system needs a diagnostics check.  I'm not functioning at 100% capacity, I'm afraid."

"Well, I know just the person who an help you.  Can you climb?"

"Climb?  I'm not exactly built for adventure!"

Dooku waved C3PO forward under the portal and allowed the Force to boost the droid up into his shuttle.

"Audrey!  We have one survivor in need of a diagnostic check.  Try to accommodate him, please." Dooku called up on his comlink.

Audrey hooked up C3PO to the ships computer and a small Gonk droid that is normally assigned to the shuttle.

"Don't worry.  You'll feel better in no time!" She smiled at the droid.

"Why, thank you." the droid was utterly surprised at the kind treatment he was getting.  The computer was checking over his programming systems while the Gonk examined his physical needs for maintenance.

Dooku went back down into the ship to access a computer for more information.  Though he was able to download the ships log and gather some important files, his thoughts were interrupted by a shaking that started to strain the hull.

"The ship is losing its orbit.  We really need to disconnect soon!" Inkari reported

"Understood!"  Dooku was able to download multiple files and what looked to be special weapons specs, and sensitive files concerning Planetoid LV-426 and the crew's mission here.  He raised an eyebrow as to why such confidential material would be on an old wreck of a ship like this, but he grabbed up all the material.  Someone else would make sense of it later.

He exited the computer station and made his way back to the portal connecting the ships.

He quickly lifted himself back to his shuttle and closed the hatches.

"Disengage us from the freighter quickly!" He called out to Audrey.

Several clanking noises indicated the ejection away from the other ship.

"We're clear!" Audrey replied.  "Should I contact the authorities on Achilleas?"

"Just inform them we had a slight detour, but we will make the rendez-vous."  Dooku went to C3PO.

"We will be making the jump to hyperspace soon, I suggest you make yourself comfortable."

"Where are you destined, Sir?"

"We are on a diplomatic mission to Achilleas.  A minor one, securing some treaties and logistical details between them and other worlds of the Republic.  Nothing that will take more than a day or two.  And you may call me Master Dooku.  I'm with the Jedi Order."

C3PO almost dropped his oil load at the tremendous announcement

"A JEDI??  Well....I am...I am honored you came by at the right time.  I am eternally grateful for your rescue!  I will do everything in my power to be of service to you!"

Dooku waved off his praise modestly.

"Worry about that later.  I will seat myself in my private compartment of the shuttle.  You should recover from your ordeal.  Afterwards, when we have time....I should like to examine you and the mission of your ship and crew.  It seems your orbit around LV-426 was of great importance to several business factions.  I am not entirely certain it is important, but I am curious."

Dooku went to another part of the shuttle as Audrey launched into hyperspace.  C3PO settled in for a safe and relaxing trip to Planet Achilleas, oblivious to the notions Dooku pondered with concern.  What was his mission?  C3PO couldn't remember, nor did he care.  He was simply satisfied with his situation, and looked forward to serving Dooku for hopefully many years to come, just as he did for the freighter formerly  employed by Nute Gunray and the Trade Federation.
BBY #8 Detour
Another chapter in my AU stories "BBY".  One of the details I had wanted to always change from the prequels was the notion of C3PO being built by Anakin.  As I thought of an alternate origin, I had connected C3PO to being a servant droid for Master Dooku when he was with the Jedi order.  This story came to mind as a sort of "first meeting" that would bring the two together before they would be separated by events in "The Phantom Menace".  C3PO would eventually be come R2 D2's sidekick and Dooku would fall down a darker path.

This is a simple adventure with a hint of intrigue that would unravel soon enough around the world of Naboo.

Audrey Inkari is the OC of :iconnoctiswraithheart:
Adventure on Skye




"Oh, my dear Asajj!" Mother Talzin cackled "When shall we meet again?  In Thunder, lightning, or in the rain?"

Talzin had been performing a ritual over a large mummified body when the Pirate Witch, Sister Rama Dunk, approached to report that her mission to kidnap the valuable hippocrenes had been thwarted.

Talzin finished listening to the update by Dunk.  The plan to enslave the Hippocrenes had failed, all due to the energetic chutzpah of a small Togrutan girl Jedi.  The failure would have meant punishment for Dunk, whose pirate crew was taken completely by surprise from Ahsoka and her friends.

But that was hardly the most interesting news.  Talzin reconsidered punishing her lowly sister witch when Rama told her that Asajj Ventress was with Ahsoka Tano, plus there were others that helped to thwart the proceedings against the stubborn but valuable hippocrenes.

Talzin cackled at her own rhetorical question, but Rama was in no mood for humor.  She wanted revenge.

"Mother, please, let me go back to Skye and eliminate Ventress!  She has betrayed the sisterhood by siding with the Jedi!"

Talzin cackled again "They are not Jedi, they have been rejected by their order and the Republic!  Oh, the revenge will be mine when the battle's lost and won, that will be ere the setting of the sun!"

Rama Dunk looked at her fearfully and confused, but stayed quiet when Talzin started talking cryptically.  Whatever revenge the Mother had planned, it would be horrible indeed.  And it involved the large mummy she chanted over.

Lightning strafed the dark skies of Dathomir as her chanting became louder and more horrifying.

"Anael nathrakh, urth vas bethud, dokhjel djenve!!"

The ancient Sith languages of a long dead era echoed through the cavernous chamber, and thunder complimented the horrible words that Talzin imbued into the thing on the slab in front of her.

All became quiet as the storm noises pulled away.

The lights in the chamber dimmed from a supernatural dread that thickened around the mummy.

Rama Dunk watched in silence as Talzin trembled and dared to utter the greeting she whispered.

"General Pong Krell."

"Yes, my mistress?" a deep sarcophigal response echoed

"Rise!"  Rama Dunk screamed in terror at the sight, but her voice was drowned out by one last crack of thunder that could have split the planet into two great halves with its roar.  Talzin's revenge had come to life....and revenge would come to Planet Skye....

Lux Bonteri stayed near Ahsoka and the ladies of the Sophy, but wanted to make himself useful and went about getting work near Farhimmel.

He staked out a small apartment in a low rent cantina hotel, The Shady Krayt.

Ahsoka had offered to let him stay on the Sophy, but a combination of pride and modesty compelled him to get a place of his own.  Not that he would mind being on a ship with three attractive women, but living together would be awkward, and sharing the facilities of the ship would complicate things.

Riddick and Vincent struck out on their own, joining a mining operation, and Conradin also was learning to live on his own in Farhimmel, having rented the apartment next to Lux.

The day was coming to a close, and Lux had put in his 8 hours at an administration building.  He was a simple beaurocrat in a cubicle, handling reports of Farhimmel's finances and tax policies and business contracts with local stores and shops.

It was a welcome, boring change of pace, away from war and adventure.  It was all paperwork, life at a desk.  Lux welcomed it when his coworkers dreamed of fighting in the war that ravaged the galaxy.

Conradin also worked in the city's management, both relying on their past skills, but without displaying any notoriety.

Lux walked home as the sun went down.  He enjoyed the starry sky as the sun set, and the lights of ships coming and going.  Merchant ships, vacation shuttles, not the thunderous cruisers he had been used to.

"See you tomorrow, Conrad" he waved to Conradin as they entered the cantina below the aprtments.  Conradin went to his place, while Lux usually stopped in the bar for a quick, casual drink.

Lux finished his drink and went to his apartment.  There, he'd talk on the comlink with Ahsoka, where they often talked just before she went to bed on the Sophy.

"Hey, what's new?" He asked.

Ahsoka smiled, relaxed to be talking to Lux.  "It was a good day.  I found a job working in the Caecuban winery.  It's not bad work.  I get to help bottle up the wine, but I also provide security.  Nothing glamorous."

"That sounds great.  Maybe we can sample their stuff over a dinner."

Lux cleared his throat "I mean, if that's okay with you."

Ahsoka smiled at him "I think that would be fantastic!  It'll be nice to get away from the Sophy for a while.  Asajj has been....cranky lately.  Not sure what she's going through, but she's been moody.  I think she misses Riddick."

"Well, he's not far away.  Riddick went off to do what he does best.  Being a lone wolf."

Lux noticed she started to feel uneasy.  A chill went down her spine.  "You okay?"

"I don't know.  I suddenly got this funny someone just walked on my grave."

"Something in the Force?  I know that it sometimes gives you an edge." Lux tried to decipher her expression.

"Well, the Force can be a little vague.  Maybe I just need some sleep.  How about dinner at the winery tomorrow?"

"Shiny!" Lux smiled.

Neither of them saw the light from above in orbit, the Dathomir pirates were landing a distance from Farhimmel, re-establishing themselves after being chased away by Ahsoka and her friends.  Witch Pirate Rama Dunk landed her ship in an obscure pit overshadowed by a small range of gray mountains.  

They brought reinforcements.

Rama Dunk started unloading supplies with her pirate slaves and henchmen.  Behind her, a large shadowy figure watched, crossing two of his four arms as the new pirate base was organized.

"I can't wait to get my hands on those Jedi brats!" Rama licked her lips in anticipation.  "Sister Lapin!  We need to have this base operational in 24 hours."

Sister Rasah Lapin bowed and went off to do her work setting up camouflage and outer defenses.  While the natural wildlife of Skye was mostly harmless, and the people of Farhimmel rarely ventured far from the settlements, one could never be too careful of stray tourists and unwary explorers.

Rama turned to her new brother of the coven, the Resurrected wraith like figure of Pong Krell.

"When the base is operational, we shall contact Mother Talzin, then I will let you do your work.  The Hippocrenes have many herds on this world. I  will continue the work of rounding them up with our sisters, you may use whatever methods to destroy any who oppose us...especially the traitor Asajj Ventress!"

"Yes, Sister Dunk." Pong Krell smiled.  Pale and ghastly looking, Pong Krell breathed deeply of new life, a new beginning. A chance to kill again.

The days that followed were rather busy with news.  Farhimmel had to deal with two murders occuring the past two nights.  The Clone wars were winding down with the announcement that the Separatist attempt to kidnap the Chancellor had failed.  Dooku was listed as killed in action, and the Jedi worked closely with Palpatine to prepare for a final offensive against Grievous' crumbling forces.

Ahsoka and Lux enjoyed more time together, Barriss meditated in the shrine of the Ru, while Ventress spent her waking ours needlessly cleaning and scrubbing and washing the ship, distressed over some intangible adversary that made sleeping difficult.  Conradin was very quiet about learning of Dooku's death, and chose to spend more time with Barriss in the Ru Temple.

Ahsoka spent most of her noon day outside the ship, away from the shouting.  Ventress was having an argument over the com link with Riddick, and though he was patient with her tirade, he was under duress at his location.

"I know you are stuck half way around the planet!  But I NEED you to-"

"-Asajj!  I will be there when I can.  Now is not the time to interrupt me.  We're handling explosives here.  I could use the peace and quiet for a moment!" Riddick tried to reason with her.

"Fine!"  Asajj turned off the link and threw her communicator up against the wall.

Ahsoka could hear her kicking things and throwing anything not bolted down.  Asajj Ventress, once a feared champion of the Sith, was having a lover's quarrel.  She marched outside, making sure Ahsoka and the world shared in her misery.

"Why are all men such scruffy NERF HERDERS!!!!???" She shouted.  She sat in a lawn chair under an umbrella that provided shade from the calm sun.

Ahsoka did not answer right away.  Usually, when Asajj was having these now frequent tantrums, Ahsoka just let the woman talk.  Talk and eat.

Ahsoka ate some food from her backpack and prepared to go off to meet the Hippocrenes.  "I wish I could help you, Asajj.  I've never seen you like this before."

Ventress was eating an icy flavored treat from a small bucket shaped container.  She looked down at her food, deep in thought.

"I'm scared, Ahsoka.  I don't think things will get better."

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka looked at her with concern.

Ventress sighed "Riddick and I need to sort some things out.  I've never thought of either of us as....what's the word?  Domestic?"

"What are you afraid of?  You killed a Monster God of the Dead and helped defeat a whole Separatist fleet.  You saved half of Coruscant from getting blown to pieces.  What's so bad about being domestic?"

"Because it's not who I am!  I don't know how to be a....I don't know HOW  to be a..."

"Look, I have to get going.  Riddick said he would return, okay?  Just relax!"

Ahsoka ran over to her new friend, The flying Hippocrene, Bucephalus.  The took off into the sky, Ahsoka excited by life on Skye.  She did not let Ventress finish her thoughts.  Asajj sat and stared out at the city in the distance and sighed.

Ahsoka flew around and screamed with excitement.  Bucephalus raced quickly, beating his wings and soaring, diving, and landing near the rest of his peaceful herd.

"That was amazing!!" Ahsoka jumped off and hugged Bucephalus.  The animal, more intelligent than previously thought of by the inhabitants of Skye, smiled in his own way and hopped a little with happiness.

"You really are wonderful.  I'm...I'm glad you let me ride on you....I mean, it must not be easy being treated the way your people have been treated.  But I hope to change that."

Bucephalus rubbed his face against hers and licked her playfully.

Lux ran up to her with a smile "Hey, you want to eat at the winery again?"

Ahsoka pulled out a bottle from her backpack.  "I'm three steps ahead of you!" She grinned.

Ahsoka and Lux hopped onto Bucephalus and they flew to a nice hill overlooking the winery.  The facility was rather quaint, like a huge villa with a warehouse where all the machinery and processing was held.  It was rather a nice looking farmstead structure in the middle of vast vines that grew the berries used to make the wine.

Ahsoka and Lux sat on wicker chairs and held their picnic on an elegant table, set up by the owner of the winery for such occasions, for employees to enjoy the splendor of the fields and the sun basking down on the beauty of Skye.

It was certainly a pleasant contrast to Beaudicca's harsher environment.

They drank a little wine and ate some toasted bread.  Ahsoka also brought a bowl of fruit.

"It's a gorgeous sunset" Lux smiled "Conradin and Barriss should try enjoying this." He chewed on a soft green star shaped fruit.

Ahsoka sipped her wine and smiled "Barriss and I have enjoyed many sunsets.  I think she has finally found peace while meditating with the Ru in their underground Temple."

Lux grinned "I think Conradin is enjoying meditating in the Ru temple also."

Ahsoka watched him pour a glass, and thought about the notion that Conradin was at the Temple probably for other reasons.  "I'm sure he has more than meditation on his mind.  I just wonder if Barriss notices it at all."

"I'm sure she will notice, just as I'm sure you have noticed also."

"What ever are you talking about?" Ahsoka held his hand and gave him an ironic smile.  They stared at eaxch other for a while.  Lux's heart raced a little at them being alone on a gorgeous day for a picnic.

Thoughts of intimacy danced in Lux's brain as he dreamed of all the possibilities of the next few days, weeks and months with Ahsoka free of any stifling Jedi duties, but he also knew that discretion was the better part of valor, and he was concerned about other things.

"It's time we headed home, I think" Ahsoka looked at the evening sky.  

There were still dangers even on such a tranquil planet.

Lux nodded "There was a second killing in Farhimmel last night.  A doctor, on his way home from work.  The first victim was a nurse.  The authorities suspect a serial killer who is targeting healers.  Why, I don't know, but I think you should head back to the ship."

Ahsoka gathered up their picnic stuff and put it in her backpack "Thanks for the nice evening." She gave him a small kiss on the cheek before they hopped up on Bucephalus to return home.

"I just want you to be safe.  Farhimmel is still....unpredictable."

"I know" Ahsoka held one hand to Lux's and the other to the reigns on Bucephalus.

Lux returned to his apartment that night, while Ahsoka boarded her ship and smiled at a grumpy Asajj Ventress.

"Has Barriss come home yet?"

"No.  She's still out with the Ru.  She's better off staying at their Temple." Ventress went to secure the ship, and activated a security measure that scanned the perimeter around the ship.  "Ever since the second killing, I'm not taking any chances.  We'll meet her for breakfast in the morning."

Barriss and Conradin meditated in the glowing underground structure of the Ru Temple, surrounded by flower gardens and glowing crystals of many colors. The Ru had their own living complexes carved out of the dirt and stone, an underground society, safe from poachers and hunters, though they were always in danger, given that they were considered rodents by the people in Farhimmel.

Conradin would meditate next to Barriss, but would peek an eye open every so often, just to watch her.

Conradin's feelings for Barriss, simply put, was the worst kept secret in the galaxy.  Barriss was very fond of him as well, but it was a long road for them to walk before they could be as freely expressive as Lux and Ahsoka, and miles before Barriss could ever contemplate the kind of "liberated explorations" conducted by Asajj and Riddick.

For now, they were content with their situation, though Conradin's more vivid imagination would dwell on Dooku's death, and on how he and Barriss  might progress together in the future.  Maybe Barriss thought of their future intimacies as well, though she was quite patient about not expressing such things.  Even after all they had been through, she was not ready for these new feelings and struggled to maintain peace in the Force.

Tonight, that peace would not last.  There had been a series of killings in Farhimmel.  Healers being brutally murdered in the cold streets of the vast city.

Conradin enjoyed being in her presence, he was particularly concerned for her, though Barriss had proven in the past she was capable of defending herself in any confrontation.

They were physically safe in the Ru Temple, far from the city.....but her meditations sensed a disturbance in the Force, a horrible vision of an event happening in that moment.

Barriss snapped out of her peaceful trance with a shudder and a gasp.  She had seen the face of death as it claimed a third victim in Farhimmel.  Hearing about the deaths seemed such a distant thing.  The Force had made Barriss witness an act of terror up close, a killing so terrifying she screamed.

Even more chilling, the thing that had killed its third victim could sense her as well in that moment when the Force connected them.

Conradin woke from his meditation and held her, trying to calm her down.  

His lazy discipline had not allowed him to see what she saw.  He would certainly go pale if he did.

Barriss calmed down, but was in shock.  She had witnessed a murder.  More importantly, and more terrifying, the thing knew who she was, and it would going hunting again soon.
Sunny Skye: Complications
The continuing adventures of Ahsoka, Asajj and Barriss finds them settling in around Farhimmel City on planet Skye.  Times change and things are about to get more interesting in good and bad ways.  Seeds are planted to will be reaped in future chapters, old enemies return and new challenges will be faced.  Enjoy :)
Barrissoka: A Life Day Kiss

"It's beautiful, Ahsoka!" Barriss whispered in her ear.

A year had passed since that fateful adventure, the chase that started on Life day.

Barriss and Ahsoka married under bright stars, witnessed only by Asajj Ventress and the Force itself.  Love had conquered all the hurdles they faced, and after a harrowing adventure on Pantera, Barriss, Ahsoka and their friends escaped into myth and legend, far away from the cold machinations of men like Tarkin and Palpatine.

After all they had been through, love was victorious.

In the year that had passed, they traveled from world to world.  They stayed clear of the Clone Wars, especially after hearing that Palpatine had declared himself Emperor.  It had been depressing to also hear that the Jedi had fallen, and that the Republic would become a galactic Empire.

Ahsoka wanted to celebrate Life Day again.  On board the fleeing cruiser, "Moenia", they had found the snowy remote world Rhen Var.

Conradin, Asajj Ventress, Riyu Chuchi and Droid commander VGR-001 agreed to send a shuttle down to visit the winter wonderland on a calm day.

They landed near the ancient Jedi Temple that lay in partial ruin, setting up camp.  Riyu, Asajj and Conradin wandered around parts of the Temple, but the main attraction for Barriss and Ahsoka had been the lake of ice in front of the temple.

the couple had brought proper footwear to walk and skate gracefully on the ice.

Barriss and Ahsoka held hands as they slowly skated together.

Others watched them for a short time but went to their shelter near the entrance of the Temple to sit and eat by a warm fire.

Ahsoka twirled around Barriss as they lingered on the ice.

"Maybe tomorrow we can walk through the Temple." Ahsoka offered "Conradin says it is huge and a place of many great moments in history."

"That would be nice.  It's a shame we can't stay here.  The snow is falling...."

Ahsoka walked towards the shelter "Come on, Barriss.  They have hot drinks inside.....Barriss?"

Ahsoka turned and realized how dark it was getting....more importantly, Barriss wasn't on the ice anymore.  She had vanished.

Ahsoka adjusted her eyes as the sun was being blotted out by snow and clouds.  Her heart stopped when she found the crack in the ice, and the bubbles frantically  to the surface.

"Barriss!"  Ahsoka ran to the ice and skidded towards the hole.  She heard the panicked pounding from under the thick iceBarriss suddenly stopped panicking and looked at Ahsoka.  Ahsoka was apprehensive, but saw Barriss put her hands against the ice.  Ahsoka put her hands on the ice, and both concentrated.

Cracks appeared in the ice, until their power in the Force shattered a new hole.

Ahsoka grabbed Barriss from the icy water and they rushed haphazardly to the fire in the shelter.

Everyone gathered around with warm blankets and made sure her freezing arms and legs were not injured, infected, or numb with frost.

Barriss was cradled by Ahsoka, but assured everyone she was okay.

"It all happened in a split second!  I....just fell through the ice-"

"-Shhh, rest now, don't talk."

Everyone calmed down and settled in by the fire.

Conradin took a gulp of his beverage.  "You know, you two could drive a man to drink!"

Ahsoka looked at him with surprise "Me? What did I do?"

Conradin smirked a little, but also had concern "What did you do?  You really tork me off, Ahsoka.  Our lives are far too precious to risk on crazy stunts!  And you Barriss!  Did it occur to you that you could have drown out there on the lake?"

Barriss smiled a little as she stared into the fire "It crossed my mind as I pounded on the ice, but...."

"...But?" Riyu looked at her.

"But even as I was trapped under the ice, I knew I wouldn't die."

Barriss smiled and warmly held Ahsoka close to her.

Conradin's smirk got bigger and looked at Ahsoka "Oh? I thought she was the only one who was immortal!"

Barriss chuckled at his jest "I knew I wouldn't die because all of my friends were here with me."

Asajj looked at her, curious "I don't understand."

Barriss stared into the fire, contemplating "I've always known I'll die alone."

Conradin stares into the fire as the snow dell faster outside.  "It's always been a mystery to me what draws us together.  All that time in space, everyone getting on each others nerves....and what do we do when Life Day shore leave comes along?  We spend it together."

Conradin chuckled.  "Other people have families."

Ahsoka held Barriss, rubbing her shoulder.  "Other people, Conradin.  Not us."

Riyu grabbed a device and activated it.  She popped out a fabricated confection.  Asajj opened a small bag with treats.

"What are you two doing?" Ahsoka asked.

"I'm preparing to toast a marshmelon"  She holds up a fluffy snack and pokes it on a stick to hover over the fire.

"Really?" Conradin looked at her with pleasant surprise "A marshmelon?"

Riyu smiled as she toasted the snack, pulled it off her stick and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Before I left the ship, I consulted the compter records to familiarize myself with the customs of 'camping out."

Everone chuckled and relaxed.  Asajj blushed a little, but then started, uncharacteristically, to sing a song.  An old camping song, but one that practically everyone in the galaxy knew.  The others joined in.  Barriss and Ahsoka kissed each other gently.

"Happy Life Day." Barriss whispered in Ahsoka's ear.

Ahsoka blushed, recognizing that tone of voice, which suggested that there would be more celebrations later on in the more private cubicles of the shelter.

"Happy Life day" Ahsoka smiled and shared a marshmelon with her.  they started singing with the group, and they continued enjoying themselves as the evening progressed.
Barrissoka: A Life Day Kiss
A story for the Barriss/Ahsoka Life Day art jam, I thought I'd do something with a little joy, a little danger, a little bit of everything.  It picks up nearly a year after the events in the story "Last Cold Day in Hell", and is a little story of Life Day excitement for Barriss and Ahsoka on a camping trip to planet Rhen Var (as featured with the Temple from the Star Wars Battlefront game)  Read and enjoy :)
The Padawan

Part 5

"Jedi Conradin?"  The comlink was very fuzzy.

Conradin and his padawan Vallerie looked confused as the scratchy message tried to reach them in their meditation room

"Come in.  The signal seems to be malfunctioning."

Master Windu was in the Temple, far away in the Council chamber, but the signal should not have been so problematic.

Vallerie looked at Master Conradin and smiled "I think I know the problem!"

She ran to the console and pulled open a panel.

"Is it a faulty wire?" Conradin asked.

But she was finished fixing the comlink before he could end his question.

"Got it!" She beamed

Mace Windu's image came in crystal clear.

"Good work, Padawan Vallerie.  Conradin, I have finished our strategic

session with the Council, report to Obi-wan Kenobi for your assignment."

"Yes, Master Windu."

"The war is almost over.  We have reason to believe this final offensive will end the agenda of the Separatist council, and General Grievous, once and for all.  May the Force be with you."

"And also you, Master Windu." Conradin and Vallerie looked at each other.  

"Exciting news" he seemed to have energy in his step as they moved to meet with Master Kenobi.

"That turned out well." Vallerie smiled "I hope this means Felucia for you."

"Well, let's not get our hopes up too quickly.  I'm happy to just be a part of the operation.  It means that after all we have been through in this war, we can still do some good."

They joined a host of other Jedi as Obi-wan reviewed the planned offensive in various systems.

"Wasn't Anakin supposed to be here?" One of the Jedi asked.  He was late again, as usual.

Obi-wan rolled his eyes but shrugged "I'll be briefing him soon enough."  Everyone had a good chuckle.

Conradin and Vallerie, vouched for by Jedi Knight Barriss Offee, would be assigned to the Felucia front.  Strike fast, capture Shu Mai of the Separatist council, and return safely.

The meeting let out and both returned to their rooms to make final preparations.

"Vallerie.  We shouldn't have to worry about too much.  We can coordinate tactics from the ship while Commander Offee and General Secura lead the troops on the surface.  Our primary goal is to hold onto orbital superiority and make sure Shu Mai does not escape to her fleet."

"Piece of cake!" Vallerie walked with him.

They made their way to the Clone base and looked for the docking area of their attack group.

"Here it is, Master Hadranus, the Moenia!"

Conradin looked out at the Repblic cruiser, feeling a little apprehensive.

"So it is" he thought to himself.

They boarded quickly, ready for what would hopefully be their final battle of the war.
The Padawan Part 5
One of my projects that I needed to catch up on, this continues the AU story of my OC, Conradin, who is given a chance to work with the Jedi and is assigned a padawan named Vallerie.

Vallerie is OC of :iconlunarosedragon:   :)
Just some thoughts as I anticipate waiting for the rest of Season 1 of Rebels and "The Force Awakens" in December 2015:

Interesting that the ball droid from the teaser, BB-8 (I think that's its name) was not CGI, but according to sources is an actual prop device.  Mark Hamill said he got to play with the ball on the set.  I think the dynamics of using more physical atmosphere for the film will be an interesting approach.

I'm slowly reading "A New Dawn", about a chapter a day or so.  Not a bad book.  It's okay.  Vidian is an interesting beaurocrat villain, and I am exploring the character of Kanan a little more.

The next five pages of "On The Run" are almost ready.  After a short hiatus, the project is going to be continuing into 2015

It's been announced that Frank Oz will reprise his role as Yoda for the next episode of "Rebels", so this will be very interesting to see how things progress.

I am not bothered by the light saber in the teaser.  I think things would be easier if they just used a regular red light saber, but there you go.  Looks okay, not worth arguing over.

I'm enjoying reading as much Star Wars fan fiction as I possibly can.  Keep up the good work :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday, a merry Christmas, and I hope those who are feeling sick get better, hugs to those who are not having a good month.  I hope 2015 treats us all to something better.
Just some thoughts as I anticipate waiting for the rest of Season 1 of Rebels and "The Force Awakens" in December 2015:

Interesting that the ball droid from the teaser, BB-8 (I think that's its name) was not CGI, but according to sources is an actual prop device.  Mark Hamill said he got to play with the ball on the set.  I think the dynamics of using more physical atmosphere for the film will be an interesting approach.

I'm slowly reading "A New Dawn", about a chapter a day or so.  Not a bad book.  It's okay.  Vidian is an interesting beaurocrat villain, and I am exploring the character of Kanan a little more.

The next five pages of "On The Run" are almost ready.  After a short hiatus, the project is going to be continuing into 2015

It's been announced that Frank Oz will reprise his role as Yoda for the next episode of "Rebels", so this will be very interesting to see how things progress.

I am not bothered by the light saber in the teaser.  I think things would be easier if they just used a regular red light saber, but there you go.  Looks okay, not worth arguing over.

I'm enjoying reading as much Star Wars fan fiction as I possibly can.  Keep up the good work :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday, a merry Christmas, and I hope those who are feeling sick get better, hugs to those who are not having a good month.  I hope 2015 treats us all to something better.


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